Layered Haircuts: Tips and Ideas

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Layered haircuts can be the ideal choice for those people who want to change their image without losing their hair length. The popularity of this haircut is due to the fact that it fits perfectly with any woman, regardless of age, face shape, hair color and texture. Te hair cut in layers gains a healthy, fresh look and an extra volume.

Layered haircuts female

Layered Haircuts: Main Advantages

1. As we have already said, layers fit virtually all face shapes. Moreover, this haircut can well conceal certain imperfections. For example, an oval face can be visually transformed into a more elongated one, it can alleviate prominent chin and visible cheekbones present in the square and triangular forms of the face, and the oval face will look even more perfect because layers can accentuate that perfect shape.

How to do a layered haircut


2. The structure of the hair also can not influence the end result too much. For example, a thin or fine hair may seem more voluminous because hair appears visually thicker. To get a maximum result, you’ll need to apply a mousse on your hair and dry your hair using a hair drier with specially designed nozzles. If your hair has a heavy and thick hair, then the haircut will eliminate that “extra weight”, making the hair more obedient and lighter.

layered hairstyle

Celebrities with layered haircut

There is the opinion that layers are not suitable for natural wavy hair because the curls hide the exact features of the haircut, but this opinion is completely erroneous. Layers will look very romantic, feminine and delicate. Its unusual shape will give the look some artistic chaos. If, however, the emphasis is on the haircut lines, then the curls can be straightened at any time using the hair straightener.

Layered curly hair

3. This haircut can refresh the image without losing much of its length in a few seconds. Only the hair strands that embrace the face will be modified, which is important for those people who want to grow their hair.

4. Layered haircut can be easily and simply arranged. By choosing the best option for yourself, you will need only 10-15 minutes

Advantages of layered haircuts for medium length hair

Womens layered haircut

Layered or Waterfall Haircut: What is the difference?

It is not a secret that many representations of beautiful sex imply that waterfall and layers are one and the same haircut. In fact, they are very similar, but they differ quite a bit. Both haircuts are executed to give the hair volume. Both look good on both long hair and short hair; both on the ideal hair smooth and wavy. At first glance, model-like haircuts differ from one another by the print execution technique, the styling methods and the final appearance. Thus, the layered haircut has been known for a very long time. This is often referred to as “graduated” haircut. Hairs remind us of some ladders, from where the name of this haircut came. The simplest enforcement technique is to tighten your hair in a tail at the head or at the top of your head and just shorten your hair a few times using the scissors. To cut a woman with curly hair, this technique may be enough. Making the true layered haircut involves splitting the hair in hairs and cutting them so that each strand is a little longer than the previous one.

The waterfall haircut involves a more difficult execution technique. The hair in the temple area is shorter and the ones below are longer. As a result, the face will look as if it is framed in hairs of different lengths. Here is another characteristic distinction: the actual shift from the different length of the hair is not hidden as in layers, but on the contrary, it is accentuated. The hairs of different length, hanging, are the ice on the cake of this haircut.

Layered Haircut for Long Hair

This haircut is ideal for long hair lovers who want to refresh their look without cutting the length. Layers fit perfectly any face shape: round, triangular, oval and square. This is explained by the fact that long hair has different lengths in the area of the lines of the face, which will make it possible to correct possible facial imperfections. For example, the hair twisted inside will approach an elongated face to the ideal oval shape. A skillful craftsman knows all the possible techniques of layered haircut for long hair.

long layered haircut

layered haircuts for long hair

Layered Haircut for Medium Length Hair

Any woman with a medium length hair can afford this haircut, which can significantly give hair volume due to the fact that the shorter hairs on the top will be very light and vaporous. Sometimes woman prefer thinned haircuts on long or medium length hair. In this case, the layered haircut in the back of the head will be made of separate thinned hairs. Often, some hair stylists perform this haircut using some pretty dangerous blades, which finally make the hairstyle a very original one.

