New Year 2015 hairstyles

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It’s no secret that women are waiting for the New Year holiday usually with great anticipation. Especially in this main holiday of the year they want to shine when meeting with friends and capture the imagination of others with their spectacular outfit, hair, makeup …

So. what hairstyle to choose? Here are some recommendations to follow. The hairstyle must correspond to the outfit, nail polish, accessories, that is why it is advised to use vivid colored hair mascara, tinting gels and foams, sparkling hair sprays with colored sequins were so as to overlap with the color scheme of your dressing.

Before going to a New Year party think if it is worth doing a complicated hairstyle if you plan to dance all night long. And finally, whatever you hairstyle is, this has to be fixed well in order to maintain it for the next day, too.

How to celebrate the Year of the blue (or green) horse? What hairstyle to choose on the New Year party in order to “satisfy” the needs of the coming year and in order to still be in fashion.

Short hair can be beautifully arranged and fixed previously painting it with hair coloring agents. A tiara will look perfect on short hair, which will give a special feeling of romantic femininity and fragility. Will also look fine (of course in combination with the outfit) a bright hoop, an original decorative hairpin.

Medium length hair are more flexible for a hairstyle – here we can combine all tricks used for long and short hair, that is why you can use all recommendations for the creation of an unique new year look. And for the final touch to the chosen hairstyle, use symbolic accessories in the form of stylized branches, flowers, butterflies – the owner of the year, the Blue Horse, loves symbols associated with nature.

The retro-fashion allow to create hairstyles using hair gels and if you are a retro fan, you can arrange your hair in waves, voluminous or flat, as close to the head, this will create a look of 20-30’s of the past century and will follow the actual fashion trends.

The classical beautiful evening dress will go perfect with the classical “shell” hair style, a heavy knot decorated with sparkle accessories.

Wonderful and almost in the spirit of New Year celebration will look colorful ribbons in the hair, decorative elements having for example the shape of butterflies or flowers. May look very stylish a tiny stylized silver or gold bell, braided into the hair.


The hairstyle for the New Year is something special; it allows us everything, especially things we usually do not allow ourselves to do in regular holidays. Here you can use all the imagination you might have to realize your wildest desires: create a tower of hair, paint strands in any color of the rainbow, tie long tails, having painted one of them in pink and red, and the other, for example, in blue- green, or use as much glitter as you want… In this day no color will look flashy and no form – artsy, because the New Year is a festive carnival where any miracle is possible.


Also, different hair weaving is acceptable – cornrows, braids. Very noble and truly aristocratic will look the combination of weaving hair and the knot where you have added all the braids. A truly original solution for long hair can be a combination of free-flowing hair with thin braids and appropriate accessories – decorative ribbons, strings, pearl strings, and you can dream on this topic endlessly.


And if you are not ready to create such art of works start a revolution in your hair color, you can use simple hair colors you usually use and accessorize it with suitable accessories. In the Year of the Blue horse will look trendy and fashion beautiful tiaras, sparkling threads, bright hairclips, original bobby pins, flickering hair mesh.


Long hair can be gathered in a “ponytail”, you can also leave them straight, with curls and accessorize with a fine bandage of leather or cloth, braid hair, like those worn by ancient Greek women or hippie in the 80’s.


The leading colors in the Year of the Blue Horse are blue and green, also it is worth mentioning purple and other similar colors. And if you are extravagant and bold, you can paint your hair in these colors, not being afraid of not being understood.


And one more important thing: no matter what hairstyle you choose, no matter of how amazing is your outfit the only thing that definitively must be present is the good mood and the feeling of being in love with life, people next to you and with persons who are million miles away from you. Raise a glass of champagne in that night – so as this light and airy feel, which makes a woman truly irresistible, did not leave you for a whole year.