Trendy Dresses Fall-Winter 2018-2018

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Strange shapes, a trend towards minimalism, mild negligence in combination with femininity and charm are trends that can be seen in 2018-2018 fall-winter collections. This year, designers seem to remove the boundaries between styles: for example, wearing a cocktail dress over a classic blouse you can create a stylish set in business style and the combination of wide palazzo pants and straight cut dresses will become an ultramodern set that, if the right accessories are chosen, can turn into a refined evening look.

Dresses 2019


We tick off the first trend from the list of current trends and this is the V-neckline in its new interpretation. We have already talked about the extremes and about the fact that this year, designers approach everything in their own right. This is why the bra line goes beyond the limits: in evening and cocktail dresses it ends in the waist area, where usually there must be a bra, a belt or something similar. Such designs are made of different fabrics from where this texture game comes, namely: velvet, light silk, lace and atlas, mesh and glittering fabrics with sequins, thicker fabrics and leather. Typically, such designs no longer require the discovery of another part of the body, although a vertical split of a skirt, starting from the hips, is more than welcome. As for accessories, then this design also admits their lack. There are enough some laconic bracelets on your arm, earrings that hang to your shoulders, or a lace choker.

Dresses with V-neckline Fall-Winter 2018 2019

long elegant with cleavage



What dresses to wear in fall 2018


Evening dresses designs 2019

fitted with neckline

Noble Atlas

Secrets of antiquity have gone through the years and nowadays are available to anyone. The glamour of the atlas has become classic, especially if we are talking about evening, cocktail dress and not only: casual dresses are now in great demand. To choose the right outfit to go somewhere, we recommend that you pay special attention to simple patterns, whether it’s a night style dress with thin straps or a dress with deep neckline that accentuates the body shapes. By the way, the last mentioned can play your fest, emphasizing the smallest imperfections of the body.

Dresses fall winter 2018 2019: atlas


Dresses trends 2019

in style made of atlas

long festive

Stylish pastel shades dresses


Silky glowing threads, which are associated with dresses for passionate Latin-American dancing, have become very visible this season in many fashion collections. Fringes make any dress look stylish and refined and can turn even a simpler dress into a special and charming design. The silk boom continues: atlas, guipure and lurex fabrics are an ideal base for a luxurious dress decorated with fringes. The look can be complemented with a pair of laconic footwear such as leather stilettos or gladiator sandals.

Dresses 2019 trends

Fringed dresses

short with fringes

amazing with fringes

What dress length to wear in 2019



midi with fringes are stil in style


Underwear at sight

Underwear made of mesh, lace and hand-made velvet are the most durable trends that do not yield from positions several consecutive seasons. Now you do not have to hide your bra. This year, lace that looks under a dress is a complete addition to any look. The only remark is that such lingerie serves more as a décor and can be worn at a top or a bustier, so do not replace it with regular underwear as there is a chance to look vulgar.

What dresses to wear in 2019

long underwear style

short baby doll

Bustier-bra and heart shaped neckline

The thin or missing straps reveal the shoulders and neckline, stretching it visually and this is not the only secret. Such a design can now correct the proportions of the body, transforming it into an hourglass: the heart shaped neckline narrows in the waist area, where the belt is usually placed, then passes into a large skirt (or tutu) or Tulip skirt (bulky at the hips, narrow to knees). The result is a transformed body and an ideal silhouette.

Bustier dress fall-winter 2018 2019

fitted bustier


Fall 2018 dresses

celebration dresses

light with bare shoulders

Shiny Dresses 2019

This season, designers do not miss the chance to add shine to their collections. Such dresses are certainly designed to attract attention, capture the looks and compliments of others. In an evening outfit it is admitted to shine to the fullest, especially in the gloss of precious metals. The most famous option is the cool silver that is best suited to the winter season, reminding us of the clothes of the Queen of the Snow, and the ice will be melt by a simple pair of shoes: in this case we recommend something classic, namely stiletto shoes or pumps.

Dresses fall 2018 winter 2019: shiny

trendy metallic colors

with sparkling rhinestones

silver shade designs

long silver

cute shiny

Bare Shoulders

Dresses with bare shoulders are capable of elegantly reveal the shoulder line, and in combination with a thin chain pendant, long earring and gathered hair will make you look incredibly sexy and romantic. However, we recommend triangle-shaped people to take good care when choosing this pattern: To create a certain balance between the top and the bottom, choose the dresses on the waist with fluffy skirts, a volume in the hip area will improve the situation.

Dresses with bare shoulders fall 2018 winter 2019


bodycon designs


long large


midi with bared shoulders

The ideal night dress

Laconic, but feminine and sexy, the night dress will become the ideal partner for both an evening party and a daytime walk. Everyday life allows you to wear it according to the sarafan principle, dressing it over office-style blouses and monochromatic jerseys. And at festive events, silk night dresses can be supplemented with contrasting fur, ankle boots or classic shoes.

