Milan Fashion Week Fall-Winter 2016-2016

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The Milan Fashion Week Fall-Winter 2016-2016, which took place in the last days of February 2016 has given readers a lot of positive emotions, impressions and discussion topics. At Milan fashion week, masters in fashion presented their new clothing line, and among them there were Moschino, Gucci, Fausto Puglisi, Alberta Ferretti, Fendi, Max Mara, Prada, Versace, Roberto Cavalli, Marni, Dolce & Gabbana, Giorgio Armani, Salvatore Ferragamo, etc.

Milan Fashion Week

Moschino collection Fall-Winter 2016-2016

Moschino is the undisputed leader in creating glamorous clothing items that can afford only the most ironic and progressive fashionistas. From season to season, this brand has broken all the rules and trends, and did not stop to remain one of the most famous and sought brands. The new Fall-Winter was no exception. The brand has remained true to the brand’s sign, playful stylistics, due to which the models paraded on the catwalk wearing elongated sweaters and shirts decorated with cartoon prints. This theme can be seen in dresses, which gave the impression that they just came out of the television, from dynamic, bright, fairy animated movies or a game show. For everyday images, the brand chose denim clothes, hooded fur coats, made in acid colors. And what kind of presentation without the symbol of Moschino brand: the collection again was full of pendants, necklaces, earrings, hats, bags, on which were inscribed the famous letter “M”.

Milan Fashion Week Moschino



Gucci collection Fall-Winter 2016-2016

On the first day of Milan Fashion Week, we saw the debut collection of new creative director of the brand – Alessandro Michele. Looking at it, it seems that Alessandro had doubts about what images are closer to his soul – uninhibited and provocative, or strict and reserved. Unable to decide, the designer included them both. Because of this, in the new cold season, the fans of the brand will determine themselves what clothes they will wear. It can be both conservative style male suits or on the contrary, challenging and quite naughty outfits that do not hesitate to show all the nakedness of the female body.

Gucci at Milan Fashion Week

6 Gucci

7 Gucci

8 Gucci

Alberta Ferretti Fall-Winter 2016-2016

Alberta Ferretti’s new clothing line was simply amazing. Velvet, gold brocade, jacquard, georgette, mohair, organza, silk, leather, fur – with these fabrics, the designer created an unprecedented collection full of chic and sophistication. Golden embroidery, perforated materials were skillfully combined with white collar and lace ruffle-sleeves. The color scheme of the presentation was based on black, white, brown, red, olive and burgundy shades.

Milan Fashion Week Alberta Ferretti collection

10 Alberta Ferretti collection

11 Alberta Ferretti

Fausto Puglisi Fall-Winter 2016-2016

Fausto Puglisi has always been a fan of fashion mix, as evidenced by his new “cold” collection. Here you can see rocker style leather jackets, asymmetrical slim fit dresses, luxurious colored coats to the ground, massive necklaces, bare areas of the body, and electric shades. Creative director of the brand said in the backstage that he tried to implement all the ideas and needs of his customers and fans.

Fausto Puglisi collection at Milan Fashion Week

13 Fausto Puglisi

14 Fausto Puglisi

Max Mara collection Fall-Winter 2016-2016

The main object of the collection was the coat. You can see the overall-coat in shades of beige and soft fur articles in shades of turquoise, quilted coats decorated with brown fur. In addition, the brand recommended to wear in the next fall-winter season quilted skirts and sweaters, strict pencil-dresses in three-quarter length, loose knitted sweaters, woolen and leather bags, skirts and blouses with geometric prints.

Max Mara Milan Fashion Week

16 Max Mara

17 Max Mara

Fendi collection Fall-Winter 2016-2016

Karl Lagerfeld presentation can be called one of the “stellar” because it is presented by the most famous models – Kendall Jenner, Karlie Kloss, Jourdan Dunn, Doutzen Kroes, Lily Donaldson. As for the collection, fans will be able to find a wide enough variety of quilted items, wool and leather. The new clothing line is quite different from the previous one. You will no longer meet romantic and delicate orchids. They were replaced by leather panels, architectural abstract lines, strict geometric patterns and even futuristic elements.

