Manicure ideas 2017

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Until recently, renowned fashion houses and designers were announcing the trends only in terms of accessories and clothes, leaving on us to put our imagination in motion to create a complete look. But at the moment, fashion catwalks show us a complete look, designed in the smallest details, down to the fingertips. Now designers dictate fashion in beauty, showing us exactly what makeup, hairstyle and manicure will suit a collection or another. And if we spoke about nails and manicure, today we propose fashionistas who follow the fashion trends, to make acquaintance with those innovations that were prepared by the fashion industry for the year 2017.

Manicure ideas 2017

Length and shape

If a few years ago, many fashionistas could boast with a stunning nail length and some complicated shapes, which, of course, look unnatural, then now this trend is forgotten. Acrylic nail extensions and gel nails were replaced by the gel nailpolish, which is more practical, more loyal to your nails. This enables a longstanding manicure, putting on the first place the natural nail length. The simple nailpolish has not been forgotten and innovations coming from famous brands will enjoy our eyes with their juicy and bright colors.

Manicure shape and legth

Manicure designs 2017

But let us return to length and shape. Last year, fashion was still recommending squared nails, which agree, looks very good. But the year of 2017 has changed its attitude towards the shape of the nail bed, but not to the length. So, at present, the favorite shape is considered the natural rounded shape and the natural length. The practice shows that oval nails are more practical than those with sharp corners. Such manicure was seen at Christian Dior Donna Karan, Derek Lam and Christian Siriano, and other fashion gurus.

Short fashion nails


If last year the predominant color was called Marsala, then 2017 will be more varied in t herms of colors and this is not just about clothes, but also manicures. Intense burgundy, terracotta, chocolate, khaki, intense violet, gray of varying intensity, black – these are the predominant colors in terms of manicure for the cold season. Do not forget either dark green and intense shades of malachite.

Manicure ideas 2017: colors

In spring and summer, the main colors will be the pastel shades and rainbow colors faded with some white powder. Neon colors go past, their popularity is declining since last summer. The fashion is refinement, fog, mystery and neon colors have no place here, right?

Bright color manicure spring summer 2017

With or without glitter in 2017?

Matte covering or metallic glitter – here’s the question. In 2017, the presence of glitter on nails is not welcomed for the reasons listed above. But metallic shade is still fashionable, especially if we talk about silver-gray, chocolate brown, blue or gray. Gold remains gold and it could not miss this year either, fashion designers recommend us using it with care without covering the entire nail surface, but combining golden glitter with matte coating or with a warmer base color.

What manicure to have in 2017

As for totally mate nails, these are also a history. Instead it the 2017 fashion recommends a very interesting alternative: combination of matt and glossy coating on one nail. Make a French manicure in a color, using as a base a matte faded color and on the nail tip apply gloss. At first glance, this trick is not always observed, but people around you will marvel and admire your hands incessantly trying to understand why from an angle the nails shine, and from another – don’t.

Nails with matte and glossy coating

Negative Space

This trend comes from the crescent half moon manicure, adored several consecutive seasons. This involves applying the nail polish over the entire nail, as background for design or ornament will serve the natural color and transparency. No matter what color, shape, ornament you’ll choose, some of the nail surface must remain uncovered by color.

Manicure trend 2017: Negative Space

You can try to create French manicure or half moon manicure, or geometric ornaments using the Negative Space technique. Very interesting will look braids and curls, spider web, which will show your natural nail. In this case, on the first place it is not only the coloring but also well groomed nail. It should have a uniform color and ideal smoothness.

Trendy manicure 2017

Various shade and colors

If last season was fashionable to use basic colors and one or two nails painted in a different shade, then in 2017, designers recommend a bolder decision: each hand to have its own color. Piter Philips, the stylist of Dior fashion house, was first who promoted this idea on catwalks, or rather, on the hands of their models.

What manicure colors to wear this year

In his opinion, different shades of nail polish that are in harmony with one another on different hands are the symbol of emancipation, originality, courage and self-confidence. The question now is how bold are you?

Manicure for 2017 different nail polish

Trendy drawings

Manicure with drawings

Blooming gardens and animal prints are history. In addition, on medium nail length you virtually have nowhere to create designs and masterpieces. Instead today, the fashion is geometry and abstract. For example, the famous Christian Louboutin, which creates not only beautiful shoes, but also a line of nail polishes, this season, recommended us the following: putting a bright accent on a light background – a square in a contrasting color.

Manicure 2017 medium length nails

Other designers are not lagging behind and recommend drawing on nails straight and angular lines and instead of the traditional oval of the half-moon manicure, drawing a sharp triangle. Draw with confidence zigzag or wavy straight lines – this will surely remain unnoticed in 2017. By the way, here you can also use bright and contrasting colors.

Manicure designs with drawings

Drawings on fashion nails

Manicure drawings in bright colors

These are the 2017 main manicure trends. Which one to use when creating your manicure? Do not opt for something special, use these ideas every day, changing your nails and changing yourself, too!

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