Men Fashion Fall-Winter 2015-2015

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Men Fashion

Who said that shopping in only for women? In today’s world, it’s time to abandon the stereotypes, because the obsession for democracy captured the planet. We stopped to divide things and challenges between men and women, everyone does what he wants. Clothing is a way to express the individuality and to show character.

Today women dress like men, spending in their turn a big part of their salary on clothing. Children aged 13 look like their parents at 30, but this is fashion and we can’t argue. All we have to do is to follow the trends and try to not stay behind the fashion industry.

Of course it is difficult to follow all novelties, but it’s worth purchasing only some trendy clothes to stay fashionable. Our advice is to not buy old-fashioned clothes but give preference to stylish and trendy articles. Teach yourself to stay fashionable and you will observe how the world will change together with your new pair of shoes or handbag.

In our today’s review we will try to revise models of clothes that make men look stylish and bold in the new fall-winter 2015-2015 season. We offer you to your attention 10 trends each man should take into consideration.

Trend #1 Outwear

In Fall-Winter 2015-2015, the trendy male outwear is very concise and simple. The distinctive features of the model are the sharp shoulders, the seam extends from the armpit to the collar, forming some sort of vest. The collar in males coat is predominantly classic. Coats are mainly buttoned on buttons and snaps, although models with zips do not go beyond the catwalk.


Trend #2 Black and White

The vast majority of designers have preferred the classic combination of black and white. Men’s collection for Fall-Winter 2015-2015 are made ​​predominantly in black and the distinctive features of men suits were the white stripes, seen on trousers and jacket’s sleeves.

Black and White

Trend #3 Orange – an alternative for black color

If the black color became pretty boring and you want somehow to diversify your look, pay attention to the orange color. In Fall 2015, this bright shade will at the peak of popularity.

Orange trend

Trend #4 Big square bags

We have good news for those who prefer to have a healthy lifestyle in the fall-winter season. Dimensionless bags are a trend of the season, which not only looks harmoniously with sports pants, but also with a classic jacket.

Big square bags

Trend #5 Protect your neck

In the cold season, not only the feet should always be warm, but also the neck. This simple truth has prompted designers to improve men’s cardigan.

Protect your neck

Trend #6 Quilted coat

Quilted coat consists of two pieces of material stitched through, between which there is cotton. This is a very dense material, easy to clean that keep you warm in the cold winter season.

Quilted coat

Trend #7 Brown men suit

The dress code of an event requires a classic outfit? Stand out and give preference to brown clothes instead of the usual black suit.

Brown men suit

Trend #8 The hat

The Chicago Style of 20-30’s is relevant in 2015, and the truth is we should have the courage to wear traditional hats of these times. Believe me, those who dare to make such an experiment will not remain deprived of female attention, because ladies love stylish and strong-willed men.

The hat

Trend #9 Smooth skin and the wet hair effect

Women around the world can celebrate, because the fashion for light stubble and beard remains in the past. In Fall 2015, and Winter 2016 in trend are men with shaved skin. Designers also recommend paying a particular attention to the hair and creating the effect of wet hair.

Wet hair

Trend #10 Biker style

Brutality never ceases to be attractive. This means that the biker style trend of Fall-Winter 2015-2015 season will be liked both by men and women. Agree, every woman wants to see near a strong and tough guy, and a leather jackets is the best option to create this look.

Biker style

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