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In this article we would like to speak more clearly about different models and styles of coats. They are usually worn in winter and even in summer, but for each time of year, there are different materials. Winter and late fall heavily textured fabrics are preferred. Among the most popular are:

  • drap
  • flannel down
  • wool
  • tweed
  • canvas

In warmer periods between seasons, in early spring and early autumn are used several other materials. For this time of year, lighter materials are chosen to protect from wind and rain. We may list the following key fabrics:

  • cashmere
  • velvet
  • jacquard
  • fleece
  • alpaca
  • velvet
  • denim
  • suede
  • jersey

Coats of various materials and textures

No less important in choosing a coat is to know the suitable color. Now there is a wide range of colors, from dark to light and from calm and monochrome colors to bright and playful colors. Young ladies can opt for bright colors while older ladies should choose quiet colors.

The only distinctive feature of coats and raincoats is the material and the model, style, silhouette and construction are usually identical. The coat came in fashion in the 17th century and was worn as a general official uniform soldiers. Later, they began to be worn by women. In general, male and female models resemble, especially the classics, only accessories and additions are different.


Every woman dreams of a perfect coat. There are three types of coat silhouette: waisted, straight, trapeze shape.

The classic coat type usually looks like an hourglass clock. It may be on the waist, a little flared or with a straight silhouette. Often, such style is completed with a belt to accentuate the waist. This type of coat is suitable for business people. The classic can be worn both by men and women. The flared bell-shape is usually short, with three quarters sleeves, round collar and large buttons. The straight model has a rectangular shape and double breasted. Such coats generally fits all.

On the waist

When choosing a coat, pay attention to the peculiarity of the figure. If the figure is classic and there are some deviations from the norm, but can be seen clearly the waist, chest and thighs, then a coat with waist silhouette is perfect. With such coats girls look very feminine and elegant, and this is very important.

The dress coat is a retro model successfully worn by fat fashionistas because it highlights the advantages and hide the disadvantages of the figure. It can be high-waist, wide, straight and loose silhouette.

Retro model dress coat

Women Dress coat in retro model

Retro coat with inserts of material and high-waisted looks beautiful on those ladies who want to emphasize namely the upper body.

Coat retro with material inserts and high-waist

Straight silhouette

This is the most universal type of coat, which visually lengthens the figure. The length will be chosen either below the knee or slightly above, but not to the ground.

Dufflecoat is a straight cut coat more in a sporty style, and resembles a sailor jacket, which is based on this type of coat. This type of coat can be completed with a hood, pockets and buttonholes.

Women's Straight cut dufflecoat

Coat with straight cut in English style – English classic with or without collar, midi or maxi length.

English style coats with straight cut

The wrap coat is a classic between coats, simple sewn and simple to be worn. It binds the waist with a strap and can be worn with anything, is very practical and elegant. It can have different sizes: mini, midi and maxi. For ladies with voluptuous forms will be suitable for coats of any length.

Classic wrap coat

The Crombie coat is also a classic and usually looks like a jacket that closes down on all buttons. This coat is often found in dark shades rather black and single breasted.

Crombie coat womens

Cocoon type coat is a bulky coat in the waist area, which looks like a cocoon.

Cocoon coats

Trapezoidal silhouette

The trapezoidal silhouette coat is a classic for overweight women; this stays ideal on the figure and allows free movement. Avoid the calf length as it will elongate your figure and it is important that the buttons are arranged vertically. This outfit can be completed with a scarf in a light fabric.

Inverness – loose silhouette coats or pleated of midi length.

Inverness coat

Swing coat has trapeze shape, flared from the shoulder, hides all imperfections and does not limit movement.

Swing trapeze coat

Trendy cape coat with trapezoidal shape cuts instead of sleeves, and a clear line of shoulders.

Trendy coats with cape

Fashionable cape coat

Models for not tall ladies

Many girls, who have an average height, want to visually lengthen it and this can be achieved by using heels and models of coats. I order for you to look taller, opt for classic models. If you choose sport style coats, then you have to wear flat sole shoes or platforms.

Redingote — it is slim fit, has a classic style and is slightly wider at the hem. It is usually short but may also be above the knee. Visually lengthen legs and emphasize the strengths of figure.

Princess – usually of dark material, slim fit, above the knee or thigh length.

Trenchcoat — Reglan sleeve, with or without collar, cut off, can be short or long.

Short or long trenchcoat

Pea coat – straight silhouette, double breasted, turndown collar. It is a very stylish coat that can be seen also in sport style.

Classic style

In most cases, the classic style lays behind the creation of coats. Starting from this, the coat can be transformed in any model, adding different details. Classic coat patterns can be chosen by ladies as these always look interesting and stylish. Here we can mention also the coat with straight cut.

Greatcoat –  English classic with epaulets on shoulders, knee length and sometimes with leather buttons.

Greatcoat in English classic style

Crombie coat – English classics, single breasted, with fly front.

English Crombie coat

Chesterfieldbusiness model, relative with Crombie, also an English classic. With countersunk fastener, single breasted, straight cut, and two side pockets.

Chesterfield coat womens

Styles of short coats

The short coat that came strongly into our lives, it is suitable for those who enjoy an active lifestyle. This coat is convenient for those who often lead car. Here are the most popular styles of coats.

Short pea coat with loose style, may be in a sports-style double-breasted. Suitable for girls and women, who are constantly on movement.

Short pea coat

Classic, slim fit, with or without belt.

Classic slim fit coat

Тop coat short coat, of any silhouette, slightly fitted more frequently may be in the sports style.

Short Тop coat

Bell coat — trapezoidal shape with loose cut and Reglan sleeve type.

Spencer coat – classic coat with a narrow cut and usually lighter fabrics.

Spencer coat pattern

Hooded coats

Coat with hoodie is more convenient for those who do not like to wear hats and often they are for fall and spring season, while it is still not hot or too cold. They protect against cold. For summer there are also models with hood, but are called wind jackets. For the winter season, there are also coats with hood, but most often they are sporty. Let’s analyze some models.

French style coat, easy fit with shortened sleeves.

French style coats

Women trendy Coats French style

Ulster, this coat is named after the Irish town Ulster. It is made of rough canvas, double-breasted, with the belt. This material was manufactured in the city which the coat was named in honor of.

Models of coats for overweight

For girls and women with appetizing forms there are also a lot of coats models with which can also look elegant and graceful. The fabrics also need to be selected with care. They do not have to be bulky and heavy, as this will add extra pounds. Such fabrics like tweed fabric, cloth and drapery will hide figure flaws and will add elegance and beauty. The length should be up to the calf, but not below. The color range can be different, but it is best to combine two colors. Pastel colors for fall, orange, emerald green and cranberry color match perfect for adventurous girls while blue, burgundy or dark green for shy girls. If you want to emphasize the individuality opt for brown, yellow and purple. If you wish to correct the body shape, choose color like latte if you want to decrease the visual volume, pay attention to the color of dark gray, which is considered a classic.

Trapeze coat with slip pockets – loose cut from the shoulders, decorated pockets, comfortable for everyday life.

A-silhouette coatsuch coats can be worn by overweight ladies. It is often flared from the shoulder but sometimes above the waist.

A-silhouette coat model

The most important thing when choosing a model of coat is the color, the silhouette, and comfort in the cold season.

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