Trendy Blouses Fall-Winter 2019-2019

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The new season is a new opportunity to update our basic wardrobe. And one of its main characters will be a perfect blouse, on which you can create dozens of stylish images for all occasions. The 2019-2019 Fall-winter trendy blouses will have completely different patterns, starting with designs with Episcopal sleeves, and ending with many frilled and masculine shirts made of natural fabrics. Some successful colorful blouses, straight pants and a classic pencil skirt will help you solve the old “what to wear” problem.

Women blouses 2020


This season, there are no clear lines. Their intersections are diagonal, uneven, cuts and notches have set the tone: cut becomes more complicated, but who said it would be easy? A complicated top allows you to visually correct the shoulder line and the asymmetric edges are the best way to remove the excess from the hips. Otherwise, everything is simple: wear them with high waist shorts or flared pants.

Trendy asymmetric blouses 2020

asymmetric long sleeved


Silk and atlas

We cite the classic style with a silk blouse that this season is indispensable. Instructions for use are very simple: current models with Episcopal sleeves, numerous ruffles and asymmetry are complemented by unusual colors – fresh citrus, warm ocher and vibrant blue. Do not forget about prints, especially the geometric and vegetal ones. For everyday use, we diminish brightness and focus on pastel colors and cappuccino neutral palette.

Blouses fall winter 2019 2020 silk and atlas

office style design

Best silk blouses

Ties and knots

The triumphant shift of the ties from the masculine wardrobe to the feminine had a great success. The current rule is the wide tie that seems to be borrowed from your lover. The main rule – we choose this accessory in the same shade with the blouse and ideally should be of the same fabric. In addition, do not forget the feminine chiffon blouse with ties and knots – this season, the ability to tie elegant bows is obviously very useful.

Womens office blouse 2020


Basic turtleneck

A monochromatic turtleneck is part of the “every occasion” category of clothing, and this season we will certainly have to get some laconic patterns in different colors. The must-have palette for the fall-winter season 2019-2019 is made up of black, warm beige and white, or if you want, you can replace it with marine blue, delicate peach and gray. A turtleneck in the feminine wardrobe solves the main problem called “what to wear”: it is hard to find a thing with which no common language has been found. In addition to traditional combinations with skirts and high waist pants, we combine it with a contrasting skirt, with a lingerie style dress and an oversize shirt.

Fall winter 2019 2020 turtlenecks

Ladies blouses winter 2020

What blouses to wear in winter 2020

Color combinations

When choosing the color solution of the blouse this season, we are dealing with an unusual combination of its components. Some patterns look as if they were sewn from several simultaneously. We use contrasting colors that are definitely located on different parts of the spectrum. The color of warm sand mixed with blue sea+pastel shades. Another option is the combination of textures. For example, chiffon and tight denim or atlas and leather inserts.

Womens blouse trends 2020

What blouse color to wear in 2020

Episcopal sleeves

To remember our first acquaintance with the Episcopal sleeve, it is necessary to return time a few seasons ago. Since then, the trend continues to keep its position in the top, though this autumn has undergone some changes. The hypertrophic volume remains in the past, and blouse models are increasingly being shown in transparent fabrics. The combination of different textures plays a very important role: the combination of dense fabrics with chiffon, mesh and guipure is always a successful trick.

What blouse to wear in 2020

Sleeved blouses fall winter 2019 2020



All patterns that are already known to us and that have become classics have gone on the other side. Now the blouses with the bare shoulders and frills, the English collar shirts and even the turtlenecks are made of leather. Nothing extra: just texture (preferably matte), dark colors and few details, combined with dense suit fabrics and denim, as well as prints, especially plaids: the Wales gray print range, the crow’s feet plaid in contrast shades or the Scottish tartan on the red background.

Blouses fall 2019 winter 2020 leather


Men’s cut

Designers show a strong interest in male shirts and in the 2019-2019 fall-winter season they become an integral part of the female wardrobe. And the first thing that should appear in it is a white shirt. We wear it with black leggings or skinny jeans, we close all buttons or we carelessly tie them around the waist. The main rule of impeccable shirts this year is the size bigger than the one we wear.

Blouses fall winter 2019 2020 men style


What women shirts to wear in 2020


This season, the place of female blouses with frills is clearly defined – it becomes a part of any grunge look and does quite well with her new tasks. Delicate chiffon frills in pastel colors are combined with leather pants and skirts, waterproof vinyl and brutal boots, long gloves and dense fabrics. A less extravagant attitude can be formed with denim and cashmere.

Trendy frilled blouses 2020

Blouse and skirt winter

elegant with frills

Big shoulders

And again we notice the return of the eighties: maximum volume in the shoulders. We create the effect with the help of shoulder pads as well as constructive elements. Let’s remember the last season, which literally became a guide in the sleeve types and apply the knowledge in practice. The blouse with many drapes, “sheep’s foot” and lantern sleeves must be present in your wardrobe!

Blouses with oversized shoulders fall winter 2019 2020

Long sleeved blouse and midi skirt

Winter blouse and pants

Maximum transparency

This obvious trend is not for modest people and this is the only model of the blouse that shows everything and even more (and there is no problem). Light mesh has become one of the main fabrics of the season. It applies to all the details of the trend: frills, episcopal sleeves, asymmetry and combination with leather elements. But will we find a utility in everyday life?

The answer is yes. The first thing you have to do is choose the right underwear. Ideally, it should be a top-bra or a bustier. Also, a top on thin straps which can be placed under a transparent blouse. The rule of a successful combination is as simple as possible: all the remaining components of the image must be made of dense fabrics.

Blouses fall winter 2019 2020 transparent

black transparent



Let’s remember the main parts of a school uniform: this season the combination of basic shirts and dense vests is at the edge of fashion trends. Find the right time and bet on woolen vests with geometric prints. The image of the “student of honor” is complemented by thin, dark-colored denim jeans, midi bell skirts and hip flared pants.

Stylish blouses 2020

Fashionable blouse and vest


Ethnic motives

This time, animal and geometric motives are replaced by ethno style and vegetal prints. Such blouses are hard to imagine without frills, drapes and puffy sleeves. For some ideas, we come back to the basic wardrobe: a monochromatic pencil skirt and straight and short pants will help create a harmonious set.

Blouses for women fall winter 2019 2020 ethnic motives


ethnic designer

Taking into account a few suggested tips, you can safely start hunting for fashion trends in the fall-winter season 2019-2019. Now you can easily find the use of any trophy: from a translucent chiffon blouse to a men’s shirt!