Trendy haircuts and hairstyles for men 2015-2015

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Fashion for men’s haircuts in the 2015-15 season of the year is changing as rapidly as in women. As everyone knows, all haircuts can be divided into three trends – these are hairstyle for short hair, hairstyles for medium length hair and hairstyles for long hair.

In the 2015-15 season, favorite are short men’s haircuts. Such haircuts, despite the fashion trends, are preferred by the majority of men. Masculinity, sports and business style, plainness shapes and minimal hair care – these are the main criteria for short haircuts selection.

Men haircuts 2016

Often, men treat with caution elegant hairstyles for medium length hair men: the hair texture does not allow, the shape of the hairstyle seems frivolous, and plus there is no time for everyday hair care. Yet it should be noted a great diversity in the choice of hairstyles for medium length: discreet and classic retro style, romanticism and eccentricity for young, vibrant attributes of the new fashion trends.

Men have a special attitude for long hair. The majority of them rarely agree to grow long hair because of the prejudices and stereotypes. The season 2015-15 fully supports the mood of the majority of men, giving special preference to short haircuts and hairstyles for medium length hair.

Classic haircut. The style of a successful modern businessman

Short and unobtrusive haircut with short bangs laid on one side. Minimum costs and minimum styling products – that’s what a businessman need for everyday. The main criterion for such men: accuracy, restraint and courage.

Men Classic haircut 2016

The style of a professional working in the artistic area

As a rule, people having such professions often have access to a variety of activities, which require to look different, but at the same time reserved. Short hair at the back and on the sides and slightly elongated bangs, which can be arranged in different ways depending on the situation. Free lying bangs for every day, slightly tousled bangs using styling products and bangs “licked” back and on one side.

Men hairstyles 2016

Retro haircuts and hairstyles

In the 2015-15 season, in fashion is the retro style – the Hollywood hero of the 50’s. Short haircut with long, slicked back bangs. Vibrant and unique images of 50’s haunt modern dandies. The style of the rock idol Elvis Presley features thick hair, arranged in a bun.

Men Retro haircuts 2015 2016

Creative styling on bun is the most fashionable topic of male images in the 2015-15 season of the year. Haircuts are made with the silhouette of the 50’s, where a large amount of hair in the form of bun can hang over the forehead, or bun formed from randomly arranged strands or bun formed from clear broad strands.

Men Retro haircuts 2015 2016

The creative styling of the 50’s continues hairstyles with long bangs, where instead the bun, at the forefront is standing the bang formed by back combing of the strands using styling products.

Retro hairstyles

Asymmetric men’s cut with bangs

Spectacular look short asymmetrical haircuts with bangs, overhanging the face. You need to take into account that in the 2015-15 season, in fashion are long and sleek bangs hanging usually over one eye. Consult with the hairstylist, how to correctly arrange it and how long to leave it so that it was comfortable for your daily activities.

Men Asymmetric cut with bangs

The theme on stylish asymmetrical haircuts also supports short hairstyles with short oblique bangs. Such haircuts are suitable especially for very thin, elongated and oval face shapes as the haircut gives a dramatical appearance. The lines of such haircut should be graphically accurate.

Men Asymmetric cut 2015 2016

Short Bob Haircuts

The classic short bob, arranged at ear level or slightly below, is a glamorous fashion trend for self-confident and charming men. The haircut looks especially good on thin young men, who have dense and thick hair.

Mne Classic short bob 2015 2016

Stylish teenage haircuts with straight bangs

The basis for the haircut can serve the well known bob. Heavy, overhanging eye bangs, perhaps quite uncomfortable for daily wear, it is very fashionable. More comfortable to wear would be the haircut with straight bangs, reaching up to the eye level. And, finally, absolutely comfortable is the haircut with bangs that reaches the middle of the forehead.

Teenage haircuts 2016

Elongated stylish men’s haircuts

Long stylish haircuts for men, the length of which in the 2015-15 season should be slightly below the chin. Stylists primarily recommend this haircut, to broad-faced men, as it visually “pulls” the face. In addition, such a hairstyle visually reduce the facial features, making them more accurate. However, it should be take into account that long hair hairstyles look great only on thick or curly hair, creating the necessary volume and fluffiness.

Most of these hairstyles are suitable if wearing a business suit as well as casual clothing and are appropriate in the office as well as in a nightclub.

Men's hair 2016

Elongated haircuts for elegant men, accentuated by hair coloring

It is impossible to highlight some significant changes in most haircuts for the 2015-15 season, but there are new trends in hair coloring of elongated haircuts. Natural shades, the effect of “sunbeams” strands, strands colored in chocolate or dark honey shades – the main color palette of the season. Men, who have light-wave medium length hair, tousled and casually laid – represent fashionable images of the season. It creates the image of a smart and self-assured man, interested in extreme sports. It should be noted that this hairstyle will also look stylish if wearing a business suit.

