Paris Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2018

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In Paris took place the Fashion Week, the last of the four major fashion events that take place in autumn. In the battle between the most famous fashion houses, fashion presentations are grander and trends increasingly ultimate.

Paris fashion week spring summer 2018


Paris has always been considered the most romantic city in the world and that the held Fashion Week did not deny this, but rather put this even more obvious. A mood with femininity notes reflects also the fashion show from Christian Dior and Alexander McQueen: fine silhouettes, frills and lace, translucent fabrics, showing delicate unique outfits of modern nymphs. It seems like following spring promises to be very romantic and incredibly beautiful.

Paris fashion week trends


Sport Chic

If now it seems that this spring the most current will be fine and delicate princess, know that it’s not; designers also pay attention to active and self-confident ladies. On Parisian catwalks, besides romantic outfits, were seen also sports chic-style outfits. Dior Fashion house demonstrates suits that resemble fencing clothing.

Chanel quit his specific hats opting for sport caps. Elie Saab proposes head accessories in sport style and silk bomber jackets, making this trend more convincing.

Sport chic at Paris fashion week


The famous 80’s

Leitmotif trend that went absolutely all fashion weeks peaks in Paris. The era of the 80’s has become inspiration for Balenciaga and Saint Laurent headed by Antony Vacarello.

The main features of the 80’s this spring are voluminous sleeves and makeup in bright shades. Do not forget multiple draperies, spandex clothes and do not be afraid to use more glitter in your outfits.

the 80's at Paris Fashion Week


Makeup of the 80’s

The main trend in terms of beauty in Paris Fashion Week has definitely become blush, and in the spring that follows, it must be applied as much as possible, not making a contouring, but highlighting the natural skin tone so as to revive it. In general, on the catwalk was observed the love of makeup artists for draping technique, but not so much that it becomes a peculiar trend.

Some fashion houses had models with blush applied not on cheeks as we are used to see, but around the eyes. Thus, they showed us the universality of this beauty decision and excluded the risk of eye makeup to be contrasted unfavorably with skin tone.

Those who have not given up on eye makeup, demonstrated the most impressive color palette of the 80’s: blazing blue and purple.

Paris fashion week spring summer 2018 makeup


Retro Prints

Unlike other fashion weeks, Paris was not confined only to the 80’s and showed many interesting prints from various fashion eras, starting with the Romantic 50’s. Our favorites have become floral prints from Chloé, bright plaid from Miu Miu and geometry from Givenchy.

Fashion retro prints spring summer 2018


Nice Pink Dresses

Once upon a time, Paris gave birth to little black dresses. Today, the fashion capital tends to emphasize a woman’s natural beauty and dress her in pink. The pink color shone on the catwalk in various colors: from bright and warm (Valentino) to cold powdered (John Galliano). This trend goes hand in hand with absolute femininity trend, therefore, pay them more attention.


Pink dresses

Lingerie Style

Certainly appearance on catwalks of underwear articles and their complete conversion in outerwear does not surprise anyone. Lingerie style trend has more than a year. However, the designers who presented their collections at the fashion week in Paris (especially Giambattista Valli and McQueen) have clearly demonstrated that this trend can be developed and further.

In some cases, designers propose to wear underwear over clothing to highlight femininity outfits. In other cases, bras, bralettes and slips were made of very harsh fabrics, putting out rather challenging sexuality patterns. However, both decisions have been positively welcomed by fashionistas.

Summer outfits in lingerie style


Textured Cut

Most outfits presented during the fashion week in Paris, on the other side of feminine silhouettes, differed by rough and structured cut. The clothes look like sculpting the body of models, giving them a powerful energy.

The main passions of designers have become voluminous sleeves and sharp shoulders. Find inspiration in Saint Laurent, Balenciaga and Givenchy outfits.



Extreme Asymmetry

It seems that asymmetry is one of the best ways to give the collection that touch of intrigue and challenge. It seems that this season designers announced a fight against antiquated laws of beauty and harmony, therefore, they show us asymmetry in everything: in the cut, fabrics, colors, and prints.



Nothing to hide

Transparent fabrics are the most discussed and most challenging topics that fashionistas discuss after each fashion show. Designers sure are not afraid to bare the models, but they do not have to wear these clothes, but we, simple women.

We can manifest our disapproval to infinity, but we still need to recognize that it is a pleasure to admire amazing outfits created from light and transparent fabrics. How impressive the purple dress from Lanvin looks or sexy black outfits from Valentino and Saint Laurent.


fashion transparent fabrics 2018

Giants and minions

The coming spring prepares us an enormous variety of handbags. But there is a problem: they are all either huge and spacious or absolutely small. A third option doesn’t exist. It is clear that the busy ladies think that designer’s options do not appear very practical, but one thing is clear, they are really beautiful.



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