Nail Designs and Ideas Fall-Winter 2016-2016

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The groomed nails with a beautiful manicure have became a must have for every woman who respects herself. Nails are the first thing that attracts the attention of all the ladies – whether she is a saleswoman at a store or a coworker. Even men like to admire beautiful and fine hands of a woman when he offers his hand down from transport or a simple hug. And if recently in fashion was the simple manicure, executed in a single color, then now, all attention is drawn to the artistic manicure, various decorative items, nail-art and original nail polish. So let’s see what nail designs will be in fashion in the FW 2016/2016 season.

Nail designs 2016 2017

Nude and pastel shades – Nail Trends FW 2016-2016

Naturalness is above all. This is the opinion most designers and fashionistas share. We can not agree with this because pastel shades, which most often are used to create French nail designs, are increasingly used in other types of manicures. With these neutral colors, we can freely go to work, at a romantic date and for a walk with friends. Such nails fit perfectly with modern outfits without distracting from the clothes, but rather emphasizing the feminine finesse and delicacy. Though, we must take into account that such manicure looks good on beautiful hands only, therefore, when taking care of our nails, we should not forget about taking care of the whole hand. In addition, as shown practices, the French and nude manicure look ideal on medium length nails.

Pastel and nude manicure Fall Winter 2016 2017

Nail designs 2017

nude color idea

pastel designs

Nail designs Fall 2016

French pastel

short nails in pastel shade

What manicure is in style in 2017

Ombre technique

Ombre is a hot trend not only in the art of hairstyles. If you regularly watch fashion shows, then you surely already know that this coloring technique applies to clothes, and even to manicure. Such gradient coloring or in other words, the gradual transition from one shade to another – is a true trend of the Fall-Winter 2016-2016 season, which will always look spectacular, fresh and original. Such manicure can be made on nails of any length. In addition, choosing the nail polish shades, similar with the basic shade of the clothing, you can successfully create a perfect look, or on the contrary, you can create a complete contrast. In this chapter there are no restrictions. Create according to your taste and your favorite colors.

Ombre nails Fall 2016 Winter 2017

ombre long nails

ombre nail designs fall

ombre ideas orange lipstick

violet ombre

Nails designs 2016

Festive nail designs

The fall-winter season is remarkable by the fact that in this period there are many beautiful holidays, including New Year. Fashionistas are preparing for this celebration just like getting ready for a birthday or a wedding. When choosing the attire, the festive menu, the festive entourage, hairstyle, shoes and accessories, any lady who respects herself will not forget about the manicure for the event. For this purpose can serve the multicolor nail polishes, all kinds of decorative stones, snowflakes, sparkles, glitter, images, etc. See below examples of New Year nail ideas for FW 2016-2016.

Festive nail designs 2016 2017 fall winter

evening ideas

black festive

red festive

New Year designs

medium lengths nail ideas

festive gel designs

Nail ideas Winter 2017

What manicure is in style in 2016

Glittering manicure

Continuing the festive theme, we should mention that the new cold season will allow us to use nail polishes with glitter. Such manicures can successfully replace the festive nail designs. In addition, this can be widely used for every day. Obviously such manicure is not suitable for a severe dress code, but for days off or a vacation – it is ideal. Look what recommend us the nail art specialists – the new autumn-winter season, we can use them without hesitation blue, green, black, gold and red glitter, which can cover the nail either totally or partially.

Glittering manicure designs Fall Winter 2016 2017

glittering designs

glittering red nails

black nail ideas with glitter

gold glittering

Nails designs Fall 2016

Painting on nails

The art of decorating nails is becoming increasingly popular. Currently, it is one of the most privileged trends in aesthetic cosmetology. This art allows women to fully express their style, status and image. In addition, a qualitative executed manicure can hide the nail imperfections. In the new autumn-winter season, the most popular ornaments will be those with geometric compositions, animal motifs and lace transposition on nails. In addition, the design can be executed both on all nails as well as on a single selected nail. You can also combine several techniques and ornaments simultaneously, e.g. the French manicure technique with geometric “ornaments”. And there are no restrictions in this regard, everything depends on the imagination and the ability of the artist and the customer’s desire.

Nails designs Fall-Winter 2016 2017 painting on nail

black and white painting ideas

fashion painting

painting designs

nail drawing images

Nail ideas Fall 2016

What manicure is in style in Winter 2017

Metallic nail designs

Metallic nails can be hardly called a “daily” manicure. These polishes, stickers, foils are commonly used for special occasions, for example in a disco or a party with a certain theme. Metal nails came into fashion again in 2011 and since then haven’t lost their popularity, but on the contrary, they have become extremely diverse. If you previously had the choice between gold and silver, then from now on metallic shades have become even more. To create this type of nail design, you can choose a simple nail polish, a food wrap or a heat resistant film. By the way, the latest will allow you to enjoy your manicure for about two weeks.

Fall-Winter 2016 2017 metallic nail designs

metallic nail polish color ideas

metallic silver

metallic gold

Nail designs Winter 2017

Stones and sequins

The nail decoration with stones and sequins is another trend that is moving steadily trying to climb the pedestal of fashion. You can create anything you want and how you want! You can limit yourself to using just a few pebbles, but you can create on your nails a true masterpiece – important is to have patience, talent and fantasy!

Manicure 2016 2017 fall winter stones and sequins

elegant with sequins

beige nail polish and stones designs

Nail ideas 2017

Blue shades

After talking about manicure in neutral and bright colors, we must say a few words about other fashionable shades. If you like bright colors then draw attention to the range of blue colors that will be extremely popular in the new cold season. The blue color is quite universal, and depending on the chosen shade, you can successfully combine it with black, beige, gray and a few other colors.

Nail designs Fall-Winter 2016 2017 blue color

blue and black designs

blue and beige designs

short blue shades

long blue

Bright red

The red manicure was and is an extremely popular one that has no equivalent. You can choose any shade of red – from orange red to wine color. In addition, the red looks very nice if combined with gold or with orange-brown or leopard prints. We should also mention the trend to combine the bright nail polish with a red lipstick in the same shade.

Nail designs Fall-Winter 2016 2017 bright red

red nail polish design

red gel

Manicure ideas 2016


The black manicure conquered the hearts of fashionistas worldwide. The diversity of textures and the intensity level of this color allow every woman to use it. Particularly nice looks black velvet, which can be applied both to casual and business looks. If you want to be in the spotlight, you can dilute black with gold, red or blue glitter.

Black nails FW 2016 2017

What manicure is in style in 2016

fashion black ideas

Nail ideas from famous designers

Now it’s the time to find out what manicure will be in style in FW 2016-2016 season. For example, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Giorgio Armani recommended the black, dark claret shades.

Manicure Fall-Winter 2016 2017 from famous fashion designers

Nail trends

Prabal Gurung, Mary Katrantzou, Christian Dior have paid a special attention to the achromatic gray.

culogray color

Dior designs

Michael Kors, Sephora, Marc Jacobs have included in the modern palette the red shades.

trendy nail polish 2016 2017

Marc Jacobs ideas

Gucci, Chanel, Roland Mouret, Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen have focused on the nude style, recommending short nails, transparent nail polishes or the lack of nail polish.

short length

transparent nail polishes

designer nail trends

Also, we couldn’t miss the artistic experiments wither. For example, Vivienne Westwood Red Label have used false nails, metallic shades and complicated ornaments.

Nails Winter 2017

false nails

These are the nail designs designers and nail specialists enjoyed us with. As we can see, in the new 2016-2016 fall-winter season, we have a wide range of nail ideas, starting with the eternal classic style and ending with amazing futuristic images.

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