How to choose a long wedding dress

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In anticipation of the most important event of her life, the wedding, many brides get disappointed when it is time to choose the wedding dress. Trying on dozens of dresses, she becomes convinced once again that it’s easier to find a bride than to buy a truly beautiful dress that will make her look like a real queen!

In order to avoid such unpleasant situations, it’s advisable to make a sketch of the dress design that will suit you. In fact, the whole variety of wedding dresses, that you see in the window of specialist shops, on catwalks and in fashion magazines rely only 5 models, one of which is yours. Knowing this thing, you will greatly facilitate the search of the ideal dress.

Long wedding dresses

Empire wedding dresses

Empire dresses are characterized by a high waist with cut in the chest area. Namely from this area starts the skirt, made of soft folds, which delicately embrace the female body.

At first glance, the designs appears to be quite simple. To add a touch of festivity, the bodice is decorated with embroidery, lace or other decorative details.

Long Empire wedding dresses

Who can wear it?

  1. Not too high ladies, with proportional body shapes.
  2. Becoming mothers.
  3. Brides with large breasts. Make sure that the corset of the dress was made of hard textured fabrics and the bottom of the dress was made of lightweight fabrics.

A line or princess wedding dress

Indeed, such dress recalls the letter A:
The princess wedding dress is characterized by a broad and frilly bottom half to create a dress with an enormous amount of detail.

Princess wedding dress

Who can wear it?

This dress designs fits virtually anyone because represents the classic of wedding outfits. Only slightly varying the cut, you can choose a dress for your body shape. For example, a lady of small stature will seem a little taller in such a dress, and fat legs and thighs will perfectly hide under the flaring skirt.

Straight or tight fitting wedding dress

Such designs mimics your body lines, leaving at the same time a certain freedom of movement. For greater comfort, the bottom of the dress is slightly flared. The dress is popular because it looks very natural and even modestly, although it may be more elegant if to use decor elements.

The straight dress represents top elegance so it will not only become the magic wand for young brides, but also for older women. If you want to add elegance, we recommend using a detachable train.

Long straight wedding dresses

Who can wear it?

  1. Slender ladies with tall stature.
  2. Slender ladies with short stature.

Ball gown wedding dress

Such dress is the dream of all young girls: tight bodice that accentuates the body shape, a very long and fluffy skirt decorated with lace, ruffles or train, which reminds us of a dome (because of the crinoline or very stiff underskirt). This is the most elegant and festive wedding outfit! In such dress every girl will look like a real fairytale princess, leaving the loggerhead turtle pulled by four horses.

Long ball gown wedding dress

Who can wear it?

Tall and slender ladies. It can be tried on also by brides with medium stature. This design is absolutely contraindicated to short stature brides because they will lose in such beauty and will look silly. Ladies with extra weight can not wear such design since this it will add a few extra kg.

Mermaid wedding dress

The mermaid wedding dress is closely fitted to the body, suddenly flaring from the knee area creating a fish tail effect. This is a great way to demonstrate your waistline, especially for daring and uninhibited brides, who are not afraid to show all their shapes.

Mermaid wedding dresses

Who can wear it?

Brides with ideal body shapes. We do not recommend this dress design to brides who do not want to attract attention of those around on hardly perfect thighs and buttocks. It is ideal for ladies with firm thighs. But be careful: do not choose this dress if it will make you feel embarrassed or uncomfortable. The main thing that matters is your comfort.

Choosing a successful wedding dress is very important because this is how you will be remembered by the groom and by all guests, this is how you will be immortalized in photos and videos, with such a mother and grandmother will children and grandchildren be proud of later!

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