Office Dresses Fall-Winter 2018-2018

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Modern office style involves nothing but the upper white and the lower-black. The recent years trends have a lot to do with casual style, creating another trend, smart casual, which combines sober rules with the sophisticated dress code, but does not put the movement in difficulty, a very important thing in our lifestyle. Comfort and naturalness can also be considered the main trends. Designers create fashionable office dresses for autumn-winter 2018-2018 following these ideas. So let’s see which office dresses designs will be current this season.

Office dresses 2019

Season Trend: duo dress&pants

Classic pants are one of the main components of the basic wardrobe. The boom of pants continues and designers urge us not to give up this trend. If you already have a pair of fashionable pants in your wardrobe, whether palazzo or straight, then you just have to match them with a dress or a thin midi length tunic. The look can also be monochromatic, but we must not forget the contrast colors, the printed fabrics, the glossy and matte textures.

What office dresses to wear in 2019

black office

Dress with pants


Bulky Sleeves

The little decorated details have been on the second place for a while, their role being occupied by unusual constructive elements. Office style, however free it would not be interpreted nowadays, requires severity and laconism, and in the light of the fashion trend democracy, it must be approached as such. A pencil dress gets a whole different look if it adds little volume at shoulder lines. A true star on the catwalk became the sleeves with a special cut, a bishop sleeve, ending with a cuff. If the rule requires something simpler or you need to visually correct a broad shoulder line then you will have to choose raglan sleeves.

Office dresses fall winter 2018 2019: bulky sleeves

long sleeved designs

office midi dresses

stylish knee length


We all know the secret of the basic black turtleneck. It occupies a record place in terms of the possibility of matching it with other clothing items. And this becomes indispensable, especially if you have already acquired a sophisticated sundress. The idea is simple, but it will help refresh a look in office style and solve the familiar problem “I have nothing to wear”. The monochromatic turtleneck can be replaced by a silk shirt with bulky sleeves, as well as with a thin knitted sweater. When choosing the sundress color, we recommend that you use the combination of different shades with the help of geometric prints.

What office dress to wear in fall 2018

slim fit medium length

fashion office outfit


high waist with belt



Since this season’s classical basic details are given greater attention, then it would be better not to let us down on that. That’s why you’ll have to make some effort to find the ideal white shirt, this season being a must-have. This can successfully replace the dress, for this purpose also designed and shirts-dress, which can be worn under a long black, oversized, male-style blazer. A more sober option would be the dress or sundress worn over a shirt. In this case, it is necessary for the shirt to have an unusual collar or a jabot.

Shirt-dress fall winter 2018 2019

Short office dresses design


Office dresses trends 2019

Midi Dresses

Office style rules dictate basic trends and their changes, but there is a parameter that puts everything in its place: the length. The classical genre is midi, the average length of a dress (up to the knee or below the knee). Such a dress, especially when it comes to straight cut monochrome designs, is a perfect option for any occasion, even if a regular day of work is transformed into a spontaneous corporate party. The image can be completed with an interesting and laconic accessory, such as a purse or an envelope file

Office midi dresses fall 2018 winter 2019


light office



midi long sleeved

midi slim fitted



Office dresses&long gloves

An indisputable trend that moves dynamically into the latest collections can be called the elegant combination of office dresses and long gloves. Initially, it would seem that these elements are part of polar opposing styles, but the duo that forms it is a very special and stylish one. Gloves up to elbows and above – are a top accessory in the fall-winter season 2018-2018, and leaders in this sense have become leather gloves. A perfect complement can become a wide belt or massive footwear.

What office dress to wear in winter 2019






So, we can see that the office dresses fashion for fall-winter 2018-2018 show us simple combinations that allow the diversification of even the simplest and, at first glance, boring things. Combining basic items and adding original accessories will make office style look as beautiful and stylish as other clothing styles.

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