Spring 2015 hairstyles

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Few days left until spring arrives and that means it’s time to think about our appearance and to reconsider not only our wardrobe, but also our hairstyles. Hair must be treated carefully because a good hairstyle is 70% of a successful look. You can wear things from the latest collection, but when on your head is a big mess, no brand will be able to save the situation. The other’s attention will be focused on deep roots or unbrushed curls.

In order to not be out of the pocket, it is preferable to listen to the opinion of professionals, who invented spring stylish hairstyles in long and cold winter evenings.

Straight loose hair

Clean and straight hair is the most versatile hairstyle. And if you learn by yourself how to style them with the hair dryer or ironing, you can save the money that usually go in the pocket of a hairdresser. This season stylists offer to style straight hair primarily on central parting. But if you want a change – the side parting line is also very relevant.

Hairstyles 2015

Soft waves

Fashion on waves does not leave us in this season. Stylists can create light curls on hair of any length. A distinctive feature of such hairstyles is the open forehead, parting in the middle of the head or its absence.

Hairstyles Spring

Swept back hair

Two years ago, stylists attempted to shear all bangs, but today they strongly recommended to get rid of them. Swept-back hair is another hit of the spring season. Fixing this hairstyle is possible with the help of the hair spray or small hairpins in tone with the hair.


Side-swept bangs

Stylists invented a very original way to release the forehead from the bangs hanging on it. It is enough to stab the hair so that it resembles the scene, that is, the ends go of the side face of the heroine leaving a small wave. The rest of the hair shall be loosen to create a negligence effect. This look is suitable for a truly stylish lady, who is ready for changes and has an active lifestyle.


Windswept updo’s

Women often say that the best hairstyle is the tail made ​​in the morning before going in the shower. Stylists decided to listen to the opinion of the majority and offered a variety of options of “negligent hairstyles.” This hairstyle will be in harmony with almost any clothing. It can become an everyday favorite look and you will spend no more than 15 minutes to do it. Get more good hairpins and have fun creating. Twist hair in braids, braid braids and pin them, create interesting compositions on your head. Accessories in the form of pins, live or artificial flowers transform a hairstyle from everyday to an evening hairstyle.


Flowers in the hair

Continuing the theme of negligence, I want to mention accessories, which has recently been created in a huge amount. Flowers will be the most popular in spring 2015. Stylists offer a variety of floral decorations in the form of pins, hairpins, bobby pins, wreaths and headbands. Floral accessories are nice supplements for evening hairstyles, everyday braids or short hairstyles.


Hairstyles with kerchiefs

In 2015, will become popular hairstyles done with the help of silk kerchief. Not surprisingly, the brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Chanel, Etro included it in their latest collections, decorating using it a model’s head. Silk kerchief has taken a worthy place in the wardrobe of true fashionistas for a long time. Braid it into a ponytail or tie it on your head instead of a hoop. This accessory will help show your individuality and the sense of style. An elegant silk kerchief will particularly look with a retro trench coat and a pair of good leather gloves.


Lank ponytail

Hair gathered into a low ponytail with a central parting will show that you are in trend. It is preferable to hide the elastic with a strand of hair, separated from the overall lock.


Hairstyles with braids

At all times, the image of women was associated with long braided hair in tight braids. In today’s world, we are slightly deviated from tight braids, now are welcomed voluminous versions of this hairstyle. Braid can be decorated with a floral rim or a pair of designer hairpins.


Bouffant in the style of 60’s

And again we remember about the careless hairstyling. With a bouffant in the style of 60’s, now you can not only shine on the catwalk and on the pages of glossy magazines, but also feel quite comfortable at a party or event theme. Most decisive and notorious ladies can go with this styling even at work. We are convinced that your boss will appreciate such creativity.


Spring 2015 is rich in a variety of hairstyles, because the experts took into account the wishes of many women. This year, fashion does not limit the length of hair. The times when it was necessary to wipe out perfectly tail already passed. Free your hair from hairspray, give them freedom and don’t be afraid to experiment with the form and fashion accessories will complement the image you have created.

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