Hair Color Trends 2017

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With the arrival of the New Year, each of us is trying to start a new life and make some changes. These can be made not only in everyday life but also in our appearance. The easiest way to change is dye the hair in a different color, or just to give a certain shade to some of the hair strands. But what color to opt for? How to choose the right color after the skin tone and shade will be in most demand? Is it worth to totally change the color or are there other options for hair dying? We will try to give answers to these and to other questions in this article that describes the 2017 hair color trends.

The fresh arrived year brought a lot of news and the most interesting one is that in 2017, favorites colors will be blondes, even those unnatural. The blond will be presented in cool “Nordic” shades. But even the brown-haired and brunettes can feel on top – it is just enough to add a correct shade of the dark hair. And redheads have a special place, it is enough just to be chosen a neutral, less strident shade. In a word, everything will be in fashion, but each with some specific aspects. So what hair color to wear in the year that just came?

Hair Color 2017


As we have mentioned before, indeed, the favorite of 2017 will be blondes with all shades of gold and silver. And this happened not because men prefer blondes, but blondes are preferred today by the beauty industry and fashion designers. Hollywood stars, actresses and singers tend toward blond hair and no wonder: light shade of hair can show you from a different perspective, you can look unusual and very appealing. The secret of 2017 is that we will not have to opt for golden shades in warm tones, but for cold platinum “northern” shade – with a bright silver accent.

Blonde hair trends in 2017

Gray blonde

The white ash hair is one of the most popular trends in 2017. At first glance, it leaves the impression that the hair is completely gray, and this is achieved by applying silvery-gray coloring products. However, you should not be afraid that you will look many years older, it is important to have a hair that looks healthy and shiny. These shades are perfect for those with pale skin and blue or gray eyes. The gray blonde has already been tested by Lady Gaga, Rihanna and even Nicole Ricci, who is the owner of a dark complexion.

Gray blonde shades

Light pink blonde

Although strawberry is associated with succulents and bright colors, blonde with pinks shades involves only a slight shade of pink on the light hair. This color is very capricious and not suits everyone. The coloring will be made exclusively by a specialist and you should not try to make in home conditions using cheap hair coloring products. Avoid orange and purple tones, the pink must be a “strawberry”, “candy” one – hair strands in shades warm and light pink.

Blonde hair with pink dip-dyed tips

Hair colors 2017 for brown-haired

Brown-haired or the owners of chestnut brown hair, have always been associated with naturalness and for good reason. It is very difficult to obtain the “Brown” color through hair coloring products, if the natural shade of hair is of a different color. However, in 2017, the main feature of brown-haired is naturalness. Most popular hair colors will be those obtained with the help of the “3D technology”, the effect of the sun burned tips, caramel tones or on the contrary, the cold gray colors.

Light brown shade

3D hair color technique

The 3D hair color technique is very difficult to be executed. Masters must know very well how your hair normally sit and focus on those strands that sit above. The underneath hair remain virtually untouched this is when we obtain the sun burned effect or the effect of sun rays reflection. Moreover, the hair can be just a little discolored, and also dyed in shades of your natural hair tone – milk chocolate, caramel, wheat, etc.

3D hair color to wear in 2017

Hair shades for brunettes

It is clear from the start who are brunettes. Dark hair, dark eyes, dark skin (by the way, there are some exceptions) – here’s what brunettes are associated with. Brunettes will have to forget about the pure black with no undertones and reflections – in 2017, this is no longer relevant. In 2017, brunettes with dark skin can opt for chocolate shades, the warm tones of cinnamon, truffles colors.

Hair colors 2017 for brunettes

Also, we do not recommend using the blue black color or the shades of purple – they belong to the past. Owners of a light complexion with blue eyes, are recommended to opt for cool ash shades or shades “wet asphalt” color, almost black, it will give your hair a special tone and will not make you look like a crow.

Cold hair shades black

An interesting alternative for blue and purple tones for black are separate hair strands, dyed in bright colors, neon overtones on dark background. These can have blue, dark blue, purple and even green shades. Usually, before applying the hair coloring product, the hair strands must be discolored, otherwise, the resulting color will be a dark one. An alternative to permanent hair dyeing are chalks that can change the hair color for an evening and after washing, the hair will return to its normal color.

What hair color wear brunettes in 2017

Brown tones – pure naturalness

If you appreciate the naturalness and the shade with which endowed you Mother Nature, then surely you are the owner of a brown hair with warm hues of wheat, or rather, a gray tone. Even if this is not your natural color, brown is very actual today. This shade with its undertone chosen correctly fits absolutely everyone, regardless of skin tone, especially women with rustic look. Don’t forget about shine – uncolored natural hair may look bright if you use toning products or hair care masks.

Hair dyed in natural colors 2017 trend

Californian highlights for brown hair

Do you want to refresh your light brown hair color? This will be possible by coloring the hair strands, but not by the traditional technique of execution, which is used for some time. The new trend in this technology is called Californian highlights. It is important that the hairs root is left darkest and the tips – lighter and between them to make a transition from one color to another so they look as natural as possible.

Light Brown Hair Color in 2017

Reddish color again in fashion in 2017

The reddish color from nature, bright and juicy, golden-hued, bronze or copper, is indeed a rarity. Do you want it to look more interesting? Give it a shade. Light reddish from nature can be lightened more if you will create some blonde highlights. Many “unnatural” redheads tend to make it lighter so that later they could play with shades. The shade of peach, pink and orange – everything is allowed but provided it fits your skin tone.

Reddish shades

It is believed that reddish girls should really have a light complexion and blue or green eyes. But it looks this color fits perfectly also the brown eyes owners. It is important to be especially warm tone with the addition of darker brown color. Not coincidentally the reds of autumn leaves, cognac, and copper will be in fashion in the year of the Red Fire Monkey. Avoid “claret” type colors and other wine shades; this year, the dark red is outdated.

Red hair 2017

As you can see, the year of the 2017 will give us the possibility to be different, it is important to properly address the hair dyeing process. And you can have a cardinal change, just keep in mind that the new color will suit you perfectly and will make you look more attractive and more beautiful. Another secret of seduction that does not depend on the chosen shade is the correct hair care, it healthy shine, lack of chopped ends, silky and velvety aspect. If you follow these rules, everything will be allowed!

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