Trendy manicure Spring-Summer 2015

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A modern lady must take care of her entire look and not only of separate details. It is very important to not forget about manicure because believe it or not, it is an important part of a trendy look. Manicured hands are the card of a real lady. We are gradually moving away from previous year’s trend, moving with big steps toward looks. No exception is a good manicure. In the Spring-Summer season 2015, designers prefer natural forms and shorter length. Though, the colors of manicure are very diverse, but let’s speak about that in the right order.


Length of nails

The days when a broken nail could spoil the mood of women for the whole day are gone. Make sure to get your hands decorated with short or medium length nails. Lovers of gel or acrylic nails can breathe a sigh of relief. This season, fashion allows artificial nails, but limits its length. These can not be extended more than half an inch, while retaining the natural oval shape.

Manicure 2015

Shape of nails

Naturalness concerns also the shape of the nails. It should be as close as possible to natural, so do not saw out complex and intricate combinations. This season is welcomed oval or almond shape nails.

Color of nails

The new 2015 season promises to be a bright one. And this bold manicure will help to achieve that! If the length and shape of nails is modest, in the choice of colors you can unleash your imagination: blue, yellow, orange, green, white, black, red and gold. In a fashion are all juicy shades!

Gold and silver manicure

Gold and silver accents overwhelmed shows of spring-summer collections of clothing and shoes. This thing was also noticed on model’s nails. Manicure in gold style – a successful addition to an evening image. It will point to the exquisite and refined taste of its owner, or will even spice up a day outfit. Variation of gold manicure was noted in Nina Ricci, Phillip Lim, Dior shows.

Gold Manicure

Nude – hit of the season

Those who prefer nude shades of nails will not stay out of fashion. Many designers chose especially this style for their shows (Christian Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Givenchy, Oscar de la Renta, Lacoste, Moschino). Short nails painted in beige, crème, milk chocolate or pale-pink visually lengthen fingers and draw everyone’s attention. Such option is very practical and can be successfully combined with every outfit.

Nude Manicure

Renewed French manicure

French manicure has already become a classic of the genre. It was made not once in their life each representative of the fair sex. This season stylists as Marc Jacobs, Ruffian, Desigual, Kate Spade decided to surprise and offered a new twist of the traditional style. They combined French and nail-art. Marc Jacobs did a French manicure with the help of rhinestones. As a result, the chocolate nails of models turned out to be black spears. This decision looked very bold and expressive.

French Manicure

Reverse French

Those who the regular French or the French in the updated version seemed not very convincing can try a reverse version of the classic manicure, such as the one of the Ruffian models.

French Manicure

Bright tips or the half-moon manicure

Desigual and Kate Spade adorned oval shaped nails with bright tips. For this combination you can successfully combine contrast colors.

Trendy Manicure

Geometric manicure

Straight strips from clothing can now be found on the nails of every fashionista. The strips may be arranged in any part of the nail plate. The width and color depend as well on the imagination of each of you.

Spring Manicure

Matte nail polish

Another novelty of the season was the matte finish of nails. This manicure can be successfully decorated with glossy nail polish of the same shade or in a darker tone. You can draw stripes or some simple shapes, such as hearts, stars, or butterflies.

Manicure Summer

Ombre manicure

The fashionable Ombre coloring migrated also to nails. Using contrasting colors of nail polish and patience, you can achieve an interesting transition from dark to light shade.


Black-white manicure

This Spring-Summer season, classic combinations of black and white colors can be found in manicure trends. The combinations of patterns can be very different. You can draw ovals or black stripes on white nail polish, do yourself black French instead of the usual white and enjoy the enthusiastic comments of your girlfriends.


Don’t forget that a manicure must be not only trendy but also executed in a very accurate way. If you are not ready to experiment, paint your nails in nude colors and feel on the top of the fashion pyramid.