Hairstyles for Round Faces

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Among all existing face shapes we distinguish the following: squared, oval, rounded, triangular, pear shaped, heart shape, diamond, etc. The only ideal shape is considered the oval, which tend to get owners of other face shapes. However, girls with oval faces are less. Well and what should to do most of them, who doesn’t have the ideal shape according to the modern canons? Stylists have invented thousands of ways to correct face shape and make it somewhat ideal with makeup, hairstyles, and accessories. Today we will talk about the round face shape and about the best hairstyles for ladies with such shapes.

Hairstyles for round face

Hairstyles for round face with tapping

Owners of a round face are often very complex in terms of the face shape they have. Unfortunately, rounded cheekbones indeed can add its owner a few extra pounds. But this can be easily avoided if you know a few important rules on choosing a hairstyle. So, the first thing you need to do is to visually elongate the face. The simplest and most effective method is to add volume to the top. If you do not know how to add volume, simply visually divide into two equal parts the forehead and add above a volume that will cover half of the forehead. This can be achieved with a ponytail with a dense tapping, or may be any other hairstyle. It is not forbidden to open the forehead, if you have created a sufficient volume at the top of the head. However, ribbons and headbands are not the best friends for the girls with a round face.

Haircuts for round face

round shaped face

Short haircuts for round faces

Stylists do not recommend short haircuts to girls with round face. A long hair, even if not very shining and thick may be in this case more suitable than the haircut. But if you can not live without a haircut and if it is an indispensable part of your style, then choose a haircut with maximum volume on top and minimum volume at the bottom. Do not forget that we tend to chase, to elongate the face, to hide the cheeks and highlight the cheekbones. A suitable option is the pixie haircut and also the elongated version of bob haircut, but without straight bangs! Page boy haircut and other similar do not fit if you want to visually narrow and elongate your oval face.

Round face haircuts

Round faced celebrities


Types of bangs for round face

As for bangs, the ideal option would be asymmetrical, tapered or layered bangs. The bangs similar to Brigitte Bardot’s will look ideal on round face. The top volume and asymmetrical bangs that runs down the forehead will miraculously hide the imperfections and disadvantages of a round face.

bangs for round shaped face

Hairstyles for long hair

Long hair is the perfect choice for girls with round face. It can be straight hair with straight parting, or can be beautiful curls. In the latter case, we recommend curls to be done not from above, but from the chin area. Long hair is an ideal way to hide the cheeks and draw vertical lines with which our face will look more oval and more elongated.

Long hair round face

Medium hair hairstyles for round face

There are many medium length hair hairstyles for round face, but all are based on severe principles. First, you do not have to choose those hairstyles that cover the ears, revealing our round face. Second, don’t opt for ponytails and braids without volume. The less volume you’ll have on your head, the more you will see your round shape of the face. Conversely, the more effect of chaos and negligence you’ll create, the better your outcome will be. And the third “no” is the medium hair with big large curls. Particularly, if they start from the cheekbones. In such case, you’ll get the unintended effect of a round face.

Medium haired celebrities with round face


The most simple and easy execution and arranging of a hairstyle for round face is the cascade hair. The more levels, the better. It’s not a problem if your hair is longer in the front and shorter at the top of the head. This will give an extra volume and will be closer to the desired result, namely a beautiful oval face.


We also want to present a few more trendy hairstyles for round faces, which are ideal for everyday and for special events.

Hairstyles for round faces

Evening hairstyles for round face



O A correct hairstyle is the first step to getting a beautiful and correct face shape. Other details can be easily corrected with makeup!

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