Unusual combinations from Celine for Fall 2015

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Late summer and early autumn –is one of the favorite times of the year for fashion designers, because there are many ways to easily and stylishly diversify the appearance at any important event. Now is the time to show your own individuality, to try something new and non-standard, as the designers of Celine brand, for example.

Celine Fall

This pre-fall collection varies fundamentally from the fall-winter show. If the last time the designer of the brand introduced discreet items, intended for daily exits in the city, then this time, Phoebe Philo has surpassed herself and offered a variety of innovative solutions. There were a combination of loafers with transparent knee socks, an unconventional use of a jumper, mix of colors, large patch pockets and minimalist style. Against the background of such stylistic combinations, the author decided not to experiment with color and stopped on the dark blue, black, white and gray. Though a few bright accents in the form of colored fur appeared on the Lookbook pages.

Celine 2015

Celine collection is devoid of additional décor details. The only things that can be identified are the pockets on coats and jackets.


Pleated transparent skirts, where the hem is not symmetrical but resembles scallops Philo wore on top short shorts, on the one hand creating a provocative outfit, and on the other – a stylish look for brave ladies.

Celine skirts

Coats were selected in oversized T-silhouette styles, which were complemented by rectangular lapels. As fasteners were chosen hidden zippers or face large buttons.

Maxi flared pants in the style of Marlene Dietrich, presented in the Lookbook, are suitable for both slender and overweight ladies.

Celine New

It could not go without dresses as well. Models of average length (to the ankle), the hem, which is decorated with ruffles or it is asymmetric. As an addition to the dress can be a fur scarf. This fashion accessory will save from the cold and turn an everyday dress into elegant attire.


The bags from the collection are once again deprived of long handles. Dome bags in burgundy or blue color are Celine choices.

The footwear should be practical, especially when your lifestyle involves constant movement and frequent trips in transport. Loafers with a sharp toe are a practical and stylish solution for fall.

Celine footwear

Necklaces and big earrings in the form of rings are accessories, which the designer proposes to add to an autumn look.

Celine Look

The pre-fall season in the view of the designer of Celine brand – it’s the time when you should pay more attention to forms more than to the color scheme. Try to originally tie the jumper at the waist, combine the socks with casual shoes and complement a dress with a fur scarf.

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