Hairstyles for square face shape

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There are several types of face shapes among which: round, oval, elongated, square, triangular, rhombus. Some stylists also add diamond and heart shape. But oval face has always been considered an ideal face shape. This is the shape most want to achieve when making the visual correction of the face. However, this does not mean that if you have square or round face, something is wrong. You will just have to choose the right hairstyle, makeup and clothes taking into account your face shape.

Today we will talk about squared face ladies. This shape is very popular among movie stars and show business; remember Penelope Cruz, Angelina Jolie, Sandra Bullock and Paris Hilton. And the list goes on. These celebrities always look lovely, though they don’t own an ideal face shape, due to the hard work of dozens of stylists and makeup artists. Today we will try by ourselves to choose a stylish and beautiful hairstyle for a square face, which will give a very good look.

Hairstyles for square face shape

Hairstyles for square face shape (long hair)

If you like your long hair very much, then you will not be forced to make sacrifices because the main rule in the correction of the square face is to create verticality and visually elongate the forehead and chin. Long hair middle parting is what suits you. Long straight hair will make your face look narrower and longer, and the middle parting will create the needed verticality.

hairstyle for square face shape long hair

Owners of great and playful curls will also be able to correct the square face with the long hair leaned back. But here must be followed the main rule: maximum volume on top of the head and on the entire length hair. Raise the waves at the roots using products for conferring volume and let the loose curls fall down on shoulders. This way you will not only elongate the face, but also create softer contours.

Blonde hair

Hairstyles for square face shape (medium hair)

Owners of a long or medium length hair can also opt for layer haircuts and cascading. Asymmetrical hairstyles for long hair also look very well. Their main task is to distract the attention from square lines of the face and to elongate to the max.

Squared face stars

Medium hair hairstyles for square face

Best hairstyles for square face shape

Hairstyles for square face shape (short hair)

Do you want to distract the attention from square jaw lines? Then you need to opt for elongated pageboy hairstyles that drops below the chin and are rounded in the neck area. In this case, you will not need bangs. As for the parting, then you may choose between middle parting and side parting, or it can miss completely. We should mention that not all ladies suit middle parting, so if you are not sure you will feel good, you’d better not risk.

Hairstyle for square face and short hair

Many ladies mistakenly consider that straight and thick bangs can hide the square forehead. But this is absolutely wrong. The ideal option for square face is the total lack of bangs, as this in turn (especially if it is thick and straight) will create a horizontal line and will “cut” the face, thus obtaining undesirable effect. If for some reason you are not ready to give up on bangs, then choose an asymmetric one, which partially covers the forehead. Such bangs will look nice in bob hairstyle, rounded in the neck area and covering the bottom of the chin.


The most undesirable option is the right bangs. The only thing that can remedy such a situation is the tapered bangs, so as it look rare, but the rest hairstyle must simultaneously be thick and with volume, and necessarily below the chin, ideally until the shoulder blades.

Short tapered hair

Short haired celebrities with square face

We present to your attention some other options of stylish and extremely interesting hairstyles for square face shape:




Hopefully the collage with hairstyles for square face shapes will help you find the ideal option for you. Experiment every day and you will surely get the desired result!

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