Summer nail colors

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A fashionable and beautiful manicure is a small but very important addition to the created look. As advertising, manicure can sometimes tell a lot more about the lifestyle of its owner, rather than an expensive suit or a stylish hairstyle. That is why it is very important to follow the fashion trends and know what are the trendy nail designs for Summer 2015 so that even in the hottest time of the year you will look fashionable, stylish and simply amazing.

Nail colors

Trendy nail polish colors for Summer 2015

We can talk endlessly about trendy shades of nail polishes, because the color palette of nail polish for Summer 2015 is very diverse. In fashion remain both pastel shades and bright colors.

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Delicate pastel shade

Nail colors

Like the last season, in the Summer 2015 are considered popular pastel colors that highlight the natural beauty of nails. Among them are pale pink, light gray, milk, pearl white and beige. And while many women still believe that nail design in pastel colors looks boring, in fact this has several advantages:

  • this nail design is simply irreplaceable in a formal meeting;
  • delicate pastel looks very feminine and can be combined with any clothing, including a multicolored summer dress;
  • nails painted in pastel colors will look fabulous with various pictures or patterns.

Nail colors

Pay attention! In top of trendy novelties for Summer 2015 are matte colors, not glossy and shiny, although these options may also be permissible.

Bright colors

Nail colors

Those ladies for whom calm and gentle tones seem boring, it is worth to pay attention to bright colors.

In Summer 2015, iridescent nail polish colors are still in fashion because they can add some playful notes even to the most boring outfit.

Pay your attention to the bright red color that is in fashion again. Do not be afraid to seem vulgar, because the right way to use it, can add to the created image an incredible sense of femininity and elegance.

Metallic colors

Nail colors

In order to truly be vibrant and compelling in the new summer season, modern nail designers offer to paint our nails in metallic colors.

Particularly fashionable is considered the nail design in turquoise and gold color that looks very impressive if combined with black clothing.

Actual length and shape of nails for Summer 2015 season

A trend of Summer 2015 is simplicity and conciseness. Long nails are out of fashion. In the new summer season, most fashionable and up to date is considered to be the average length of nails. But those ladies who can not grow nails in the desired length should not worry. This summer, trendy will also be the short nails, especially if these will be made in a minimalism style.

Nail colors

To keep pace with fashion, stylists advice all lovers of modern square shape nails to abandon this style and give them a fashionable-almond-shaped oval. This form of nails is incredibly feminine and sophisticated, and looks good in its original form, with a bit of sharpened edge.

Best nail design ideas for Summer 2015

Pictures and nails painted in several colors – all this is actual in the new summer season. However, along with the traditional floral prints and fanciful patterns, especially fashionable are considered multicolored polka dots, whimsical lines or geometric shapes. For this, modern nail designers recommend to use not only traditional nail polishes, but also acrylics, gel-polish and other materials with which you can easily implement the most fashionable nail design ideas for summer 2015.

French manicure

Nail colors

French manicure has long been considered a classic, and from year to year it remains popular, getting new faces. Variations of the French manicure in Summer 2015 are dazzling. Modern nail designers offer to abandon the standard geometry and draw a smile instead of a traditional patterned and double lines. Trendy is still the classic pink-white French manicure and the one made in bright orange, purple, green or red.

Summer nail

Does not lose its popularity also the moon manicure. In Summer 2015, are possible most different variations of it, but a trendy combination is considered pastel colors with a “half moon” in a bright or metallic color.

Floral print

Summer nail

As in clothing, floral print does not lose its popularity also in the design of nails.

Cheerful daisies, delicate lily or wildly blooming peonies can decorate nails of any length and become a bright note of a created image of every fashionista.

Summer nail

Small tip: when you create a trendy nail art with a floral print, try not to overdo it, because sometimes a little rose or a simple daisy on the ring finger may look much better than a wildly blooming ridge on each finger.

Intricate patterns

Nail colors

Summer 2015 nail design is difficult to imagine without drawings and paintings. And although the main trend remains the floral print, a hit of the season became asymmetrical geometric patterns on nails. It can be of various geometric shapes (e.g., squares, ovals, or diamonds), or simply asymmetric crossing lines.

Ombre effect

Nail colors

Today, the Ombre effect is considered not only a trend in hair coloring, but also in nails. Gradient transition from one color to another on one nail plate, or from one finger to another – it’s trendy “trick”. Such a transition can be created both between the various tones and between two colors.

Polka dots nails


Nail colors

Inspired by photos of the 1950’s, modern nail designers have tried to recreate the popular retro style on nails, too, advising modern fashionable women to paint their nails with polka dots. Of course, the most fashionable is considered multicolored polka dots print on plain background, but do not give up the classic black-and-white version.

It should be noted that on nails, this print is one of the lightest and at the same time the most fashionable variation of summer nail design.

Nail colors

But, despite the apparent simplicity, it is best to create it with a special tool – a dot maker, with which you can get smooth and accurate points.

So, the nail design for Summer 2015, whether it’s a classic French or a most daring geometric print, primarily involves naturalness and femininity. No matter which one you will choose, the main thing is to add a touch of modernism and avant-garde, retaining at the same time the charm and sensuality.


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