Trendy women’s coats Spring 2016

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If you decided to renew your wardrobe and want to find that particular model of coat that will be most relevant in this season, then this article can help. To not get lost in the large number of collections, when choosing the most beautiful and fashionable coat for spring 2016, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the latest news and trends of the season. They will help you to always be stylish and unique, and your outfit will be appreciated by many people.


If we talk about models, then women coats for spring 2016 will be very diverse. Here we can observe the classic style, elegance and innocence. In addition, a special attention will be given as well to male models, which for the second year are in a very big demand.


The classic line will always be relevant. This season, such a coat with a double breasted collar was observed at designers like Miu Miu and Honor. A classic coat with a minimal number of buttons used in their collections Tibi and Hermes. These coats have a straight cut, but look very feminine and elegant.

Trendy coats for Spring 2016 classic style

Waistband coat

For admirers of slim fit clothing, this season, there are plenty of options. Designers such as Hermes, Hugo Boss presented a beautiful female model in which emphasized the waist with a waistband. No matter what we say, the waistband gives a coat gracefulness and creates an hourglass figure, which is so important for all girls. A little short coat with a wide waistband was seen at Martin Grant, who believes that clothes with waistbands are the most feminine and sexy.

Waistband coat for women Spring 2016

Capes, mantle coats

But not all designers think the spring coat for women must stand fit the body and emphasize the waist. For example, Ralph Lauren uses in his presentations mantle coats that hide the feminine silhouette, but not its beauty. This view is shared by Carolina Herrera and Zero + Maria Cornejo, who also advice to wear capes. They are very comfortable and wearing them you can look as irresistible as ever.

New Mantle coats Spring 2016

Male style

Male style coats are in high demand this year. Designers believe that using masculine tailoring and size we can enhance the feminine fragile silhouette. Such models could be seen in collections of Trussardi, DKNY. Even Victoria Beckham, who loves clothes that accentuate the figure and female sexuality, has not overlooked the masculine style.

Masculine style coat Spring 2016


If we talk about the material from which designers create fashionable coats for women spring 2016 then the diversity reigns here. A soft and warm cashmere coat will accentuate your style and will look luxurious. A more practical option of leather or suede will be pleased to business and active ladies.


If you chose a cashmere coat, then necessarily it must be in bright and delicate colors. Even if it is less practical, it looks very stylish. Be sure that you look charming in such a coat.

Cashmere coat Spring 2016

Leather, suede

Certainly, a leather coat looks very stylish, especially because this season designers create the most daring and original designs. Thus, for example, Miu Miu fashion house presented a bright red coat that looks very bold and is perfect for active and confident fashionistas. Hermes also believes that leather is for modern ladies who are in a continuous motion. While Trussardi presented in his collection a dark blue coat that will appeal to many girls.

Leather women’s coats for spring 2016

Combination of fabrics

In spring 2016 collection of coats are present models that combine perfectly fabrics that differ by texture. Thus, for example cashmere will be well enhanced by leather inserts or same drapery and wool. Such models could be seen at designers like Miu Miu, Trussasadi and Hermes.

Coats made of combined fabrics Spring 2016

Loose fitting coat

Light and loose fitting coats were seen at Kenzo, Pamella Roland, Alberta Ferretti and Temperley London. They certainly will not warm but are perfect for going out. The coat of this type can be worn both with an evening dress and pants.

Loose fitting ladies coats Spring 2016

Light and very feminine models, must necessarily be present in your wardrobe. With such a coat ladies will feel fragile and will want to be protected.


The collection of coats for spring 2016 has all possible colors. Each lady will be able to choose the model according to her taste and preferences. This spring will be fashionable range of bright and intense colors as well as the pastel shades.

Pastel shades

Designers recommend us not to be afraid of models in bright colors, executed in pastel shades. They look very fresh and delicate, after a bleak winter. Such coat is perfect for spring mood and will give you many positive emotions. Trussardi, Miu Miu, Thakoon, Louis Vuitton used pastel shades in its models. Splashes of champagne, ivory and blue sky – all these shades look very delicate and romantic. Certainly, this color is perfect for warm spring and sunny days.

Pastel shades coats Spring 2016

Diversity of colors and shades

Like last season, Spring 2016 coats remain relevant. Magenta, aquamarine, yellow – the most vivid and intense colors shone on the runways of many designers collections. Miu Miu, Emilia Wicksted used materials in monochrome and vivid colors, but Mother of Pearl uses quite lively prints. Do not be afraid of colors and combinations thereof, the more bright the image are, the more colorful is your life.

Multicolored coats Spring 2016 women


This season, those girls who really like the black color are incredibly lucky. Black color has always been relevant and was considered a kind of classic, but this season it begins to gain popularity. It does not look boring and mourning. Because of beautiful models and the right combination, black coat will be one of the best purchases this season. Such options were presented at Hermes, Tom Ford, Martin Grant, Carolina Herrera. If you want to look mysterious and sexy at the same time, then choose exactly such coat. It will be very practical and will go perfect with any outfit.

Women's black coat for Spring 2016


If we see all photos collages of coats for spring 2016, then we can conclude that fashionable will be both long and short coats. Midi length coats are not as trendy as before.


Long coats, practically touching the ground, were observed at Irfe, Wes Gordon and Michael Kors. They look stylish and fit slender and tall ladies. Thanks to its model, such coats make the silhouette look slimmer. Not always a long model looks very luxurious and beautiful. Therefore, pay attention to this type of coat.

Best Long spring coat 2016


Designers propose shorter models to young ladies who like to show their legs. Thus, a short coat in combination with a long skirt urge us to wear the fashion house Hermes and Miu Miu coat demonstrates that the short coat and a pencil skirt will always be fashionable and look incredibly stylish. We must know that shorter models may differ by style and look both romantic and sporty. The choice depends only on the preferences of each lady. However, such models look very stylish and beautiful and this spring, girls will wear this particular coat.

Short spring coats 2016 new models

All models of coats for women spring 2016 season are so varied and luxurious that many fashionistas will not be able to resist and not buy more models. Surely this spring will be very colorful, stylish and elegant and designers with their creations will highlight the beauty and femininity of every lady. You will just have to make your choice.

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