Trendy Women’s Pants Fall-Winter 2019-2019

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In the new season, designers ask for a complete review of the basic cabinet, and this time the focus is on the pants. Everyone talks about the cycle of fashion trends, so this autumn will have to go from theory to practice and get a pair of flared pants and leather patterns. In addition, animal motifs are actively involved in day-to-day outfits: the wildlife residents have established both skinny patterns and palazzo patterns.

Thus, the fall-winter season 2019-2019 is characterized by comfort, and the rule of freedom in any movement must be accepted and memorized. The patterns become wider, the fabrics lighter, and the combinations of options tend towards maximum simplicity. Monochromatic shirts, sweatshirts and oversized shirts are the best companions of any pair of pants. So, let’s look at the main ideas on the podium!

Womens pants 2020


The noble brilliance of the atlas attracts designers every year, and fall-winter 2019-2019 is no exception. We are used to wear silk fabrics with the onset of warmth, but this time the atlas pants show perfect fit with thick knit sweaters, tweed jackets and fur coats with long fur.

Arguments in favor of wide thick atlas pants can be many, but the main argument is the ability to apply them not only to the daily images, but also to the evening ones. It’s enough to have a lingerie style top, a double breasted blazer and a pair of classic pumps in basic colors (nude or black) – and the problem of selecting a picture for evening events is solved by itself, even if it appears in your spontaneous plans.

Atlas pants fall 2019 winter 2020

white color atlas

Women pants winter 2020 office


Animal print

Unusual and extravagant: animal motifs take up a lot of wardrobe with each season, and now, the pants with an original animal print are a must have. Inspiration comes from nature, but the range of colors is this: in the fall-winter season 2019, the zebra, leopard and Python get the most unexpected colors and textures – more gloss and more neon shades!

Remember: choosing original prints, we prioritize the most concise styles, for example, high waist skinny pants. While creating the rest of the look, we respect the same rule: a dark palette and no other prints.

Pants for women 2020 animal print

What women pants print to wear in 2020

What pants to wear in fall 2019


This season’s guidebooks send us back to the classic variations: Scottish tartan, Prince of Wales, crow’s feet. This “eternal” print will be used to the fullest and in all its interpretations and the two-color Vichy on light summer fabrics will have to be left until the summer. So let’s look at the patterns characteristic for fall-winter season!

  • Scottish Tartan. We refer to this in its usual aspect, namely the Scottish tartan or the clan – we see it on the traditional kilt of the noble clan members. Choose pants in a shade of dark green or red – the one that is so loved by fans of the punk culture of the 70s (in royal circles is known as Royal Stewart)
  • Prince of Wales. Probably this is the most popular type of plaid among street style celebrities. Usually, it appears in the men’s wardrobe, but given the popularity of the trouser suit, the print has also found a place among women. An interesting fact: this type of plaid was invented by a New Zealand counterpart who lived in Scotland and traditionally did not have the right to wear tartan.
  • Crow’s feet (which the French call Pied-de-poule). Initially, this print was made in two contrasting colors – black and white, now designers use a wide variety of color combinations to neon. However, the way the yarns are interleaved never changes.

Ladies pants fall winter 2019 2020 plaid

Pants trends 2020

High waist pants 2020

Office winter pants 2020 for women

Wide leg pants

The aesthetics of the 80’s do not slow down the pace, gaining more popularity each season. In the fall-winter season, the flared pants from the hip 2019-2019 again acquired the status of a must-have. A variation on palazzo pants allows us to extend the use and create a few images in completely different styles based on them. For each day, choose an oversize jacket. Complete the image with a durable leather strap and comfortable shoes. For an office dress code, you’ll need to get a brooch and a white shirt. For the evening – increase the height of the heel, choose a silk blouse or bustier (if you choose high waist pants and a suitable jacket).

Wide pants fall winter 2019 2020

 are wide leg pants in

Wide trendy pants 2020

Knee flared pants

Another “hello” from the past is the knee flared pants. They were actively used in the fashion of the 80’s, and then returned in the 2000’s, and now they are again relevant. Their main advantages are that their style works wonderfully with the body shape and its proportions, instantly correcting the hips line and prolonging the legs. Their demand this season is the maximum heel height. Otherwise – elongated jackets and blouses (up to mid-thigh), turtlenecks and shirts with episcopal sleeves.

Stylish pants winter 2020 women

Flared pants fall 2019

Wear flared pants 2020

Leather pants

This fall, skinny leather pants have received an unequivocal verdict – to be worn, though very carefully, objectively assessing the advantages and disadvantages of their own body shape. In any case, leather pants, bananas and straight high waist models are at your disposal. The color scheme is typical for autumn and is usually represented by dark shades – black, green, blue, terracotta, although red and beige are not so rare. We complete the skin texture with a fur coat, translucent chiffon and dense costume fabrics.

Skinny leather pants

Black leather pants


wide leather

Leather pants outfit 2020


The echoes of the disco era are heard again at fashion shows, and we follow them, choosing pants with a glossy texture and a pronounced metallic luster. The first thing we should pay attention to are leggings, on the basis of which we create a retro image for a party. For day-to-day style, however, it is necessary to reduce the brightness and allow you to reflect the reflections of copper in a mono look in a dark color scheme. In autumn-winter 2019-2019, designers obviously decided to teach us a lesson about using metal textures, so we choose oversize bomber jackets, long tweed bombers and classic straight coats.

Silver pants fall winter 2019 2020

What pants to wear in 2020


What pants length to wear in 2020

Pastel shades

From leopard prints, hypnotic contrasting plaid and shiny metal textures, we move to the bright side. In help come pastel colors – a very unusual solution for the cold season, as it seems at first glance. If the dark palette has already had time to bore you – choose the pastel shades of lemon, mint, pink sherbet, blue for kids and, of course, cappuccino shades – this autumn do your best to keep your spring spirit.

Women pants in pastel shades 2019 2020 fall winter


What women pants to wear in winter 2020

Capri pants

This pattern of pants does not intend to give up their positions. Skinny Capri pants to the length of the ankle are indispensable in the basic closet, which, moreover, can combine more fashion trends in autumn-winter 2019-2019: leather, metal texture and animal print. If you decide to wear shorts Capri pants made of classic and black style cloth, then you will have to match them with an oversize blouse with episcopal sleeves or an oversize bomber or sweater.

 Are capri pants still in style 2020

classic capri

Oversize: wide leg jeans

We have repeatedly said that in the new season we should focus on comfort as much as possible. Baggy patterns in dark denim are a must of this autumn that will perfectly combine with a masculine white shirt, a monochromatic turtleneck or a sweater in original shades.

Oversize pants fall winter 2019 2020



The 2019-2019 fall-winter fashion trends insist on texture play, variety of prints and unusual color solutions that designers use actively in laconic basic styles. Choose stylish pants for all occasions and according to your mood!

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