Fendi collection at Milan Fashion Week

19 Fendi

20 Fendi

Prada collection Fall-Winter 2016-2016

Miuccia also presented her new creation at Milan Fashion Week. This collection will be a challenge for the current fashion because the designer tried to combine trends of the 60’s and modernity. Following these creative searches, the brand offers us for the fall-winter 2016-2016 to wear tight-fitting jackets, sundresses made of colored leather, short narrowed pants, leather skirts, long leather gloves, big flower-brooches, colorful shoes, coats of different patterns and standing collars.

Milan Fashion Week Prada

22 Prada

23 Prada

24 Prada

Versace collection Fall-Winter 2016-2016

Donatella Versace launched her “internet” collection planned for a long time, the focus was on emphasizing the brand logos on meander ornaments, hashtags. In addition, Donatella recommend wearing tall stocking-boots, long colored boots, fur coats in shades of yellow, red and green, colored cape-poncho, coats and dresses with asymmetrical cuts, flared pants, bulky jewelry and dragonflies sunglasses with thick colored frame.

Versace Milan Fashion Week

26 Versace

27 Versace

28 Versace

Roberto Cavalli Fall-Winter 2016-2016

Roberto Cavalli Fall-Winter 2016-2016 collection proved to be very varied: the leopard print was always changing with the floral print, which in turn made way to longitudinal and transverse geometric lines. Warm articles made of fur and leather, becoming semi-transparent embroidered dresses, while skirts made of shiny patent leather – classic trousers. In addition, in the collection are present also luxurious floor length dresses, blouses with frills, thick belts, and warm jackets, maxi dresses dyed in ombre style, knitted tunics, jackets and coats with fringes.

Roberto Cavalli collection Milan Fashion Week

30 Roberto Cavalli collection

31 Roberto Cavalli collection

32 Roberto Cavalli collection

Dolce & Gabbana Fall-Winter 2016-2016

The new fall-winter collection is a true ode to mothers and motherhood in general. Not coincidentally new collection was called “Viva la Mamma”. On the podium, some models were accompanied by small children and Bianca Balti paraded on the catwalk in a warm shade pencil dress which delicately highlighted the pregnancy of beautiful Italian woman. The entire collection was permeated by an atmosphere of joy, beauty and femininity. Fans of the brand will appreciate the abundance of floral prints, embroidery, inscriptions praising mothers and applications in the form of children’s drawings. And observe – no pants! Only dresses and skirts, only true femininity!

Milan Fashion Week Dolce & Gabbana collection

34 Dolce & Gabbana

35 Dolce & Gabbana

Giorgio Armani Fall-Winter 2016-2016 Collection

Giorgio Armani is one of those designers who first of all appreciate the practicality. His new collection for autumn-winter again proved extremely comfortable and easy to wear clothes. The base of the entire clothing lines proved to be hoodies, pants and suits. And the color range was alleged – the designer chose brand’s traditional colors like the blue sky color, blue-green, classic shades of blue, black and gray that is most relevant in everyday life. Only at the end of the show, on the catwalk could be seen some evening dresses made in shades of red, pink and blue-gray.

Milan Fashion Week Giorgio Armani

37 Giorgio Armani

38 Giorgio Armani

Salvatore Ferragamo Fall-Winter 2016-2016

Salvatore Ferragamo presented a very strict and practical collection, leaded by wide poncho-capes, resembling long blankets and sleeveless fur coats, both long and short. In addition, the collection also presented leather and lace items. It is impossible not to notice that in the new cold season, the designer became interested in mosaic (patchwork), this is why in the collection could be observed dresses, coats, suits, woven or sewn from pieces of colored materials.

Salvatore Ferragamo at Milan Fashion Week

40 Salvatore Ferragamo

41 Salvatore Ferragamo

42 Salvatore Ferragamo

This is how we have seen the fashion through the eyes of Italian designers. As you can see, it turned out to be very diverse, both in color palette and fabrics, patterns and styles.

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