How to wear leggings

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It seems only jeans can compete with leggings by popularity but there are times when jeans simply are not suitable and leggings can save the situation. It is no secret that some consider this garment as being vulgar, and we will endeavor to change this erroneous opinion.

This misconception about leggings appeared because some people do not match properly leggings with other clothing items. Inappropriate and tasteless match is the problem of those who do not know how to wear them. Leggings are practical, comfortable and very modest. To not look vulgar it is enough to not wear them with short jackets, forgetting about skirt!


So, how to wear leggings in order to look stylish and sexy?

Leggings that appeared in the distant 80’s represent freedom and the values of western style, and with the passing years, their popularity has not decreased, but on the contrary. Leggings’ fame on fashion catwalks is due to their convenience, the ability to highlight the beauty of the body, elegance and diversity of decor elements. If worn properly, you can look sexy, stylish and harmonious.

Light color leggings

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We will say from the start that prominent ladies are not allowed to wear leggings, or they can, but only with long tunics, knitwear dresses, coats with mid-thigh length. Although, slender ladies aren’t also allowed to wear such garment because they make legs look even weaker and not put them in a good light. In this case, you can opt for leggings with prints that make legs look more toned; among these are vegetable or abstract prints, horizontal stripes or plaid. To make your legs look visually slimmer, opt for leggings with vertical stripes in dark colors and small size drawings that are placed vertically.


One of the basic condition that ensures a harmonious combination leggings with the top wear, is to use a monochromatic clothing and some colored leggings, or vice versa. Sometimes when there are certain combinations of colors, you can not follow this condition, but this only refers to girls with perfect shapes and no less than ideal tastes!


How to wear black leggings

Leggings may have different sizes. Those with mid-thigh length ideally harmonize with a pair of textile or leather shorts, denim, with mini skirts, both tight-fitting, as well as fluffy, long shirts and tunics. Leggings are an ideal option for long knitted dresses, long sweaters, vests and coats.

high waisted

There are knee length leggings that are perfect for practicing sports and for ladies who have a beautiful knee shape. As you know, only a small proportion of the female population has ideal knees shapes, the rest will only emphasize that knees are too high, are located too close to each other or on the contrary, are spaced apart. Knee high leggings does not match dresses and tunics, they can be worn only with a shirt or a tunic ten centimeters shorter than leggings.

Tights can be an alternative to stockings, but rarely can replace pants. Remember, you can not wear tights without “cover”. Mainly this option is considered very vulgar. Therefore, do not wear leggings with short clothes.

How to wear colored leggings

How to wear leggings: rule number two: the shorter are the upper clothes, the thicker must be leggings. The underwear must not be visible in any case, that denotes a lack of education!

Rule number three: The texture of legging has to be different than the texture of the clothes to wear with. Thick leggings match warm clothes such as sweaters and knitted dresses, while thin and lacy leggings with tunics and summer dresses.

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Ladies black lace leggings

Not all types of footwear can be worn with leggings. Sandals rarely look good, ideally is to wear them with a pair of shoes, boots, long boots, gladiator sandals and ballerinas. Sport shoes can be worn with leggings just to make sport.

How to wear leggings with prints

If you are planning to go to a party, opt for denim printed jeggings, lace or in bright colors, while for daily use, choose monochromatic leggings in soft colors.


elegant classic

Possessing this information, no lady will get in a bad situation matching leggings with unappropriate clothes!

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