Layered haircuts for mid length hair

layers on medium length hair

Layered Haircut for Short Hair

Such a haircut will give hair not only a volume but also a feminine silhouette. A contrasting, sophisticated, well-structured contour is one of the most elegant and modern solutions. This hairstyle is based on a multi-layered haircut. The control hair strands are selected in the neck area. Ideally, they should not be longer than at least 5 centimeters. It is from these hairs that the length and depth of all subsequent “ladders” will be taken into account. In this case, the hair structure will play an important role. Such a hairstyle will look great on a wavy or smooth hair. This haircut pattern is characterized by a soft contour that nicely embraces the face and head. Each subsequent (post-control) layer has a length that allows you to create a customized circuit with which you can easily adjust the face oval. The ladder will lightly reveal the neck, closing the temporal part. Particularly stylish and beautiful looks this complicated contour with sophisticated bangs and side strands. The extra volume at the top visually elongates the face, representing the ideal decision for people with round face shape.

Layered haircuts for short hair

Short hair layers

Haicuts for Blonde hair

Layered Haircut with Bangs

This haircut also admits the presence of the most varied types of bangs. They can be asymmetrical, short, vertical, thick. The indisputable advantage of these haircuts is the individual silhouette. A correctly chosen bang can make true miracles.

layered haircut with fringe

Fringed layered haircuts

Layered Haircut for Wavy Hair

Layered haircuts look good even on curly hair, though not as expressive as on straight hair. In this case, it is important to know how this haircut is properly arranged. If a hair drier is used during hairstyling, the curls will begin to “puff” and look messy. To properly arrange the hair, we recommend that you use a mousse that will not hurt your hair, but will accentuate each separate strand.

Layered haircut for curly hair

for wavy hair

Layered Haircuts: styling options

There are many ways to style this haircut. Let’s see which are the most popular.

1. Hair ends inwards. Prepare the hairdryer, a round brush and the required styling products. Dry all hair strands with accurate twisting movements. Direct the flow of hot air to the top of the hair. Such hairstyle will fit only smooth strands and will accentuate the gradual passage from one length to the other, and the heads twisted inward will beautifully embody the face oval.

Layered hairstyles with side bangs



2. Hair ends outwards. This will make your look more playful and cheerful. In the styling process, the same products will be used, as in paragraph 1, but the hair will turn outward. The hairstyle is ideal for both straight hair and slightly wavy hair and only for girls who have an oval shape of the face.

Layered haircuts outwards


medium layered female haircuts

3. Straight hair ends. This extravagant hairstyle will be suitable for going to a nightclub and will successfully complement the look of a beautiful girl. The hairstyle highlights the natural volume of the strands, which is definitely contraindicated to those who have a thin and fine hair. To create such a hairstyle, it requires very strong fixings such as a gel or a hair wax. Apply the chosen product to the hair tips with your fingers. This way you can emphasize the different lengths of all the strings and the gradual structure of the haircut. Dry the hair with the hair drier straightening the air from the top to the bottom, gently stretching the separate strands. This type of hairstyle fits only the straight hair.

Layered hairstyles for straight hair



4. Natural Curls. We’re talking about styling curly hair. And we will repeat once again that the use of hair drier in this case is not allowed. Apply the mousse on the hair to create the necessary curls. Using your fingers, arrange the curls so that the difference in length an be seen. Spray the result with a hair spray.

curly layered hairstyle


5. Stylish mess. Divide your hair in a few large strands. Take one strand, apply a mousse and twist it in a tight knot. Take your hair plate and go over the twisted strand. Release the knot and as a result you must obtain a messy curl. Repeat the same actions with the other strands. Arrange the hair with your hands and fix your hair with a hair spray.

Stylish layered haircuts


Stylish layered haircuts for long hair

Layered Haircuts: care tips

For haircut to maintain its shape and hair to stay healthy and mobile, we recommend that you consider the following care tips:

  • Attend a hairdresser 1-2 times a month to cut approx. 1.5 cm of hair length.
  • Choose hairstylists who know how to work with hot scissors, with which the hair structure remains unaffected.
  • Take care of hair ends. Do not forget that split ends are the only contraindication to this haircut. To avoid this problem, use thermal protection products, nourish hair and scalp skin with nourishing oils, apply hydration masks.

Layered Haircuts: images


blonde medium layered haircuts



brunette layered haircuts




best layered haircuts




bob layered haircuts









As you can see, layered haircuts can make true miracles with the image and look of a woman. It is important to know how to arrange it properly and take care of your hair to look really fabulous!

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