Trendy Dresses Spring-Summer 2019

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Let’s leave the stereotypes aside – now ordinary shapes acquire new content. Thus, the little black dress becomes white, the blazer separates from the pant suit and becomes a very autonomous dress, just like a simple men’s clothing. In spring-summer 2019, optical effects, boho impressions, three-dimensional sleeves and, most importantly, colors are the main ocus! Do not forget the legendary night dresses and playful sequins. What else? Let’s see together which dresses are fashionable in the spring-summer season 2019!

Dresses 2019

Blazer Dress

Judging by the frequency with which this element appears in new collections, the conclusion is unambiguous – the blazer dress deserves to exist! It is impossible not to talk about the universality of it: in casual, business style and even in the evening such a modified blazer is sometimes irreplaceable. A bold look with stiletto shoes on high heels, a headband and a fashionable chain bag is ideal for the evening, however, it is better to get down from the sky to the ground during the day, replacing the heels with flats. On the shoulder, choose a more comfortable bag, and perhaps the cape can be left.

Blazer dress spring summer 2019

semi formal


Bared Shoulders

This refers to cocktail dresses and light summer sundresses: the neckline is never too deep! One of the main complements are frills, huge and massive sleeves that make the association with historical gowns. Due to the rounded bevel sleeves, the shoulder line looks more delicate and more elegant, and the neck becomes visually longer. The only thing you have to do is to choose a laconic accessory or massive earrings.

What dresses to wear in 2019

Evening dresses with bare shoulders 2019

Short dresses 2019 with bare shoulders


Little white dress

Coco Chanel’s legendary invention has degenerated into a fashionable object in the contrasting color: the little black dress has suddenly become white! The decor is usually notorious or absent, which makes such a design one of the main competitors in the basic spring-summer wardrobe 2019. Why suddenly did the designers begin to opt for the bright side? Who knows, maybe white is the new black?

White dresses spring-summer 2019


By the way, accessories still support neutrality: black matte leather, beige color and transparent silicone details complete the picture, leaving the white dress in the center of attention.

White mini dress

Day white dresses designs 2019


Boho Elements

Many have been said about the “Boho” style, but we will select the most important aspects. Boho, in the first place, is a bohemian style, even though his recipe contains elements of hippy, folk and even a bit of grunge. What have fashionable dresses spring-summer 2019 taken from it?

  • Prints. Floral, geometric, and Oriental motifs.
  • Decorative details. Fringes, feathers, natural materials (wood and ceramic accessories).
  • Designs. Freedom in motion, opting for oversize style. The constructive elements are bulky, especially when it comes to the “bishop” sleeves (extending to the wrist and cuff), kimono (broad sleeves that resemble a part of the traditional Japanese outfit) and puffy sleeves (rounded bulky sleeves).

Spring-summer dresses 2019: boho style

What dresses to wear in spring 2019

Long dresses 2019 boho style


Big frills

Frills are everywhere! We’re leaving the idea of a chiffon floral sundress with many frills for the sake of the cosmic image. Large, asymmetric frills, located on dresses in basic colors and not only – electric and metal shades are always on top. More leather, shine and dense guipure will help us establish a connection with the cosmos at any party!

Frilled dresses spring summer 2019

Cocktail dress 2019


The favorite dressing object of each woman’s closet is not a dress or a skirt. This is a large and comfortable men’s shirt that does not constrain the movements and, in addition, is always handy. As a rule, this detail stays at home behind the scenes, but this season will leave the comfort zone! The spring-summer 2019 dress shirt is different in length, and, strangely enough, by style: asymmetrical shapes, unusual geometry, combined with extra prints and trim in the shape of belts and belts – and a regular shirt becomes a beautiful dress and sexy. In addition, it is suitable not only for a casual look but also for a holiday and a beach trip. It can also be used instead of a tunic over a swimsuit.

What dresses to wear in 2019

White shirt-dress spring-summer 2019


Summer dress 2019 office style


About luster and shine is being talked about so much that most likely you already have something similar in your wardrobe. In the new season, everything is literally sprinkled with sequins! And not in vain, because the presence of a shining dress in the wardrobe solves a lot of questions, especially associated with an unexpected invitation to a cocktail. Do not have time to choose other details of the look? And this is superfluous, because the brightness of your dress will tell everything instead of you. A pair of laconic accessories, super high heels and here you go, you are irresistible!

Mini club dress

Spring dress pattern 2019


Additional corset

The trend of the spring-summer season 2019 represents a contrasting corset over the dress. It can be in the form of a bandage made of leather, leather bands or elastic bands, can repeat the contours of linen and even a knitted vest that resembles a part of the school uniform. How to apply this idea in practice? It’s easy if you have a chiffon dress in the same color or a dress shirt and a bra top. What has previously been hidden under clothes now is in the area of increased attention!

Bustier dress spring summer 2019

Long sleeved evening dress


Black and white stripes

Black and white stripes can be diversified either by rules or without. What amazing effect can be achieved with their help! The waist line is thinned without any diet and the silhouette elongates without heels. Black and white stripes can be diluted with accents such as a bra, fur, straps, or some simple contrast accessories.

Spring summer dress 2019 black and white dress

midi with stripes


Summer dresses on thin straps

The triumphant return of the slip-dress takes place especially in the 2019 spring-summer season! And nothing has changed: it’s the same dress with a light cut, a deep V neckline, light silk fabrics, minimal décor and thin straps. Sometimes it looks like the dress is just about to fall off your shoulders!

Dresses with thin straps spring-summer 2019

Red cute dresses 2019

medium length with neckline


Say Yes to colors!

Let the spring-summer mood go in your wardrobe! In addition, the coloring of this year’s dresses decreases – all the shades of green, fuchsia, aquamarine and electric, yellow shades and the most popular color of the season – red. Choosing contrast combinations or accessories in the same shade – the monolook is still very popular!

Spring-summer dress 2019: colors



long elegant

The spring-summer 2019 fashion trends are simple and many of them remind us of previous seasons. However, fashion returns, follow these main trends and go shopping as fast as possible!

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