Trendy Women’s Pants Spring-Summer 2019

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This year’s fashion pants change the strategy, and its main tools are length, width and color. Designers deviate more and more from the idea of black high waisted jeans, which outlines the lines of legs, hips and waist as much as possible, and opts for infinitely large pants, vintage flared jeans and short pants. Pure femininity is the leitmotif of the spring-summer season of 2019!

Pants 2019

Color range: beige, khaki, ochre

The autumn greeting in the form of a yellow-gold color range was transferred to spring-summer collections. All the shades of ocher, including their blending with the green, will be a kind of safari park in your wardrobe! The flared pants from hip area can be made of any costume fabric, even leather and vinyl, which do not lose their actuality. Light beige will be combined with all spring colors (from red and fuchsia to blue and terracotta) and also with shades of “military” range – green, olive, brown.

What pants color to wear in 2019

beige color designs

Spring 2019 women pants


Perfect black pants

If you still do not have such a pair of pants, do not miss a second and go to the nearest shopping mall – the spring-summer season 2019 announces the open hunt for the perfect pair! What are they needed for? First of all for an impeccable image in the official business style. The standard set of elements in the shape of a white blouse, a waist jacket and flats will gain a new sense of pants that perfectly follow the contour of the body (even if it is a flared or straight pattern). And, second, for a romantic date, a trip to the theater, an exhibition and even a party! Just add a blouse or a shirt with glitter or sequins and make a special makeup.

Black stylish pants 2019

black office style


Banana Pants

The vintage patterns are back on the wave! The colorful banana trousers were popular in the 80’s and their characteristic features are an excessive waistline, a set on the hips, which creates an extra volume and a gradual narrowing down – hence the name because the shape resembles a banana. This season, the colors aren’t obvious from the disco era: usually in collections predominate neutral or office shades such as gray, beige, dark olive or black.

What pants to wear in 2019

Women summer pants 2019

Fashion banana pants 2019

Leather Pants

And again the leather pants are indispensable, but now they are getting more and more interesting details in the shape of additional structural elements (wide belts, baskets and pockets) or decoration. The latter have a special attention: embroidery and ornaments, stripes made of rivets, many metal accessories – decorative zippers, rivets, chains. The rock style image can be completed with an oversize shirt or an ankle sweater.

Leather pants spring summer 2019

What pants to put on in spring 2019

red leather

Are leather pants still in style 2019

Contrasting Stripes

One of the most loved print again captures the catwalks! Remember the mystic character in Tim Burton’s Beetle Juice, wearing a black and white striped suit. Pay attention to the styles of palazzo pants (hip flare) and short bananas. If you want to visibly stretch the silhouette, choose patterns with a high waistline and vertical stripes – this secret will allow you to transform, making your legs infinitely long.

Vertical striped pants 2019


cute with stripes

Flared pants in bright colors

Spring and summer means a lot of color in your wardrobe! A bold combination of colors and a game of contrasts – this is what designers demand in the new season. Yellow lemon, fresh green, candy pink shades, orange, shining blue shades make wonders even with such a conservative pattern as the flared pants! To create a baby doll-style image, take a bustier or top-style underwear, over which put a silk bomber jacket in bright shades.

Women flared pants 2019

casual flared


Pants trends 2019

Short classic pants

The classic striped short pants, which remind us of the French students outfits in the old black and white movies, are now at the height of popularity. Neutral colors can move freely into the bright palette: red, pink or blue. By the way, in these movies can be followed by prints like the classic Prince of Wales or the gauntlet, which will make such ideal design suitable not only for office dress code, but also for summer weather. The emphasis is on shoes, keeping the emphasis on mules with thick heels or slingbacks.

Women short pants 2019


Culottes spring-summer 2019

summer office designs

Animal prints and textures

What do you say to show our wild nature? Silk trousers are simply irreplaceable this spring, especially in the company of translucent blouses, military-style parka jackets and satin bomber jackets. Delicate textures are diluted with dense leather, with reptile texture. The only rule is that there are no competitors: warm colors, lack of other prints and additional shine.

High waisted pants 2019 animal print



Women pants 2019 reptile skin leather


Secrets of glowing signs from other galaxies are revealed: the brighter the better! Use cosmic motifs to the fullest, with silk and luster, sparkles and holograms. Brilliance of precious metals is best suited for parties and cocktails: agree that not everyone will have the courage to wear such pants!

What pants to put on in summer 2019

Festive trousers 2019

bright high waisted pants

Knee flare

Last time, such design made a loud statement in the early 2000s, and during the spring-summer season 2019 they celebrate triumphant returns on the catwalk. The exception is that at that time the waist was very low, and is now in the waist area. The focus is on color, especially red and all its shades, which have no competitors this season. What’s next? A men’s style shirt, stacked in pants, and the highest heels, without which you can not make any step!

capri pants 2019 wide

stylish trousers 2019


Striped Pants

This detail of the military uniform was transferred by designers into everyday life (this also became significant for the Adidas brand). Contrasting stripes on the hips are not just a special focus, but also a visual extension of the legs, especially if the design is high waisted. Straight pants with stripes are used on all occasions, unlike pajamas silk pants: they ask for a pair of sandals on thin straps, a lightweight blouse and a chain bag and here you have an interesting cocktail look!

Women striped pants 2019

High waist striped pants 2019


Textile collage: different colors and textures

An unusual trend of the new season deserves attention: in many collections there are pants that create the impression that they have been stitched from fabrics. Dark fabric costumes in combination with Scottish tartan, leather + denim, white + black, more different prints in one item – blending materials, colors and textures creates a special, bold and eccentric textile collage.

Spring summer pants 2019 different colors and textures


What length of pants is more actual

The fashionable spring-summer 2019 pants are a lot of ideas to implement. We will have to start finding the perfect pair of black pants because we must not forget the importance of the basic wardrobe. And then add colors, prints and interesting textures!

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