Trendy make-up looks for Spring 2015

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Make Up

It’s hard to imagine a modern woman who doesn’t use make up. Make-up is magic because with its help you can fully transform a person, as in a positive way, as in the worst. Let’s analyze the most successful make-ups for Spring 2015.


Let’s start with the lips as a well chosen lipstick is half way to success.

Lips 2015

Nude or pale lips – MUST HAVE of the season

Desire for naturalness can be noted not only in hair colors and nail polish, the nude trend reached lips, too. This make-up implies that the lips are in the color of the skin or in a darker tone. Many designers use this trend for their hits, combining it with smoky eye makeup style. Pale lips are a solution for those who love bright eye shadows in the daytime, or prefer “no make up” looks.

Trendy Lips

Purple lipstick

Purple lipstick literally burst onto the podium and became a star hits in Spring-Summer 2015. Purple lips with a vague outline are stylish, fashionable and relevant. Purple lipstick can be combined with almost imperceptible eye makeup. Apply mascara on eyelashes and it will be sufficient for the image to look complete. Choose bright accents and you will not risk escaping observation.

Lipstick Spring

Orange lipstick

We are used that bright lips are red lips, but this season stylists offered something new. A hit of Spring 2015 became the juicy orange color. Carrot lipstick gives the image lightness and does not pretend to be an audacious style. Orange lipstick is suitable for both day look, and for evening or celebration events.

Orange lipstick

Red shades on lips

Red lips are a classic that probably will never lose relevance. Many people mistakenly believe that red lipstick does not suit them. Shades of red are many and if you are not a strong-willed and defiant person, choose matte red colors which will create a bright accent on your face and will not make you feel too “painted”.

Red lips


It is quite difficult to beautifully and correctly apply make up on your eyes, but thanks to quality cosmetics and constant practice in front of the mirror, you can get used to quickly apply makeup.

Eyes looks

Blue eye shadows

Blue was a hit not only among fabrics, but also in the eyes shadow palettes. In Spring-Summer 2015 season, any shades of blue are trendy to be applied on eyes. Blue eye shadows do not require additional accents, so it is better to combine sky-shades eye shadows with trendy nude lipstick. Don’t use of blush and bronzer when using these colors.

Blue eye

Turquoise eye shadows

If blue color shades can be combined more advantageously with brown eyes, blue-eyed beauties must stop their choice on turquoise eye shadows. This is a warmer shade of color palette that makes blue eyes even more profound.

Turquoise eye

Smokey eyes

Smokey makeup implies negligence. Forget the clear boundaries of shadows, the effect of blurred makeup is a MUST HAVE of Spring 2015 season. Actual colors for such makeup technique are the pastel shades of the color palette.

Smokey eyes

Graphical wings

Exact black wings will not lose its relevance in Spring-Summer 2015 season. This time stylists offer to experiment with the form. Draw wings of different lengths and widths and you can even make right angles.

Graphical wings


If earlier it was not the case to bother over the eyebrow correction, then today, beautiful eyebrows is a must for any woman. For several seasons in the broad trend are the bushy eyebrows.  If nature has not endowed you with sturdy eyebrows or if you already have slightly spoiled their shape, do not despair, with the help of a pencil, shadows and a brush, you can work wonders.


A correct and beautiful makeup is a way to put an accent on strengths and hide facial imperfections. With the help of a well executed make-up, you can dramatically change the image. For example, using a red lipstick, inconspicuous girls can become a self-confident seductress of men’s hearts. Do not be afraid to try something new, because in case of failure, you can just wash your face and become you again.

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