Spring-Summer 2015 Hair Colour Trends

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Hair Colours

It’s impossible to create a fashionable look without having an actual hair color for this season. In 2015 stylists insistently recommend to maximum dye the hair with a natural tone, and the styling to be done in a very light and airy way. The effect of burnt in the sun hair and stacked by the warm sea breeze – are a must in the current season. Also, trendsetters are for versatility, advising to dye the hair not the same color, but coloring the strands in the same color as the base.

Fashionable dark hair

In 2015, dark hair beauties are advised to dye their curls in warm shades of chestnut, chocolate and dark brown.

Hair Colour

Colour Trends

Hair Spring

Long-haired brunettes are advised choose a black color without any extra shades. Noble black color can be emphasized with brilliance and a beautiful styling. If you still want something more bright, choose black with steel shade or put on some purple hair strands. Such option of hairstyle will perfectly look on a medium and short length hair.

Hair Summer

Fashionable light hair

2014 can be called the year of blondes return, but not platinum or egg-yellow but stylish and warm. One of the most fashionable bright colors will be a natural blonde with a sandy hue. Today there are so many dye technologies that will satisfy the needs of the most capricious blondes. For example, the 3D dye technology, visually gives the hair volume and makes them play in different colors in the sun.

Hair 2015

Hair Colours

Fashionable red hair

In 2015 stylists paid a special attention to red haired beauties. In fashion are all red shades: starting with ruby and ending with the natural red shade. If you want your hairstyle to look more fashionable, lighten up your ends a few shades or dilute the strands in a darker or lighter shade color of the same scale.

Hair Colours

Hair Colours

Fashionable coloring and highlights

Nowadays, when speaking about coloring, stylists rarely mean a variety of strands in all colors of the rainbow. The versatility of same colors and smooth transitions from light to dark and vice versa – that is what matters now. Smooth transitions are appropriate or light hair coloring, as well as on brunette and red hair ladies. The more natural the transition will be, the more stylish will look the owner of this hairstyle.

Hair Colours

Hair Colours

Hair Colours

Remember that well-groomed and stylish hairdo is first of all a clean hair, and choosing the appropriate color for your hair is the job of a professional hairstylist. They will tell you how to create a stylish look, just perfect for your unique personality.

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