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Nail trends are changing with quick steps, and on the eve of the new season, each lady wants to be a fashionable. Nail designs are gaining popularity demonstrating us thousands of manicure techniques and ideas for any nail shape and length. A feature of the season is naturalness in all, although those who adore bright colors will still have what to look at. In this article we gathered all 2017 Nail designs and ideas, which we definitively recommend you to try.

Manicure 2018

You must remember one important thing: your nails must have a very neat look. That is why, before creating any design, you need to make a good manicure. In salon, this will deal a experienced specialist and in home conditions, you have some work to do. Therefore, the European manicure is ideal for this purpose: remove the cuticle, nourish it with special oils, and give the nail the desired shape with the help of a nail pile. Now you can proceed to the most exciting part of the process!

Nails 2018

Nude Nails 2018

If the place where you study or work requires a certain dress code, and bright colors that you like so much must be replaced with others more reserved, then do not worry. Nude nails are the magic wand that will make your nails look neat and attractive. In addition, the pastel shades and beige color and are now in high demand. To give a touch of variety, use a slider or small rhinestones. The icing on the cake in nude style is beige base color combined with gold elements. A discreet glitter will respect the imposed dress code and at the same time will look very nice.

Nude nail designs 2018

in style

Long nude nails

The new life of French manicure

French nails are the kind of manicure that gives nails a neat look but which at the same time is very conservative. Some new ideas may result in an absolutely different manicure. Here we can talk again about pastel shades that combine with gold and silver glitter nail affixed to the top and create a completely new look. Also, another idea would be to apply a transparent nail polish as a base and on tips a black nail polish. Tip: if you have short fingernails, we recommend you to give up on French manicure in favor of half moon manicure. French will make your nails look visually shorter.
French nails 2018

Black French nailpolish


Analyzing recent presentations of fashion weeks, the glitter strengthened its positions not only in clothes and makeup, but also in manicure. Now it is a basic accessory and this refers mostly to glitter polishes and not rhinestones. Any use of glitter make manicure look extremely fashionable. Its application can be on nude nails, covering only the ring fingernail, or on all nails. Currently very popular is the Cat Eye effect nail polish and holographic powders. Another fashion decision is the disco style manicure. For this purpose, sprinkle some glitter on the base nailpolish (decorative glitter). A disadvantage of this manicure is its low durability: the glitter is not covered with a fixing layer as it will spoil its effect.

Glossy nails

Bright 2018 manicure


evening designs

Nail design and ideas 2018: Luxurious marble look

Marble is the most popular texture, especially in combination with classic colors (white, black, gray, dark green). The manicure looks unusual being suitable for the current trend towards maximum simplicity. Unlike any other nail arts, the marble design does not impose a certain style: it is universal.


What are the nail trends

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Classic Red Nails

The red color continues to be a favorite among many representatives of the fair sex. This intense color will not ever go out of style, being the muse to create the most daring looks. Red can be used in halfmoon manicure (yes, this season it is again very actual) using white or transparent nail polishes. Gold and silver luster, glitter and sliders already mentioned can help you create a manicure with luxurious effect. In addition, red nail polish is the most famous basis for the creation of New Year’s Eve manicure and any of its shade is ideal for short nails, while long red nails can look a bit vulgar.

Fashion red nail polish

Manicure trends 2018



Mirror Effect

The manicure techniques also do not stand still. Until recently, many were looking special films to create a metallic effect on nails. Because its short-term effect, these could be admired very shortly. However, there were other alternatives coming out. This is the powder with mirror effect. Metallic luster is obtained by applying this powder on nail polish base (most often it is in black), this manicure being just as durable as regular gel nail polish.


Nail ideas 2018 mirror effect

Bracelets on nails

It looks like bracelets on nails are an unimaginable thing, but nowadays everything is possible. So-called “bracelet nails” are invented by a manicure fairy in Seoul, Eun Kyung Park. All that we are accustomed to wearing on us as accessories are now on nails. What to say, this looks very innovative and unusual.

Short cartoon nails

Nail design ideas

Manicure Ideas 2018: Marsala

Marsala color literally exploded the fashion industry! Fashion collections are full of clothes and accessories in this color. Cosmetic companies do not manage to launch lipsticks in this noble shade! The nail industry hasn’t remained indifferent to it either. Marsala is the color of the Sicilian wine. This is rigorous and challenging, as well as extravagant and calm. It looks great on any length, both on the short and the long without making them look vulgar.

What nailpolish color to wear

Artificial nails

Matte Nails

We are already accustomed with glitter on our nails, but the most demanding fashionistas want to use other textures as well. For this purpose were created nail polishes with matte finish and universal nail polishes that make any nail look mat. It looks interesting the combination of these two textures. For example, in French manicure: the base is coated with a matte nail polish and the tips with a glossy nail polish in the same shade. In the same way it can be created various ornaments, geometric elements and half-moon manicure.

Manicure 2018 matte nail polish

Long matte nails




Nails require care not only before applying the polish, but after as well. First, for moisturizing the nails and skin of hands is needed a regular use of a special cream. This can be replaced with a more natural product, olive oil, for example. Secondly, besides manicure set, it is necessary to have a specially designed cuticle oil. It will soak the area around the nail, providing hydration. By the way, there are special products that slow the cuticle growth. An additional measure can be bathrooms for nails that are necessary for improving nails and where sea salt and aromatic oils can be used.

Nail designs and ideas 2018

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