What dresses to wear in winter 2019


Short winter dress 2019

Light and stylish midi dresses

Voluminous shoulders

The traces of the 1980’s which can be seen every season can now be ovserved also in the fall-winter 2018-2018 season. We remember the abundance of sparkles and acid shades, leather and vinyl, dizzying platforms. This year, harmony is achieved through simple dresses with large shoulders. These can be dresses on the waist with bra, as well as dresses that are good for those who still have something to hide. Such a pattern is ideal to be worn daily, and if the look is completed with suede leather over the knee boots and a chain purse, then you can even go to the evening party.

Dresses with oversized shoulders fall winter 2018 2019



mini black dresses

Office style designs

Optical illusion

This trick has been in the arsenal of designers for some time and is actively applied in practice. And not in vain, because the optical effect created by bold contrasting lines can turn even the simplest pattern. The simplest option is the classic combination of black and white, which can be diluted with a red purse or a pair of nude shoes.

Unusual dresses fall winter 2018 2019



Trendy dresses with one bared shoulder

Asymmetry is always fashionable and an actual detail of your outfit can become a dress with a bare shoulder. It’s not a new invention, but it always looks original and bold and can be present both in casual and festive looks. Choosing a mini black dress on one shoulder you can create an ultra-modern outfit in rock style, complete it with black massive boots or ankle boots made of patent leather, thick thights and leather jacket.

Elegant dress fall winter 2018 2019: one bare shoulder

Lace dress

best with one bare shoulder


Winter dresses 2019


Dress+Office pants

The dress is one of the most feminine clothing items, though, if it is judging by its comfort, pants are the leaders. This season suggests how to combine useful with pleasant: Now, one of the main trends is to wear a wide midi dress over a pair of palazzo pants. Such a set not only allows you to create a monochromatic look, but also an interesting combination of colors and textures. This can be a color game, for example, from darker to the lighter shades of a color. And of course the combination of different textures such as velour and chiffon, leather and atlas, thick fabrics of suit and semitransparent silk.

Dress with pants fall winter 2018 2019





Semitransparent Fabrics

A modern fashionista must be ready even for the most daring experiments. A new stylish approach from designers is the “seminude” dress made of transparent fabrics that bare the body. It is not absolutely necessary to follow this trend precisely: it is enough to wear underneath such a dress a night dress, a set of intimate vintage lingerie, consisting of high-heeled boxers and a top-bustier.

Translucent dresses fall winter 2018 2019

black translucent


white transulcent



Asymmetric Cutouts

The aspiration towards interesting geometric shapes continues to be present on fashion podiums for several years. And indeed, sometimes, the original slits and cutouts on a dress embellish even the simplest design no worse than embroidery and applications. Baring some small portions of the body give the image mystery and sexuality.

Dresses with cutouts fall winter 2018 2019

Green emerald dresses winter 2019

fashion with cutouts



Sleeves with absolutely different shapes

Designers are counting this year on constructive elements. In the center of attention are sleeves, more precisely their shape. The most famous are the “bishop” sleeves (the volume gradually increases from the shoulder area to the wrist, ending with a cuff) and the sleeves, which round the shoulder area, creating an extra volume. Sometimes dresses can be associated with those of the Victorian era, but the new interpretation makes them look modern and very original.

Fashion dresses with sleeves 2019

Dresses trends fall winter 2018 2019


midi with sleeves






baby doll with sleeves

office dresses 2019 with sleeves


The set made up of dress and gloves is ideal not only to attend a ball! This season, even casual and business designs require a complement such as textured leather gloves, down to the shoulder. They will be worn over a white blouse, dress or tunic (no matter the length of the sleeve, and to complete the image, we recommend a sleeveless coat or cape). Designers took care that you look stylish and do not freeze even in the coldest days.

Fashion dresses with long sleeves 2019








Folk Motives

Back to the 1960’s, which also entered history as the hippie era, we notice a greater amount of ethnic prints and fashionable folk motives ever since. And this season, they have been used in recent presentations that is why dresses with floral prints and ornaments, denim and fringe inserts are waiting for their sideline to make a duo between the brutal winter boots and long overcoats.

Dresses fall 2018 winter 2019: folk motives


long wide folk motives


We remember the summer passion for swimsuits with halter bra, for which the diagonal lines from shoulders to breasts and neck fastenings are characteristic. This idea has also passed to the fashion designs for autumn-winter 2018-2018, namely dresses on the waist with lightweight fabric skirts. The laconic cut and nothing else is the basic rule.

Halter dress 2018 2019 fall winter




The catwals does not cease to enjoy us with new ideas, which, with a correct approach, can also be used in everyday life. So choose a few basic ideas and go to experiment, because that’s how you create the individual and unrepeatable style.

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