How to choose a short wedding dress

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When we decide to get married, it is not absolutely mandatory to wear a long dress, in which we are not comfortable to dance and have fun. Today, many young and energetic girls choose short wedding dresses. But the truth is that we must choose the correct designs, length and accessories to look really fabulous!

Short wedding dresses

Choosing the short wedding dress

Mini dress at your own wedding? Why not!? Look into the family photo album: many brides from the 70’s were getting married in short dresses above the knee and looked pretty cute. In general, the fashion on short dresses for brides has been introduced by yet unforgettable Coco Chanel.

Short wedding dress

Since then, these outfits were subjected to merciless criticism, or on the contrary, proved to be the most popular. Today, brides have a complete freedom of choice: do you want a mini wedding dress, wear it with pleasure!

Knee length wedding dresses

Who can wear the short wedding dress?

Of course, before going to a wedding dress salon, you need to better study your body. So, short wedding dresses can be purchased by girls if they have:

  • a frail body, short stature and beautiful legs;
  • an active character, due to which the bride will “fly” all day among the guests, will participate in various fun activities and will dance instead sitting at the table;
  • a retro style wedding.

What types of short wedding dresses exist?

Do not think that short dresses can be of only one type. They can be quite different: bold mini, simple short, slightly above the knee, up to the knee or slightly below. Do not save time when choosing a short dress: seriously and accurately addressing this issue, you can appear in front of groom and guests in one of two images: from a sexy and uninhibited bride, to a refined and funny bride.

How to correctly choose a short wedding dress

In addition, trying on dozens of outfits you can choose a romantic, sober, extravagant or classic option.

What design is appropriate for you personally

In order to create the illusion of volume, a thin young lady can decorate her wedding dress with frills and jabots in necessary places.

A bride with some extra weight will be an advantage if she’ll opt for an impressive cleavage that will distract the attention from other parts of the body.

If you plan to have a wedding being pregnant a short wedding dress in Empire style can save due to the presence of ribbons below the chest. Such cut will hide your tummy, while the guests will admire your beautiful legs.

Vaporous wedding dress

Brides with quite voluptuous shapes and also with thin ankles (by the way, a sign of aristocracy!), may opt for a dress with accentuated waist and a very fluffy skirt, the length of which should be slightly below the knee.

Short wedding dresses designs

An ideal body simply needs a more restrained outfit, without excessive decorative elements, so as to not distract from bride’s beautiful proportions.

What about the original wedding dress with a detachable skirt? For example, a fitted dress but with a fluffy skirt. Thus, you will be able to impress the guests and to create yourself a commodity: you can go to the Registry Office in a sober and tight dress and dance so well in a puffy skirt or vice versa, after each preference.

Un corp ideal are pur si simplu nevoie de o tinuta mai retinuta, fara elemente decorative in exces, pentru a nu distrage atentia de la proportiile frumoase ale miresei.

Footwear and accessories

Are you planning a retro style wedding? Boots is the footwear you should opt for. Yes, booties, you will look original, unusual and retro.
Wedding shoes

A traditional wedding dress requires choosing footwear according to the short dress and especially in accordance to the outside weather. Here you can opt for refined sandals, a pair of stylish shoes, or a pair of immaculate white boots, decorated with fur.

To give a touch of individuality to your short dress, accessorize it with a belt in bright shades, it will give a touch of color to the white dress.

Shiny rhinestones are also a suitable option, although they routinely decorate long wedding dresses. So break the stereotypes.

If fail to decide what dress design to choose, long or short, wears an alternative outfit: short in front, but with a long train at the back

Short wedding dress with long train in back

Short dresses can also be accessorized with long gloves, beads of pearls, a thin and transparent scarf, a hat or a long veil. More daring and extravagant brides can opt for bowler or cylinder hats in combination with a bright makeup!

There are many reasons to choose a short wedding dress and probably a very strong argument can be very good price of this outfit. You will have to spend less money than if you want a long dress.

In addition, you can wear the dress even after the wedding; it is enough to just choose other accessories and wear it a party or other festive events.

Perhaps the only thing that can mess to march in a short dress is the decision to marry in the church. For this purpose, a long covered dress will be a better choice. But nobody will forbid you to change after marriage and have fun at your wedding in a white and beautiful mini dress!

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