Trendy Trench Coats Fall-Winter 2018-2018

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Did you notice that cold weather is always catching us unexpectedly? The September month continues to make us feel like the summer, and in October we are suddenly confronted with cold and constant raining. However, changing weather will not change our mood as we have a trench coat in the closet that will save us.

A trench coat for fall/winter season is different from spring season with thicker and waterproof fabrics, use of lining and of course with its color range. Every year, designers present both classical and original designs for every taste. So we turn our attention to the trench coats on top positions for fall-winter 2018-2018.

Trench coats 2019 women

Classic Trench Coats

The trench coat is a basic element of autumn outfits. For the early autumn are the light shades: powder, white-yellow, gray-blue, and the floral print. Lightweight trenches are great with shoes on thin soles, with sharp-tipped shoes or refined boots. At the end of October, thicker trenches are placed on the foreground, and the color palette consists of dark beige, brown and black shades. Appropriate shoes are boots over knees and high boots.

Classic trench coats fall winter 2018 2019


Women knitted trench coat


Long trench coat for women

Besides trenches, designers once again resort to long trench coats with wide sleeves, where the waist can be accentuated with a belt or even without it.


What trench coat to wear in winter 2019

Neoclassic Style

We draw attention to the classic silhouette in traditional shades, missing some details, either a sleeve or cuts in the unexpected places. On the other hand, the canonical pattern is filled with inappropriate details such as large pockets, hoods, asymmetrical decoration such as shawl and double collar. The right footwear is boots or medium-sized stiletto shoes, the icing on the cake being fur-decorated shoes.

What trench coats to wear in fall 2018

Trench coats trends 2019


The transformation of plaid

The so popular plaid trench coats continue to enjoy their fans, but, as many designers desire, they are somewhat transformed. First of all, it is proposed to look differently at materials, fashionable being semi-transparent waterproof fabrics or plaid. Secondly, they remind us of the variety of patterns. In addition, there are also the trench coats with high lateral clefts and long waistbands, vivid silhouettes, like the dresses. The most suitable pair of footwear for such is the ankle boots in light shades and fitted on the leg.

Womens trench coats for fall 2018


Fashionable plaid trench coat

Leather Options

Leather trenches are also in great demand in the 2018-2018 fall-winter season and the black color is surely the undisputed leader. The range of brown and red-brick shades, as well as blue and claret, also has its place among the current colors when it comes to leather trench coats.

Long leather jackets are worn with boots and laved ankle boots, they look lovely with over knees boots and the youthful accent is made with sport footwear.

Trench coats fall 2018 winter 2019: leather


leather medium length

Actual are also long trench coats made of suede, in shades of red and cinnamon or mustard. Additionally, highly trendy is the patent leather in shades of black, dark red, dark gray or khaki.

suede patterns


Combined trench coats

Continuing the theme of leather options, it is impossible not to notice another fashion trend in the fall-winter 2018-2018 that is the combined clothes. First of all, these are patterns made of leather pieces of different colors. Another version is leather clothing in combination with other fabrics.

Another modern element is trench coat over trench coat: the first one keeps warm and the second heats the soul. Instead of the second trench, a jacket can be worn. This looks very stylish and hot, try, you will definitely like it.


What trench coats to wear in 2019


Extravagant patterns

Strange shapes and ideas of a “duvet” are created for the most daring fashionizers and they are not going to leave us. Patterns sewn from two different halves, cape-trench coats and multi-layered, sports style with zip-fastener…there are many options. The most common pattern is the one with a shoulder strap, cutout on a sleeve, out of which the hand can be pulled to hold the purse.

The unusual shapes are made in the colors of autumn and winter, namely light brown, gray, khaki, black, plaid. Such patterns can be matched with boots, medium-heeled shoes and sport shoes.


extravagant trench coats for ladies 2019



black asymmetric

Gloss and nylon

Trench coats made of nylon fabrics are good in the rain, and glossy fabrics are periodically replaced by mate, then come back in the top again. Autumn-winter 2018-2018 is no exception and you are automatically considered to be fashionable if you have purchased such an article for some time. Popular are the classic patterns and double breasted, oversized, with puffy sleeves. The sport chic is considered the shirt pattern: a small and well-made necklace, the lowered shoulder line, on the waist, can be buttoned.

Fashionable colors are black, coffee, beige, and khaki, blue, reddish-red. In this case, the color will be chosen according to the trench pattern: the classic trench is well in combination with shoes and boots, sports and casual patterns with sports shoes and sneakers.




Actual length

The current length of trenches is the midi and maxi. A long one looks elegant and respectable, highlights the feminine silhouette and is especially suited to tall ladies. In addition, the trench coat that covers your knees is ideally suited to both skirts and trousers, which mean you will feel comfortable even in cold weather.

However, there will also be admirers of short patterns. And it wouldn’t be nice to say that the trenches above the knee are not in fashion. Among the short fashion patterns are lightweight fabrics, leather and suede.

Short trench coats


What trench coat length to wear in 2019

Knowing everything about fashion trends and maybe a little more, it will be much easier to look modern and stylish. Be beautiful with us!

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