How to wear boots with skirts?

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The most feminine clothes are skirts and dresses. And the most popular footwear in the cold season are boots. Boots with skirts? How to correctly combine them?

How to combine boots with skirts


There are few fashion advices and tips on how to combine boots with skirts. That is why it is easy to find out that.

Jacket handbag accessories boots with skirts

Many stylists and fashionistas frighten that the combination of boots with skirts will kill the image. Others tell us about what is fashionable and what is not. Instead I advice to not shoot from the hip but clarify step by step what is all about.

How to wear jockey boots with skirts

For example, jockey boots will look great with denim and knitted or tight knit dresses.

Edge of the booties under the hem of the skirt

Boots with a wide top will look great with a midi skirt.

Edge of the boots under the hem of the skirt

The most important thing in this combination, is that the edge of the boot must be hidden under the edge of the hem.

How to wear boots with midi skirts

The most controversial and dangerous combination is boots and body tights. See in the photo above. This combination cuts the legs and they look shorter. Especially funny in this combination look broad boots, as the legs become like strings and shoes look even more absurd.

Boots and body tights with mini skirts

It would be much better to wear dark or colored tights.

Dark body tights

You can wear leggings, they will look even better.

Brown footwer and handbag with black skirt and white blouse

Boots on a thin heel with a sharp toe will look good only on mature women. A young girl in them will look stupid as if she took them from her mother.

Gray outfit

Now in fashion are boots with a steady heel and a hidden platform.

Dark blue coat

The easiest way to add the boots in the image is to pick the matching accessories.

All black look

Leather with leather, suede with suede.

Trendy outfit

An appropriate color and style are mandatory.

Flared skirt

Another rule: the higher the boots, the shorter the skirt. If you want the image to not look vulgar, give preference to a tunic or a short dress.

Knee length skirt

Most often, the boots with a skirt give the look elegance, in rare cases – mischief and carelessness.


If you work in an office, then wearing boots all day long will be very harmful for your feet. Thus you will need to create the look so that you can easily change the shoes without affecting it. Looks for walks and visits are much easier to create.

Coffee time

A great example is the combination of retro boots with flared skirts with floral prints.

Mini loose fit

Boots with knee socks and a short skirt with a sweater will make you a teenage girl.

Mini skirt with black boots

The height of long boots (jackboots) should be no more than 5 cm above the knee.

Warm clothes

Besides usual leather and suede boots, do not forget about the so fashionable today rubber boots.

Bright colors for winter time

In the off-season, they will be of a great help.

Outfit for rainy days

You can buy boots with warm inserts or wear them with knee socks.

Stripped dress with rubberboots

High boots with lacing will perfectly complement a romantic image.

White lace dress

Jackboots can look good with an asymmetrical skirt.

Cool outfit for warm autumn days

In the photo below you can see how slim may seem the legs in boots with a wide top, if they are worn with flared skirts above the knee.

Dark blue skirt bellow knee

Cowboy boots can be worn with any type of skirts and dresses in the country style.

Yellow stone ring

They’ll look great in this style.

Girl party in dresses

And perhaps these are the only boots, except rubber, that can be worn on bare feet.

Dress with denim jacket

Be sure to wear boots with a skirt. Do not deny yourself the pleasure to be feminine and sexy.

Knitted sweater

Do not let the weather dress you in boring clothes.

Casual style outfit

Be different. Create the mood!

Leather jacket with midi skirt