Trendy Skirts Fall-Winter 2018-2018

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A fashion skirt is a basic element of the female image. The diversity of fabrics and patterns allows us to feel in different ways: sober or romantic, comfortable and sporty, bold and extravagant or luxurious and sumptuous. Fashion for the fall-winter 2018-2018, as before, is both democratic and traditional. It is especially suited to classic style, but the variation of one and the same model can be enormous. So, especially for fashionable bridesmaids, we present the most current skirts for autumn-winter 2018-2018.

Skirts 2019

Leather skirts fall-winter 2018-2018

Forever skin is the motto of the 2018-2018 fall and winter days of. The leather skirt gives the body feminine finesse and delicacy, they look luxurious and sexy. Fashionable skirts are tight fitted, tulip-tulle, as well as those in several layers, made up of combining several lengths and applications. Fashionable leather skirts may be smooth, but pleated ones have a greater interest. As for the length, then the leather skirt looks good in the French length, i.e up to the knee or a little lower. But, the maxi and mini skirts are just as popular. The range of colors includes not only black, but also claret, terracotta, blue and green.

Leather skirt designs fall 2018 winter 2019

Are leather skirts still in style 2019



long leather


leather mini

Laconism and aristocracy of classical skirts allow every woman to look stylish, modern and fashionable without any effort. That’s why classic designs are just as current.

Pencil Skirts

The pencil skirt is one of the traditional designs worn during the cold period of the year. The straight and narrow skirt is a universal item, suitable for office and casual look, as well as a set for festive events. The most fashionable colors of pencil skirts 2018-2018 are black, gray, autumn leaves (terracotta, brick, mustard, etc.) The popular length is midi and maxi. For evening outings, the bright, deep dark, delicate shades of atlas, velvet and crepe are present.

Pencil skirts fall winter 2018 2019

black pencil




high waisted skirts

Trapeze Skirts

Trapezoid and flared patterns are also very popular with many advantages. The trapeze skirt suits women of any height. On the not too high ladies, the trapeze skirts will visually lengthen them, hide what is hidden, for example protruding hips. An elongated skirt will thin the waist area, and make the legs look longer. It is worn both daily and at special events. The length of the trapeze skirts is midi and a little higher than the knee, and the flared downward falls below the knee. In 2018-2018 fall-winter season, fashionable are the monochromatic patterns, as well as plaid skirts.



What skirts to wear in 2019


Pleated and folded

The pleated skirts remain just as current, creating a delicate and romantic look. The popular length is maxi. Besides black and blue, fashionable are pastel shades, as well as glossy clothes.

Pleated skirts are dynamic and very comfortable. Fashion is not just the shades of black and gray, but also the monochromatic ones, as well as colored and plaid fabrics. The fashion length is both above and below the knee.

Pleated skirts fall winter 2018 2019

long pleated


pleated knee length

maxi long best

Unusual cut, slits

Another trend in fashion for the fall-winter season 2018-2018 is the unusual cut of skirt, which includes original, often asymmetrical details. Stitched skirt, filled with ruffles, unusual frills, great decoration. Hems are usually uneven. The front of the skirt may be shorter.

What skirt length to wear in 2019

What skirts to wear in fall 2018



midi length

In top remain the skirts with slits, so loved especially by men. They have a distinct history: the longer the skirt is and the higher the slit is, the more intriguing is the look.

Festive skirt designs

black evening

Thick Fabrics

Elegance and originality are wonderful without a doubt. But in winter we all want to feel warm and comfortable. That’s why a trend of the cold season are the skirts of thick fabrics: wool, knit, angora. Woolen skirts are more varied in texture, pattern and length. The current designs are long and short in shades of black, brown and gray. While knitted skirts are not so conservative when it comes to color, on the contrary, the colors are pink, green juicy and purple. Current knit patterns are long and narrow. Angora skirts are a wonderful addition to the warm angora sweater. The current designs are straight and “bell” type, and the length to the middle of the knee.


What skirts to wear in winter 2019


warm knee length

Laced, transparent Skirts

Lace is always current (and not just in summer). The distinctive feature of the 2018-2018 fall/winter season is the presence of lace skins and semitransparent skins that remind us of delicacy and femininity. The long, vaporous, fitted or lightweight skirts create a truly gorgeous look. Lace skirts can be both black and lighter shades. These can be worn in perfect combination with a warm sweater, a high collar blouse or an oversize cardigan.


Fashion skirt 2018 2019 laced


stylish midi

Silk Skirts

The latest trend of winter fashion is that there is no need to wait for the summer season to take out the beloved floral skirt from the closet. Silk skirts and floral motifs are very popular in fall and winter 2018-2018. The current length is the midi, and if you want to expose your legs, you can also choose the length above the knee.

Silk skirts fall 2018 winter 2019

Fall 2018 Skirts


Decorative Elements

The skirts for fall and winter are distinguished by a very varied decoration. Firstly, these are the fur inserts, and secondly, the metallic elements: zips, stripes, rivets. Also fashionable are embroidered fabrics with beaded laces and skirts sewn with metallic gold threads.

Winter 2019 Skirts


How to wear the skirts for fall-winter 2018-2018

Considering that now is the era of personalization, that is, we create our own style, the top to be assorted with a skirt is virtually whatever we want. In casual fashion, fashionable skirts are assorted with turtlenecks, shirts, and sweaters. A complement can also be a fluffy sweater, one manually knitted and even a sweatshot. Moreover, virtually all skirts look great in combination with short leather or tweed jackets as well as jackets tightened on the body or waist. An evening dress involves matching the skirt with a semi-transparent blouse, a blouse with an unusual décor, or an iridescent cloth top.



Short skirts 2018 2019 fall winter

So the 2018-2018 fall-winter season is rich in classic and avant-garde skirts. This is nothing more than the fact that each of the beautiful ladies will be able to choose the much-loved skirt.

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