London Fashion Week Fall-Winter 2020-2021

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London fashion week is often called the brightest, freedom loving and eccentric in the entire fashion program of the month – against the backdrop of the usual trends, they always offer something new and unexpected. This season, the designers seemed more restrained than usual. Many trends have become a logical development of those already known to us, and some of the roads to our wardrobe will only start next winter. We talk about the most interesting trends of the coming season and show how designers offer us to wear things that are already familiar to us.

London fashion week fall winter 2020 2021


Red and pink have always prevailed. The first was regularly called fatal and seductive, the second was considered too childish and frivolous, but now the first and second have escaped these stereotypes. Therefore, in the new season we are wearing red already in a new role – as a simple base shade that can be easily integrated even in a office wardrobe. How? Victoria Beckham is showing us.

 Red color at London's fashion week fall winter 2020 2021


The most discreet accessory which we like because it (as well as a suitably selected bag or shoes) saves us when we do not have time to create complex and interesting outfits. You can also wear it over skirts and pants, as well as over jackets, just like Richard Malone.

London Fashion Week Fall Winter 2020 2021

Puffy Dresses

Molly Goddard has been experimenting with skirt shapes and sizes for a long time, offering similar light and lush dresses in the 2017 collection. Mary Katrantzou, for example, opened the show with puffy sparkling dress, full of feathers and frills, worn on the catwalk by Natalia Vodianova. Images in the spirit of neo-romanticism can be found in Roksanda. In such outfits, the main thing is not to get stuck in the door at the entrance to the party, but if everything goes well, the attention of others around you is guaranteed.

London Fashion Week Fall Winter 2020 2021 Dresses


The colored print consisting of diamonds and squares, which has always been associated with the preppy style, returns again – only now that it is less and less associated with the students’ uniform or references to Scottish history. Argyle pioneers are, of course, the Pringle of Scotland brand, but no less exciting alternatives this season can be found at A.W.A.K.E., Molly Goddard and Victoria Beckham.


Royal Stewart

The plaid from London Fashion Week always have an important place – the love of such colors among the inhabitants of Albion is in the blood. In the new season, we follow the most iconic and popular Royal Stewart print in the red and black palette.
London Fashion Week Fall Winter 2020 2021 stylish outfits


Pearl blue, aquamarine, crystal blue are the most pleasing and relaxing colors of the new season, which will become worthy competitors for the bright neon color palette, which we have saturated a little over the last two years. You can opt for a blue range coat or a corduroy blouse that will easily complement the minimalist look and will not make you invent complex sets every day.


Colored tights

Nostalgia is the strongest inspiration for designers and it seems that we should now turn to one of the brightest accessories for children – colored neylon tights. Last season, Miuccia Prada introduced the stockings over transparent knees, which proved to be quite elegant and discreet. But the British would not be British if they showed us simple and discreet options, so they decide to experiment with colors and prints, namely: we look for the craziest options and combine them with the simplest laconic tops.

London fashion week fall 2020 winter 2021 trends

Midi Skirts

The simplest combination of length in the new season will again be very current. The skirts of the British looked great, and the vast majority – they were below the knee. Those who are not ashamed to be shy and unusual can opt for options with large cutouts, such as those from A.W.A.K.E. And if you have been searching for the perfect skirt for the office for a long time, go to the new Victoria Beckham collection.

Fashion midi skirts london fall winter 2020 2021

Head bands

The trend that the designers tested in the spring and summer 2020 collections continues to evolve. Wearing head bands and circles of different sizes, with a bright and attractive decoration is done both in the hot season and in the cold season. The most basic and practical options can be found in Molly Goddard, elegant and luxurious, with crystals, feathers and large pearls, at Simone Rocha.


Colored backgrounds

Ideas, as you well know, can come from anywhere. In the new season, the designers were inspired by the recognized retro interiors and the rich palace decoration. Elegant dresses, floral prints familiar to us, only now such outfits resemble furniture upholstery or antique upholstery. Richard Quinn has the greatest variety: he presented dresses with fluffy skirts and puffy sleeves, decorated with small and attractive ornaments. Therefore, if you are thinking of sewing a dress for the new season, take a piece of retro floral wallpaper with you in the studio or take a picture with an old sofa.

Londoin fashion fall 2020 winter 2021 prints