Swimwear Spring-Summer 2017

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As we already know, fashionistas begin to prepare for the summer season long before. In anticipation of the new beach season, women are enrolling in gyms, follow diets, striving to bring their body into a perfect shape, determine with the heads the period of vacation and of course choose their swimsuit. It’s time to find out what swimsuit will wear women on the beach in the spring-summer 2017 season.

Swimsuits 2017

Halter swimsuit

The halter collar is considered one of the main trends of the new warm season. This design is virtually met in every swimwear line, which will definitively make ladies buy one of such design. The main distinctive feature of these designs is that their straps can be closed or tied in the neck. The colors, fabrics, straps can be absolutely of different thickness (6 Shore Road by Pooja, Robb & amp; Lulu, Sines Karol Liliana Montoya, Bikini Frankies, Tori Praver, Luli Fama, Acacia). Such swimsuits highlight the shoulders and back of women, which will please the fashionistas with a sporty body. In addition, the halter bra is simply designed for ladies with protruding breasts. It will be suitable even for those whom nature has endowed with visible thighs, in this case, the extra inches will be “balanced” thanks to the upper diagonal cut.

Swimsuit for women spring-summer 2017: halter




What swimwear to wear in 2017

Bikini swimsuit

Swimsuits with minimal use of material, with thin straps and barely visible briefs, are in great demand not just one year. Bikinis are simply created for supple and cared fashionistas who do not have anything to hide under the excess material. However, the advantages of this design does not end here, in such beach outfits ladies can expose to the sun much of the body, which over time will make the skin tone look like chocolate. Bikinis swimsuits do not have thick straps, that’s why on the body will be no traces of uneven tan. In the new hot season bikinis were presented in the most varied colors and prints. Fashionistas can choose both monochromatic items in pastel shades, and bright options (Tori Praver, Sibling, Acacia, Luli Fama, Liliana Montoya, Hot As Hell).

Bikinis swimsuit 2017 spring summer

8bikini trends


Bikinis summer 2017

Sport bathing suits

Sports and summer are inseparable concepts. Namely in the hot summer months, fans of an active lifestyle have the opportunity to have fun to the fullest. In summer, you can go hiking, visit the favorite resort beach, surf, and go fishing or any other type of summer sports. And in this situation, the best friends of a lady will become beautiful swimsuits, elegant, focused on active lifestyles. Sport swimsuit designs are offered by Maaji, Acacia, Hammock and many other brands.

Bathing suits for women 2017 sport style

beautiful sport

one piece sport

High waisted swimsuits

Retro style does not want to cede its positions. This trend reached also fashionable swimsuits. In this case we are talking about a huge amount of designs with a high waist, which were very popular in the 50’s-60 of last century. Analyzing the swimwear lines with high panties we may notice that most brands have offered similar patterns in pastel colors (Tori Praver, Wildfox, Cushnie et Ochs 6 Shore Road Pooja).

High waisted swimsuits 2017



Swimsuits with sleeves

Swimsuits with sleeves can be called a new hot trend of the warm period. An overwhelming number of designers have opted for one piece swimsuits with sleeves, although there and two-piece models. The sleeves can be found on models in many colors. For example, Anya Hindmarch offered one piece swimsuits with geometric large prints, Acacia, Cushnie et Ochs, chose monochrome colors and Beach Bunny Featuring The Blonds 6 Shore Road by Pooja, Acacia and Mara Hoffman chose floral images.




Swim suits with sleeves spring summer 2017

With beach tunics

Robb & Lulu, We Are Handsome, 6 Shore Road by Pooja, Caffe, Custo Barcelona, Michael Kors launched not only a range of swimwear in fashion, but also tunics, instead of which brands used most often light and long summer shirts, pareo, capes. From what we have seen, we can conclude that according to designers, beach tunics must be executed in a range of colors like the swimsuits.

Bathing suits 2017 with beach tunics


Best swimsuits 2017


Strapless swimsuits

The lack of straps is another trend of the warm season 2017. This refers not only to dresses and tunics, but also to the swimsuits. Bandeau bra has a variety called Bandini, which is characterized by a wider bra, which sometimes reaches the waist area. Besides swimsuits with bandeau bra, some brands have also one piece designs. Thus, bandeau can be seen in the beach lines from Dion Lee, Trina Turk, Mara Hoffman, Acacia, Jewels + Grace + Allerton, Herve Leger by Max Azria, Maaji.


