Spring-Summer 2016 manicure

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Having always tended to look flawless, you must not forget one very important detail of the image, the nails. A beautiful manicure is the key to confidence and admiration of others. Let’s see what the manicure trends are in spring-summer 2016.




2015 manicure ideas

Manicure ideas from nail-stylists

If you browse one of the specialized journals dedicated to manicure, then you will be amazed by the enormous amount of spring-summer 2016 manicure trends. We present you the most modern manicure out of which you will definitely be able to choose what you like.

„Sand” and „Sugar” nails

These types of manicure will please stylish fashionistas who like everything original and unusual. Sugar nails and Sand nails are almost identical, the differences are very small. The basic rule is the presence of sand (sugar) threads which covers the nail.

Summer 2016 manicure

Manicure with thermal nail polish

The thermal nail polish has already been tried by the most diehard fashionistas in the world. This type of nail changes its color depending on the temperature. Very impressive and original looks this manicure even in the time when the color changes.

Spring 2016 manicure with thermal nail polish

Glitter nails

Glitters are decorative sparkles, made of a special plastic film. It is applied immediately after applying the nail polish, before it dries and then fixed with a special finishing nail polish. The glitter texture and shape can be very different. Use several types of glitter in a manicure as it is very fashionable!

2015 Glitter nails Spring-Summer

Galaxy nails

And another fashion trend of the season – galaxy nails. Either is a galaxy of stars, stars, planets, “black holes”, etc. Galaxy is always something incredibly alluring and attractive. So make your nails look mysterious and incredibly beautiful.

Manicure ideas Spring-Summer

Nail trends from most famous fashion houses Spring-Summer 2016

We must recognize that this season, famous fashion houses have not much complicated too in terms of manicure. Minimum 90% of designers have opted for a simple manicure on their models. Perhaps they took care that the public attention to be focused only on outfits, and not on nails. However, this season, nude manicure is indisputable the favorite. In the pictures you can see the manicure from fashion houses such as Versace, Balenciaga, Chloé, Christian Dior, Emilio Pucci.

Spring-Summer 2016 Nail Trends

Manicure designs from catwalks

The other 10% is the manicure done with a plain coating of nail polish. No French manicure, Ombre, etc. Thus, on Chanel models we see red nail polish, or brown matte nail polish, on models from Giorgio Armani fashion house.

Trendy nail polish manicure

By creating a fashionable image, never forget about your manicure. Beautiful and well groomed nails are what will lift your mood and create an original look. Be fashionable with a perfect spring-summer 2016 manicure.

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