Handbags Fall 2015

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What is that thing a woman can’t do without, of course it is a handbag. The handbag is women’s secret weapon. You can find inside it most unusual objects, that at first sight shouldn’t be there, but we can not with with nature and this desire to carry all things into handbags comes from early childhood.


The handbag must be not only stylish but also spacious and practical. Handbags are not enough to have only one because each outfit requires an individual model of accessory. Designers took care of that and presented in the collections for Fall 2015 a vast variety of handbags.

Handbags Fall

In the new season famous designers advice to purchase handbags of different styles, sizes and colors. You can stop your selection on a clutch, a big classic model or an ultra-fashionable fur handbag. But don’t forget to purchase with the handbag a smile because since early centuries is the main accessory and attire of a woman.

Fur handbags

Models of fur bags were seen in the collections of several designers. Agree, this is quite an interesting option especially for the cold season. The fur bag is designed to warm the vulnerable feminine soul, in cold autumn evenings. Although, a good coffee and a good company will also work in this case.


Reptile leather handbags

Reptile leather handbags were and will always be in fashion. This is an expensive article, and each woman would like to have one. Such bag characterizes a lady with a delicate taste, who knows not only her price but of her life as well.


Bags made ​​of genuine and varnished leather

Those who are not ready to decorate their look with products made of reptile skin, designers offer to acquire the classics – leather or varnished handbags. The size of such products varies from small to large. Sometimes it seems that in such a bag could fit half of your wardrobe, but it is not like that. Women’s bag is always full of useful things, at least, the ladies feel that way.


Handbags 2015

Handbags with prints

In Fall 2015 handbags can be worn in a variety of prints. It can be flowers, geometric designs or animal print.



Handbags with additional decorations

Some trendsetters are not satisfied enough with bright colors so they decorated their articles with additional decorations. It may be stones, sequins, belts, chains, fur or even feathers.



Vintage handbags

Everything new is well-forgotten old. Don’t forget about that when choosing a handbag. Vintage models are perfect for girls loving the retro style.


Briefcase handbag

The briefcase handbag is another must have of Fall 2015. Such model can be considered universal because it can be perfectly combined with various shoes and coats.



Handbags with chains

Small handbag intersecting the shoulder is top of elegance. They can be harmoniously combined with coats in any cuts and colors, and what else is needed for autumn walks or going to the movies?


Box bags

Another fashionable model of handbags in Fall 2015 is the box bag. They can be carried in hand or hang on the shoulder, but most importantly is that such an element will not allow you to stay beyond the latest trends.

Box bags


Nowadays, we can’t get along without a small and stylish handbag. And it’s even better if we have several. Despite its size, the clutch bag has a great importance in creating a look. You can use it to decorate the most ordinary outfit or add refinement to an evening dress.


No matter what model of handbag you will choose, don’t forget to put in it your favorite lipstick. These two details are the lifesavers for every woman and will save them in any unpredictable situation. Or at least will give them confidence.


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