Strapless swimsuits spring summer 2017


28strapless trends

Straps and braids

Straps and braids are another hot trend of the new season. Such designs will certainly please progressive uninhibited ladies, who are accustomed to choose something new and interesting. Considering the amount of these designs, offered by designers in Swim shows, nobody can avoid purchasing such an article. Or maybe there is no need to? Who would not like to sunbath in a beautiful swimsuit from Tommy Hilfiger, Herve Leger by Max Azria, Luli Fama, Belusso, Acacia, Liliana Montoya, Michael Kors? The only thing that will consider the purchase of these models is the risk of having an uneven tan. Therefore, in such cases, you must either all the time sit in the shade under the umbrella, or you can have other swimsuits available.

Swimsuits 2017: straps and braids


Swimsuits summer 2017



Fringed swimsuits

Bags, outerwear, skirts, fringed shoes do not have a limit for modern designers. From now on, the fringes can be seen on swimsuits. It can decorate both the bottom and top of swimsuit, giving the picture an original look and incredible femininity (Luli Fama 6 Shore Road by Pooja, Lolli Amuse Society).

Fashion fringed swimsuits 2017



Swimsuits with frills

Often, on swimsuits can be seen many frills and laces, that beautifies panties, and as well as bras. These extremely interesting elements can be found in Missoni, Tori Praver, Gottex, Mia Marcelle collections, etc.

Swimsuits 2017 with frills

blue 2 piece

One piece

One piece swimsuits are a highly requested another few decades. Modern fashion industry launched one piece swimsuits in the following options: mayo, halter, bandeau, monokini and a few other varieties thereof. Each of them has indisputable advantages. Monokini for example, is distinguished by the presence of graphic cuts both in front and in the back. Such designs can be found at (Gottex, Jeremy Scott, 6 Shore Road by Pooja, CM Cia, Liliana Montoya Cruise).

One piece swimsuits 2017



Mayo swimsuits are called the traditional one piece swimsuits with sewn straps. Such designs are considered the most practical and versatile, as they would be suitable for a beach vacation or a active fun. The cutouts of the swimsuit can be squared, V-shaped or rounded (Mara Hoffman, Katie Gallagher, Dion Lee).

Onepiece bathing suits 2017 brand


Maxim Magazine, Filthy Haanz offered halter and bandeau swimsuits.

Full swimsuits

Different top and bottom

Bra and panties of different texture are no longer a novelty in the world of fashion. This trend was manifested itself in the previous summer. In 2017 it only strengthened its positions. This trend has an indisputable advantage – is ideal for those who have unproportional body shape. Now you can freely wear panties and bras of required size, even if the sets are different. If you have decided to test this trend, then draw attention that designers recommend to choose the top and panties in similar shades (Luli Fama, Robb & Lulu, etc).

What are the swimwear trends in spring summer 2017

2 different pieces



Designers have also proposed an impressive variety of fashionable fabrics. For example, Tommy Hilfiger and Luli Fama included in the shows knitted swimsuits and tunics, Luli Fama, Nookie Beach, Sines Karol, Cushnie et Ochs, Lolli Amuse Society, Nookie Beach opted for leather, while Jeremy Scott Beach Bunny Featuring the Blonds, Indah, Belusso chose colors and fabrics in metallic style. In addition, there are also bathing suits with transparent cutouts and completely translucent designs (Chrome, Mia Marcelle).

Swimsuits spring summer 2017: fabric









Beach catwalks were virtually flooded by swimsuits with prints. We can admire classic floral prints, animal prints and cartoons improvisations print, intricate geometric and military theme
(Tori Praver, Wildfox, Mara Hoffman, Robb & Lulu, Liliana Montoya, Michael Kors, Maxim Magazine, Frankies Bikinis, Luli Fama, We Are Handsome, Moschino, Tori Praver, Acacia).

Bathing suits 2017 spring summer: prints

One piece black and white striped swimsuit




high waist

one piece with floral print



Moschino swimsuits



Color range

The range of colors has proved to be a very varied one, too. First we must mention the enormous amount of articles in pastel shades (Acacia, Tori Praver, A Detacher). A lot of very “hot” shades have appeared such as yellow, beige, orange and gold (Liliana Montoya, Acacia, Frankies Bikinis). Parallel to this can also be seen bright colors of blue, turquoise and fuchsia (Luli Fama, Mia Marcelle, Liliana Montoya, Acacia, Luli Fama). Also were presented faded shades of green, burgundy, coral (Acacia, Luli Fama, Tori Praver).

Fashion swimsuits 2017: colors






Brazilian swimsuit



What swimsuit color to wear in 2017

As you can see, the new beach season gave us again a lot of positive emotions, diversity and beauty in the form of swimwear. One-piece or two-piece, monochrome and printed, with cutouts, decorations, of leather, knitted or classic – all this diversity will allow each woman to find a beach outfit that will satisfy all her tastes and preferences.

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