New York Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2020

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Traditionally, the dynamic New York has launched a new fashion season. This time, designers of the overseas season have successfully returned from commercially profitable things that have already been loved by the public and which are not yet disappearing from the fashion horizon, and have slowly tasted new solutions, yet unknown. What will the American show bring to the new fashion season? We talk in detail about the ten major trends of the fashionable American capital, which will suck everyone’s minds in the spring and summer of 2020.

New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2020

Cargo Pants

Fashion continues to expand the work uniform related subject and this time it presented cargo patterns – large pants with large side pockets in the style of Lara Croft, who made furrows 20 years ago and have now returned again. And now not only in the equipment palette – khaki, gray and black – but also in different color manifestations – for example, in bright pink, like Prabal Gurung.

Cargo pants New York fashion week

Light Shades

Sparkling orange and acid lemon, bright grapefruit and juicy mandarin – the citrus tones always come in the summer and fit perfectly with the new spring season, lifting your mood after a long winter. Additionally, they are easily combined with simple black and white shades and can also become a good base for color blocking experiments, as shown by the Escada fashion show.

New York fashion week 2020 colors


Now it’s difficult to imagine the spring and winter season without the floral print – it seems we could see all the possible variations. In spite of this, designers have begun to embellish the shops again and in the coming season they offer new changes to their usual patterns: roses and peonies are now blooming with brightly unreal sprouts or are scattered randomly on clothes in the form of colorful applications.

Floral prints NYFW 2020

Wild West

In the new season, designers move away from stereotypical ideas about cowboy style and tell the story of nomadic life in a modern manner. Gold Rush inspired images now mimic the stormy life of the metropolis: a combination of denim and deer skin, fringes on jackets and vests, and denim shirts with embroidery and contrast edges – in the new season, this is enough as a single clothing item to match the rodeo dress code.



Once called “glamorous” and “doll”, the pink in modern interpretation has long been a regular guest of the podium and is now represented by the widest range of shades: from crystal rose and strawberry to purple and magenta.



The print of complicated patterns and stains has gone through several stages of rebirth, and in the following season it has again become a tribute to the hippy era forgotten in the 1970’s, but summer and spring drops of watercolor and paint stains are less radical and more on. Stained cloths now cover graphic jackets, oversize shirts, and crop-tops.

 New York trends spring summer 2020


All those who complained of old fabrics and naphthalene will again be convinced of their relevance: the crochet technique does not leave the fashion podium for the third season and now consolidates its position even further. So we get old school books and we knit dresses with complicated patterns, fringe vests or light capes from large patches.


Puffy Sleeves

The illusion of Victorian style in the new season was expressed in puffy sleeves: these appear on cotton summer dresses and complicated shirts with frills. The extra shoulder volume only highlights femininity and is not at all dissonant with the waist-gowns – unlike, for example, the overly large masculine jackets.

Fashion puffy sleeves 2020

Vaporous Dresses

Colorful beach wraps have long been thrown out of the modern ship, but the designers have managed to find another good alternative. For example, light floor length dresses, as if they were woven from colorful shawls, suited to rest, or on a hot day in the city. Choose the complicated print as you wish: chiffon with specific Turkish print or unreal flowers on silk.

New York dresses spring summer 2020


Immaculate and very bright, despite its monochrome origin, this color does not all dare to wear it even during the summer. Designers advise us to wear cotton shirts, classic suits and white silk combinations without the fear of unwanted comparisons with brides. Fortunately, there is a rich palette of shades – from white cream and white pearl to dazzling white shades that will allow you to choose the perfect “new black”.