Makeup and hairstyles from Paris Fasion Week

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One of the major fashion events of the summer – Fashion Week in Paris – lasted five days and came to its end. Let’s take into pieces the images offered on the latest shows by: Christian Dior, Armani Prive, Valentino.

“Ophelia! Oh, nymph!” — Valentino

The make-up artist Pat McGrath, one of the main “faerie”, did not wait too long and announced without hesitating that the heroine of the last Valentino couture show is Ophelia. “Serenely beautiful, ethereal girls” – this way Pat described the models ready to enter the podium. To transform each of them in Ophelias, as if they were right from Pre-Raphaelite paintings, she emphasized the glowing pale skin. Foundations and highlighters were her top aides in achieving the desired effect. And Pat was able to do that through the haze of light gray shadows applied on the eyelid of each model.

Valentino Paris

But with all Pat’s diligence to create an image of Ophelia, the make up was not enough. All the effect could be achieved with the hairstyles. The famous hair stylist Guido Palau was the one who took care of that. He decided to make Ophelia look as if she was just coming out of the cold water, similar as in the paintings from the middle of XIX, created by the British artist John Everett Millais. To do this, Guido first arranged model’s hair in soft waves, and then took care of the wet hair effect. To achieve it, he used a large amount of spray for shine. After this abundant application, the impression that the models hair is wet was achieved. Dividing them into parting, Guido grabbed them in one lower strand of hair, but not tight, to not get a classic tail. Note that this hairstyle can brighten any summer romantic image. And when you consider that the effect of wet hair is already among the top summer trends, try it on you.

Valentino Makeup Valentino hairstyles Valentino hairstyles Valentino hairstyles

Mirror reflection — Christian Dior

Christian Dior

The makeup from the Christian Dior show can be definitively called the makeup of the future. Futuristic silver “wings”, which became the sole focus in the images of the models – is the result of Peter Phillips jewelry work. Over the weekend, in preparation for the show, he had to cut by his own the sticky silver paper in thin strips of 70 pairs-arcs! Then, these strips played their role as the eyeliner in the makeup. “I wanted to add one element that would look very contrast against the background and artificially” – confessed Phillips. Gluing the “wings” on the eyelids of models participating in fashion shows, the makeup artist added on top and bottom a mixture of white and yellow eye-shadows. And in order to distract the attention from the mirror “eyeliner”, Peter made ​​sure that the skin on the face of the girls was silky smooth and fresh.

Christian Dior Christian Dior Christian Dior

Not a woman, but a mystery — Armani Prive

Armani Prive Paris

Want to know how a “modern couture” look like? Take a gander at the makeup from the new Armani Prive collection. The makeup artist, Linda Cantello, who took care of the creation of images for models, gave up to all classical techniques – the red lipstick and black wings – all these associated with elegance and femininity. Linda decided instead to make a little sloppy, but at the same time very noble eye makeup, which creates the effect of blurred, enigmatic and mysterious sight. The makeup artist underlined the eyes (both upper and lower eyelids) with a dark gray pencil, creating thick lines instead of thin and at the outer corner of the eyes she blended it very well. The makeup turned slightly “smeared” but very expressive. The pale skin tone was the main key here and no blush was applied. If you need to create the image of a mysterious woman, take these techniques into consideration.

Armani Prive Armani Prive Makeup