What to wear with a coat?

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Wear with coat

The coat has long considered a universal outwear that is relevant in any time of year, the main thing is to correctly choose the length, color and density of the product.

Wear with coat

When you are sure you are going to purchase a quality coat, it is really important not to miscalculate with the style and take care that the product is suitable with the style of existing in the closet clothes.

What to wear with a coat: advices

1. If you are an office worker, a long coat will perfectly fit into your everyday style. You can combine maxi length clothes with a pantsuit, a pencil skirt and dresses in various styles.

2. Gray coats must be worn in a set with bright and large accessories. Of course, this look is better to leave for a meeting or a party.

3. If you are wearing jeans and a turtleneck, then double-breasted monochrome coat of midi length is what you need.

4. If you are dressed in a light silk blouse or top with V-neck, then the coat should be chosen the one that fastens under the throat.

5. In winter, when you are wearing a warm wool sweater with neck, choose an elongated cashmere or tweed coat. This product will not let you freeze.

6. For travel will be perfect a T-silhouette or oversized midthigh coat (it can be of bright color). This option of outerwear can be combined with various cut jeans (flared, skinny, etc.), pants, skirts and dresses.

7. A short dress can be worn with a coat, which is longer than the dress with 3-4 cm.

8. A coat with high waist complement a cocktail dress in the style new look and will be suitable for those who like to wear skirts in the style of the 50’s.

9. If you often wear a classic business suit, then your wardrobe must be replenished with a wrap coat.

10. And finally, an elongated masculine cut coat should be supplemented with a belt. This option is suitable for a look based on skinny jeans and almost any top.

Wear with coat Wear with coat Wear with coat Wear with coat Wear with coat

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