Trendy Skirts Fall-Winter 2019-2019

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Surely there is nothing more comfortable than your favorite jeans, but in the fall-winter season 2019-2019 skirt will clearly give the tone. Therefore, before you buy another pair of jeans, think, perhaps you should fill in the wardrobe with an elegant leather skirt or a stylish pleated skirt. The 2019 fall-winter season clearly dictates the new rules that we will have to follow to create relevant looks.

Skirts 2020

Skirt’s colors

Lovers of black-and-white looks will have to dilute the dark colors of their wardrobe with something bright. Do not completely abandon black, add color accent and focus on textures. Choosing materials is not that simple – in such a variety you can lose: leather, dull dense fabric and lurex yarn materials, light chiffon and many more. If the look is made up of black base elements, then the skirt surely has to be very special in a bright shade.

Skirt’s colors fall 2019 winter 2020

Long skirts colors

What skirts to wear in winter 2020

What skirt lenght to wear in 2020

 Skirt trends 2020

pink midi lenght

Leather skirts

Only a leather skirt can combine elegance and rebellious spirit, these seemingly opposite features. The emphasis is on standard patterns: below knee skirt, bell skirt and mini bold skirt with high waist. In this case, there may be different shades, but the fall-winter season requires faded colors, opting for classic black, dark gray, green haki, burgundy and dark chocolate. The outerwear is borrowed again from the base closet: ideally a monochromatic turtleneck or a blouse in light shades.

Trendy leather skirts fall winter 2019 2020

black leather designs


Quilted skirts

In the new season, do not be afraid to add more texture to the image, weighing it lightly. A quilted skirt makes wonders: Firstly, it occupies one of the main positions in 2019 fall-winter fashion trends, secondly, it will be your best friend in the cold season. Designers offer an up to half the calf and a high waist. This can be a classic pencil skirt, wrap skirt or a gaudet skirt. We combine them not only with lightweight blouses, but also with oversize knitted sweaters stacked in the skirt.

Quilted pencils skirts 2020

quilted mid length

Sophisticated print

Who else can the prints impress? In addition, geometry and flowers change from season to season, however, slightly modified. For example, this autumn, the prints were totally complicated! Now, the skirts combine abstract drawings, geometry with optical illusions, smooth floral compositions, sparkling sky, glitter and even real textile collages, parts of which are scattered in a chaotic order. The color revolutions “calm down” with the base colors (black, white, nude, neutral gray).

Best printed skirts 2019 2020

knee length fashion print

Patent leather

The fashion of famous vinyl shirts has turned into a trend of patent leather skirts. This season, it is important to literally shine. The classic straight skirt becomes bold, rebel, not to the detriment of additional decorative elements (metal accessories, stripes, etc.), but thanks to the gloss. From classic black we go back to more unusual colors: juicy green, intense aquamarine or bright red. Do not forget about prints, especially when it comes to the most important ones in this season – plaid and reptiles.

Office skirts 2020 patent leather

Stylish skirts for women 2020

What skirts to wear in fall 2019

Long skirts winter 2020


Plaid prints are part of the prints that will never be lost and will be present every year in designer collections. We immediately remind ourselves of the Irish tartan and its various aspects.

Must have of the 2019-2019 autumn-winter season is the mini-pleated skirt, which is now virtually accessible to all age groups. We look for the dark shades, which is more referring to the other elements of the image: thick black tights, monochromatic blouses, laconic accessories and any type of footwear, either Mary Jane style shoes or military style leather boots.

Plaid skirts fall winter 2019 2020

What skirt length still in style 2020

Overall, the length of the skirt in the new season is of little importance, we choose it according to body type, height and individual preferences. Plaids will be the ones that will attract more attention, namely the black-and-white plaid, Prince of Wales (or Windsor), Royal Stewart, the Burberry print in beige shades and much more.

office style midi length

Casual skirt designs winter 2020

What skirts to wear in 2020

Wrap skirts

The wrap skirt is an ideal option for those who prefer asymmetry. This is achieved by the difference between the front length of the product and its base and the use of a diagonal cut. The wrap skirts are an opportunity to show the beauty of the legs even in the cold season. The secret is in materials that designers have chosen to use in their collections: leather, wool, deer skin, tweed. In addition, using this pattern, you can round and visually correct the hip line. This visual effect can be achieved due to the volume of overlapping pockets as well as the use of drapes.

Wrap skirts fall 2019 winter 2020

long wrap

Festive skirts 2020

Maxi skirts

From a romantic image to a bold one is a step and we have to make it in a wide, light, long skirt that completely covers the shoe. We can not limit ourselves to the dark colors and give priority to the lighted, intense: green glass, marine blue, chili pepper and the whole palette of autumn shades. How will we balance the image? The answer to this question is definitely found in the basic closet: white shirts, strict blouses, turtlenecks.

If you are talking about a modern look and even a rebellious spirit, we advise you to choose long skirts with the most varied prints (such as plaid) along with shirts and t-shirts, colored fur, leather jackets and bomber jackets.

Fashion maxi skirts 2020

Warm skirts for winter 2020

Maxi skirts for fall 2019

Very high waist

This autumn, we stand on the waist line, lifting it as high as possible. On some models, the waist passes the limit with a wide belt. The advantages are clear: the legs become infinitely long.

High waist skirts fall winter 2019 2020


slim fit with high waist

Slits and asymmetry

We have already talked about wrap skirts, yet the subject of asymmetry is not fully revealed. There is no regular shape and a uniform length in the fashion season fall-winter 2019-2019: only bizarre cuts and the absence of any order. Ideal for those who still do not know what to wear this season: mini or maxi. In any case, both lengths can be combined into one design.

Skirt with slits fall winter 2019 2020

asymmetric designs



And the icing on the cake again remains the bell-skirt with pleats. Easy fabric, plenty of folds, a wide selection of lighted colors and unexpected prints – these are the signs of one of the most relevant skirt styles. Why do you need to present it in the best possible light? First of all, an overweight knit or angora sweater and then a monochromatic turtleneck, oversize shirts, bomber jackets and cardigans.

Pleated skirts fall winter 2019 2020

long pleated


And this time we are experiencing unusual transformations, hence, an elegant skirt, which impeccably emphasizes the body shape, is the first necessity. It’s time to make a responsible choice: what skirts will be fashionable in the 2019-2019 fall-winter season?

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