Rita Ora Beauty Secrets

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At her 24 years old, Rita Ora is only the leader of musical charts but also a star with a bright fashion and beauty reputation. Red matte lips, platinum blond and dark eyebrows, contrasting with her light hair is the beauty image of Rita Ora. Today is her birthday and we are telling you what are her beauty secrets.

Rita Ora Beauty Secrets

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The star started seriously studying music not so long ago – the starting point is somewhere in 2007. Then she performed in London pubs and only was beginning to record music. Those times were the perfect time for her to “search” her image, wear unusual outfits, change the haircuts and try different types of makeup. These searches brought her to the image she has now, already being famous.

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She found her “lucky ticket” almost immediately after the first attempts to break into the forefront of the music industry. She was first noticed in 2009, when she participated in the selection for “Eurovision”, although she was rapidly eliminated from the competition on her own initiative. She did not had to be sad because of that as in the same year, she was to meet Jay-Z himself in New York, who personally wanted to listen to Rita and assessing her ability, offered her a contract with his label Roc Nation.

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The status of Jay Z is a very important one. He is the producer of his wife Beyonce, Rihanna, and many other stars, but they are not only talented musicians, but also personalities with a unique and memorable look. Rita could create the same look as well. Whatever event she was going to attend, she definitely will stand out in the crowd. She completes her extravagant outfits with appropriate hairstyles – graceful Hollywood-style curls, high ponytails, styling with braids and beams (this fall, she was the first who repeated the spring-summer show hairstyles of Marc by Marc Jacobs) – and always a bright makeup. Though red lips  seem to be constant in her image, Rita not always uses the red lipstick. She also loves nude shade lipstick, and sometimes she chooses expressive wine color shades.

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5 beauty secrets of Rita Ora

– Rita’s one of inspiration and beauty-icon is Marilyn Monroe. According to the star, she is a fan of all the movies with her participation and it is not surprising that an integral part of her image became the platinum hair color, red lips, wings and focus on the eyebrows – all similar to the legend of cinema.

– Rita always chooses red matte lips for all her appearances and performances.Her favorite lipstick is the shade Ruby Woo from M.A.C; Recently she also found another favorite red lipstick, the one from Tom Ford. Glossy textures products are also her favorite but she chooses them mainly for parties, meetings and various everyday occasions.

– Rita is one of those girls who find her “own” fragrance and remain faithful only to it, without changing the perfume depending on her mood. Her favorite has already become a classic, Chanel Chance. According to the star, she feels fresh and cheerful every time a drop of this fragrance touches her skin.

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– Rita has very bright, even pale skin, therefore the product she always uses is the bronzer powder. Under the conditions of constant trips around the world, the bronzer allows the singer to look rested, a little soak up in the sun, even if in fact she had no free time to stay on the beach.

– “I love to exaggerate everything”, said Ora in an interview, and she confirms this statement in each of her appearances. These are lush and extremely feminine, glamorous hairstyles, red lipstick, fluffy false eyelashes, black wings, underlined eyebrows, no hints and implications. Rita is not afraid to “go too far”, combining several accents in her look.

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