Spring-Summer 2017 Color Trends

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Psychologists have shown for some time that each color has its influence on the human subconscious. Looking at one color or another, a person can have a different mood and a different emotional state. That is why it is necessary that the choice of the clothing color was very well thought out. In the new 2017 spring-summer season, designers gives us a fairly wide range of colors that include shades of blue, blue, pink, yellow, red, coffee, peach, purple.

What are the 2017 color trends

Trendy colors 2017

Green Flash

Vibrant green is the color that represents the nature. This delicate and at the same time vibrant color, perfectly mimics the mood of the spring and summer fresh greenery. This shade can be combined both with delicate shades of mint and turquoise and shades of red. In addition, Green Flash is an wonderful color in monochromatic outfits. Vibrant green was used in its collections by Versace, Vetements, Giambattista Valli, Jeremy Scott, Emilio Pucci, Alexis Mabille, Tracy Reese, creating summer dresses, skirts, blouses and coats.

Green Flash

Green color 2017

Green summer dresses


Iced Coffee

This is another fashionable color in spring-summer season. Iced Coffee contains the warmth of the brown color and the hot gloss of the ice, which makes it to be adored by admirers of cool shades, and by those who prefer warm shades. Iced Coffee looks great on tanned skin. In addition, it can be combined with many other colors in the color palette. Although many designers decided to use it as mono (Vionnet, Valentino, Vanessa Seward, Rose Quartz, Peach Echo and Limpet Shell).

Iced Coffee

What are the Spring 2017 color trends




The festive red color Fiesta has the ability to give a feeling of unlimited happiness, joy and tenderness. To make this possible, specialists in fashion diluted the so famous in previous fashion seasons traditional red with the warmth and serenity of the yellow shade. Their efforts led to the Fiesta color, which remained bold, but at the same time, not so seductive and overly strident. Red Fiesta is wonderful both alone and in combination with many other colors, especially black, gold and yellow (Courreges, Au Jour Le Jour, Alexander McQueen, Coach, Vanessa Seward, Sally LaPointe).

Red Fiesta

Red clothing to wear in 2017


red jackets

Lilac Gray

The combination of the neutral gray with the brightly lit purple and has led to an absolutely stunning shade, the Lilac Gray. This shade looks quiet and expressive, and yet alive and peacemaker. Lilac gray can be freely attributed to the neutral shades, which allows it to be combined with many popular colors. If you do not like too trendy color combinations, Lilac Gray can be confidently used solo. This wonderful shade is found in collections Anrealage, Céline, Carven, Emporio Armani, Dion Lee, Alessandra Rich.

Lilac Gray

Lilac Gray Spring Summer 2017

Pastel shades

Limpet Shell

This shade leaves the impression of calm, tranquility and at the same time, a mysterious and playful character. Limpet Shell color reminds us of the blue summer sky, the wave less sea. Due to its universality, this shade looks ideal in classic as well as in modern outfits. In the new warm season, Julien David, Alexander Lewis, Tracy Reese, Roksanda opted for this particular shade.

Limpet Shell

2016 Shades

Clothes colors 2017


The Yellow buttercup itself includes a barely visible mustard undertone, which makes it included in the category of seductive or strident shades. In addition, this color has an amazing ability to give many famous colors that sparkle and intensity particularity. The yellow buttercup will look perfect in combination with achromatic colors such as gray, white and black. Examples of such combinations demonstrates Parsons MFA, Wes Gordon, Gucci, Dolce & amp; Gabbana, Betsey Johnson, Christopher Kane.


Trendy yellow color spring summer 2017

Summer 2017 colors


Snorkel Blue

The saturated Snorkel Blue was perfectly included in the summer color palette. Well, how else? Exactly this color embodies the shade of sea and of the summer evening’s sky. Snorkel blue is long considered as being classic because based on it, can be created both business and dramatic evening looks. The bright blue is fabulous in combination with black and white. In addition, it looks lovely with red, yellow and reddish. Snorkel Blue can be found in the lines of Emilio Pucci , Ralph Lauren, Stella Jean Talbot Runhof, Coach, Au Jour Le Jour.

Snorkel Blue

Trendy saturated blue

Modern shades

Spring 2017 Colors


Unlike the more intense and deeper Snorkel Blue, Serenity is a warmer shade. This is the favorite of fashionistas who prefer elegant, laconic and sober looks. Serenity blends perfectly with white color, although other more daring combinations are allowed. It is found in lines of Au Jour Le Jour, Bibhu Mohapatra, Carven, Christian Dior.


Light colors 2017


Peach Echo

Fruit and citrus shades were always in great demand during the warm season of the year. If we remember the previous spring-summer season, there dominated the mandarin hue. In the new season, the leading place is occupied by peach that can be combined perfectly with blue, turquoise and lilac. This can be used also in monochromatic look. The peach echo can be found in the collections of Roberto Cavalli, Christian Siriano, Emporio Armani, Christian Siriano, Custo Barcelona.

Peach Echo

Warm summer shades

Peach color spring summer 2017

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz will become one of the main colors of the season. This powdery, sweet color is found in the collections of many famous designers (Mother of Pearl, Cédric Charlier, A Detacher, Emporio Armani, Liliana Montoya, Norma Kamali). Rose quartz was used to create dresses, swimsuits, sweaters, coats and fashionable suits. It looks harmoniously with turquoise, gray and lilac.

Rose Quartz

What are the summer 2017 colors trends

Fashion Rose quartz in spring summer 2017

Pink shades


But still, we must not think that designers have highlighted us only with shades of the color wheel. Ss usual, practically any collection includes achromatic colors – gray, white and black. In the new hot season, we see many outfits in black and white. These basic colors are perfect for practically all important events, for all ages and styles and can be matched with various colors, accessories, looks, details, hairstyles and makeup. In this case, the possibilities are endless. A black and white look will be suitable for the working environment. It will be just ideal in evening outfits. With the help of black shades, fashionistas are used to correct some imperfections of the body. A. F. Vandevorst, Akris, Ann Demeulemeester, Barbara Bui, Chalayan, Chanel, Costume National, Daks, Elie Saab, Emanuel Ungaro, Felder Felder, Fendi, Giorgio Armani, Lanvin, Nina Ricci, Ralph Lauren, Valentino and many other brands recommend wearing achromatic attires.

What are the 2017 color trends: achromatic

Summer 2017 shades


Fashion 2017 Colors






These are shades our preferred designers delighted us with. What colors will you choose for the new 2017 spring-summer season?

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