Men hair coloring 2015 2016

Elongated men’s haircuts with long bangs

Bear in mind that this type of hairstyle is suitable for people having creative professions, which do not need to comply with the tough business “dress code.” These hairstyles are also suitable for lovers of glamorous night stay in clubs and restaurants. Such a haircut requires daily care, “pulling” the hair and an abundance of hair styling products. Before making such a haircut, consult your stylist who will tell in detail and show you the options for care and styling.

Men haircuts Long bangs 2016

Season men’s haircuts for curly and wavy hair

Owners of curly or very wavy hair by nature can be recommended in this season to try short hairstyles with long bangs. This hairstyle is very easy for daily care and requires a minimum of styling products.

Men 2015-2015 haircuts for curly and wavy hair

Men’s haircuts 2015-15 for dark hair with highlighting

For owners of dark and dark-blond hair, stylists can recommend this season’s hit in hair coloring for men – highlighting on very short hair. Hair highlighting for men has long time become a familiar service in beauty salons, but a few years in a row, it was popular for medium-length hair, and here in the 2015-15 season, the highlights can be safely recommended to owners of short haircuts. The desired effect is the”hedgehog” hairstyling, but owners of soft and manageable hair can be recommended also the effect of sports haircuts.

Haircuts for dark hair with highlighting 2016

Sporty haircuts and hairstyles

The styling of men’s sports haircuts can vary widely depending on the style of clothing and the situation. Sure, there is nothing more convenient than a short haircut, but the requirements of the barber in this case will be elevated. These are options of men’s haircuts for business or sport style, striving for accuracy, restraint and easy romanticism.

Sporty men hairstyles

Men’s haircuts and hairstyles for thin hair

Graduated medium length haircuts – is what owners of fine hair and volume lover need. Such hairstyle is very easy to give volume and arrange in the desired direction. In the 2015-15 season, a special attention should be paid to the combination of different textures and lengths of hair all over the head. The haircut includes: medium-length hair in the back, different length hair on the sides and in the back of the head, while the bangs with the length up to the middle of the forehead, which during styling should be left hanging on the forehead, or slightly forward on its side and secure with easy styling products. Such hairstyle is always easy to correct and renew during the day.

Men Hairstyles for thin hair

More stylish and acute effect can be achieved for the same haircut, changing only the length of the bangs. The bangs are cut as short as possible. This haircut option will give the face a more open, manly and sporty look.

Hairstyles for thin hair 2015-2015

“Masculine Dandy” hairstyle

Carefully, stylish and elegant look the hairstyles, where every detail is adjusted to the smallest nuances. The image is suitable for those who know how to lead, organize and keep everything under control. The “Masculine Dandy” style, who knows how to impress with his refined elegant hairstyle.

Dandy hairstyle

Classical elegance and masculinity

The style of classical masculinity and elegance – this way can be described the haircut on medium length hair. This haircut only at first glance looks simple: thanks to the shape of short hair on the sides, you can create the hairstyling starting with slicked back hair to parted hair styling options.

Classical elegance hairstyle 2015-2015

Owners of very thick hair can best do short haircuts with slightly elongated bangs. It is recommended to give bang volume using styling products. These hairstyles are versatile, they are perfect for mature sports-built men, whether they are serious business owners, top managers of large companies or people of creative professions.

Classical masculinity haircut 2015-2015

Hollywood hairstyle

Mature men, who have not lost their youthful enthusiasm, the following trendy hairstyles from the series of short hair hairstyles are appropriate. A distinctive feature of these haircuts from the previous ones is the fact that they are more suitable for thick hair owners. In this case, the hair length is longer, therefore, the length of the bang as well, and in general, they are very similar in appearance and in the method of hair care.

Men Hollywood hairstyle

It is not a secret that with age, the hair becomes less and appear bald areas. Men can only dream of lush hair from adolescence. Do not despair, a super-short hair is that what’s right for you. Pay attention to one thing: when you choose this hairstyle, more than usual you will have to visit your hairstylist so as to keep in shape the hairstyle. But, despite this, be sure that your choice is correct, because such hairstyles have chosen many movie and sports stars.

Hollywood hairstyle 2016

Permanent waves (bio permanent waves, long-lasting hairstyle) for men

Thin hair can be transformed into a lush mop of curls using a light perm on “boomerangs” curlers or on the bobbins of average diameter. Then, the obtained curls are treated with special styling products and are formed into the desired hairstyle. Note that in the 2015-15 season of the year particularly fashionable is to do the styling following exact graphical forms. In particular, the diamond shape is achieved by shearing techniques, when the upper and lower strands of hair are much shorter than the strands from both sides.

Waves men hairstyle

This season, the classical spherical shape in the curly hair styling for men is also acceptable. The cascade haircut on the average length of hair, light perm (if your hair is not curly by nature) on classic curlers or “boomerangs” curlers of average diameter – that’s what is necessary in order to achieve the effect of light and airy curls.

Waves men hair

Punk style haircuts

If you are absolutely independent of third-party opinions, then look at the punk collections of the season. A distinctive feature of these collections are shaved temples and voluminous, lush locks of hair hanging on the face in the form of a narrow strip. Instead of aggressive Iroquois – curls or waves. This is another feature of the new season.

Punk style hairstyle