Nail Designs and Ideas Fall-Winter 2017-2017

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A beautiful manicure is the key of a successful modern woman. If one was previously judged by how he dresses, then now, most of people primarily look at hands. Thanks to the multiple nail-art techniques, every fashionista has the opportunity to represent on her nails whatever she wants. The masters of beauty salons offer manicure newest nail designs and ideas. So let’s see what will nail designs will be actual in 2017-2017 fall-winter season in the opinion of world’s most famous designers.

Nail designs 2018

Nail Shape

We’ll begin this article with the current nail shape in 2017-2017 autumn-winter season. In fashion shows offered by Celine, Emilio Pucci, Bottega Veneta, Calvin Klein, Alexander Wang and other designers, was observed the predominance of oval and almond shaped nails. In addition, the focus was mainly on natural shades of nail palace and natural roundness and average length.

What nail shape to wear in 2018

Nail shape designs


If simplicity and naturalness are not the words that describe you, then do not worry. As we all know, fashion is sufficiently liberal. If some designers propose us natural round nails, then others on the contrary, delight the fans with long nails and interesting methods of decoration. For example, Jeremy Scott tells us to use nail polish with a bright metallic effect; Area, Blonds, Manish Arora enchants us with a combination of bright and faded nail polish and with sharp edges in contrasting shades.

What nail designs to wear in Fall 2017

gel ideas

False nails

Gothic Nails

In the new cold season, fans of everything that’s gothic and gloomy can jump up of joy. Besides the fashionable Gothic makeup the manicure in this style will be extremely solicited. This means that in fashion will be black plum, dark purple and dark claret nail polishes. As for designer’s opinion, ideal would be to combine such nail polish with lipstick in similar shades. This trick is recommended to us by Marc Jacobs, Nicholas K and other brands. Although, in Haider Ackermann, Rag & Bone, Roberto Cavalli opinion, this is not necessarily and in their look black nail polishes are used together with a neutral makeup.

Fall Winter 2017 2018 goth nails

Dark nails

Winter nail ideas

Autumn nail colors

Pastel shades

The pastel palette will be extremely popular and it includes virtually all shades: from “colorless” natural and up to powdered pink and beige-gray. Manicure in such shades will become a perfect decision for working women who must look stylish at work. Such chromatic decisions can be found in collections of Altuzarra, Chanel, Christian Dior, etc.

Fall 2017 Winter 2018 nail designs in pastel shades

short nails

What nail designs to wear in 2018

Seductive Red

The so passionate and seductive red color is still highly requested among modern designers. Such a bright manicure is ideal not just for evening looks and romantic dates, but also for casual looks. Such nails look also very stylish with gold accessories and black clothing. As for designer’s opinion, the red manicure must be executed without any color additions.

Fall manicure 2017

Red manicure 2018

Red medium length nails

Metallic Nails

Metallic manicure is another winter trend. Covering nails with such nail polish you will have to avoid other shining jewels, following the basic rule: “less is more”. These shades will be used both independently, and to cover only a part of the nail (Opening Ceremony).

Metallic manicure fall winter 2017 2018

Silver nails designs

Gel manicure designs 2018

French Manicure

French manicure has become for some time a classic one. It has a special popularity especially among stylish and successful women who are accustomed to look perfect in any situation. From year to year, French manicure enjoys all the latest variations. If in previous seasons the French manicure was colorful and bright, in winter 2018 classic pastel shades back and white edges are back again. Although, this does not mean this will be a boring manicure. Brands advice us to play with the classic French. For example, Tibi shows French with a transverse white band that crosses the nail in the middle. Tome NYC used metal nail polish and dots, while A Detacher, Cushnie et Ochs played with black nail polishes.

Fashion French manicure 2017 2018

What manicure to wear in winter 2018


Negative Space

“Nude” or Negative Space manicure is a type of nail art that covers not all the nail surface but only a part of it. This technique allows the execution of many different “pictures”: from classical geometric prints to abstract and complicated.

Negative space nail ideas


Negative space manicure fall winter 2017 2018

Two Colors

Winter 2018 season is also famous through the timeliness of the manicure in two colors. Brands often used black as a basic color combined with other matching shades like white, beige and lavender (Fenty Puma, DKNY).

Two colors nail designs

Short simple manicure

Ombre Nails

Ombre nails is another hit of the season. It always looks very original and stylish. For the execution of such manicure can be used various shades and colors, although in autumn-winter season 2017-2017, a special attention will be given to “nude” colors.

Ombre nails fall winter 2017 2018

What nail polish color to wear in 2018

Actual Nail Designs

Once we have identified what are the most actual shapes and colors, it’s time to talk about nails design. Like in previous seasons, a special popularity among manicure specialists has various shiny pebbles, rhinestones and glitter (Blonds, Lulu Frost). In addition, very often are used different fabrics, sheet of parchment, liquid stones, multicolored gel nail polish and many other methods of nails decoration.

Manicure trends 2017 2018



pictures on nails

Evening nails designs


Pamper your hands with a new fashion manicure. In autumn-winter 2017-2017 season, brands provide us with a huge choice of nail designs for every taste. All you’ll have to do is to apply them on your nails!

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