How to choose the best hairstyles for your face shape

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There are 5 types of face shapes: round, oval, square, rectangular and triangular. Each face shape requires individual choice of hairstyle that will emphasize perfection and will hide imperfections.

Hairstyle for different face shapes

How to choose a hairstyle for a particular face shape

Every woman tends to have her own style, to create an unrepeatable look. However, not all manage to choose the perfect hairstyle because it is more difficult than to learn how to dress properly and stylish. Of course one option is to go to a beauty salon and ask a hairstylist to arrange your hair or to make a new haircut, but will it be a successful experiment? For example, a haircut for short hair is ideal for a type of women, and it is absolutely contraindicated to other types of women.

Face shape

The main criteria that will be considered when choosing a hairstyle are not clothes and not fashion magazine, but your face shape. A well executed hairstyle is the guarantee that you will succeed (if applicable) to change the proportions of the face, for example, a too round face can be visually made to look slightly elongated, the elongated the contrary, to give it a feminine roundness.

In general, there are five known types of face shapes and many hairstyles that can be ideal for each particular case.

Hairstyle for oval face shape

If your face has an oval shape, then you can consider yourself lucky! This is the ideal shape for modeling any hairstyle. You can opt for bangs or you can gather all your hair, bare or cover your ears, make a high hairstyle or wear the hair back … You can choose side parting or parting in the middle, a ponytail, brides or asymmetrical hairstyle . In a word, oval face allows you to experiment with hairstyles to infinity!

Oval face hairstyles

How to choose a hairstyle for oval face shape

Oval face can sometimes look without relief; therefore, you have to visually narrow the shape of the face, to elongate it so it looked like oval face. To do this, stylists advise to choose a hairstyle with high-volume and straight or on one side bangs. Ideally, if you look at the styling from the front, it should resemble a cone whose tip is the chin.

Oval face shape

Not recommended: smooth combed hair: the uncovered face will become rounder and flatter. It is not recommended to wear middle parting and side curls. If possible, bangs must be asymmetrical.

How to choose a hairstyle for rectangular face shape

Owners of such face shape, have a fairly broad forehead, completed with a long chin leaving the impression that the face is narrow and elongated.

hairstyles for rectangular face shape

In this case, the excessive length may be masked by semi straight or straight bangs, reaching the eyebrows line. Very nice will look the hairstyle on hair with the length up to prominent cheekbones, whose ends are twisted inside. Equally beautiful looks the volume hairstyle, but fairly soft, which discreetly frames the oval of the elongated face.

Not recommended: long and straight hair! This will make the face look more elongated. Also, we don’t recommend to open the ears and to wear the hair up, removed from forehead. Don’t opt for vertical lines in hairstyles.

How to choose a hairstyle for triangular face shape

If you have prominent cheek bones and narrow chin then you are the owner of a triangular face shape. It is not a catastrophe, you will just have to learn how to skillfully mask this feature. The crossing lines from prominent cheekbones to narrow chin must be as soft as possible. For this purpose, the ideal hairstyle that suits you is the one that is mostly voluminous in ear lobe line (another option, a few centimeters below it).

hairstyles for triangular face shape

There is another entirely different decision for the set purpose. If, instead, you want to emphasize the sudden passing from prominent cheekbones to narrow chin, you’ll get a typical unusual beauty. For execution, it is enough to create a high hairdo, completed with a thick bangs of medium length and let the ears semi covered.

Not recommended: to opt for very short bangs and to excessively comb the side hair.

How to choose a hairstyle for square face shape

Such shape of the face is easily recognizable: it is characterized by wide jaw line and a chin as wide. Unlike oval face, the square looks like it is hard and angular. We must make these lines softer, and in order to achieve this, the hairstyle volume will be made at the top of the head and not on the temples area.

Hairstyles for square face shape

Very nice look asymmetrical hairstyles, starting with bangs or vertical parting, and ending with hair of different length in the lateral sides of the face.

Hairstyles for square face shape

Not recommended: straight and thick bangs, completely covering the forehead. Such bangs will emphasize the square chin. Give up on hair updo, which opens the forehead. High hair creates symmetry, which is not recommended for you! Curls in the neck area aren’t recommended either. Better opt for ponytail and stylish asymmetric bangs.

Sit in front of a mirror with a marker or a lipstick tracing outlines of your face. The obtained shape is your face shape. Now you know for sure which hairstyles suit, and which don’t!

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