Alexander Wang x H&M: New York shows

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On October 16, at New York’s Harlem, in the Armory on the Hudson building, took place a loud presentation of the Alexander Wang x H&M collection.

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No tourist will go to New York Harlem voluntarily. Even Wikipedia says that it is “the birthplace and stronghold of gangster and criminal gangs.” By the 30’s of the last century, the area was densely populated by African Americans, who opened there the iconic music club named “Apollo,” where Louis Armstrong and Billie Holiday performed and lived in their strange and dangerous for those racist times life.

It turned out that Harlem is not so terrible as it tells. This is a myth, and fashion loves beautiful stories. “I really want to show you a new location in New York,” – the American designer Alexander Wang explained his unusual choice of location to show the Alexander Wang x H&M collection. But we know that in fact, Wang just loves the black color. Of all men in the world, which he would like to dress up in clothes from his line, the designer first thing called the rapper Jay Z. In summer, Rihanna was wearing clothes from the new joint collection of the young designer and the Swedish mass-market giant.

Alexander Wang x H&M Show

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“Are you the first designer from America, which H&M chose to work with, are you proud of the fact that you are actually Chinese? “, was asked Wang by a journalist from Thailand. “In my opinion, these differences do not matter anymore. What’s the difference where you come from, the important thing is what you want to say, “- quite sensibly argues one of the top fashion designers.

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Unlike other famous fashion designers, Alexander Wang, who created the collection for the Swedish brand in the spirit of his own retrospective, came up with an entirely new and separate line of clothing. “Personally, I do not practice sports, but I love to wear athlete’s clothes”, confessed Wang. The collection turned to be not only sporty, but also really suitable for yoga, swimming and skiing. The authors have tried to comply with all rules and regulations of production of right fabrics, ventilation systems and forms. And, of course, the main color – black. It is suitable for all, as well as sports, by the way.

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