Best Haircuts for Women Fall-Winter 2016-2016

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Every woman wants to always remain very appealing, young and stylish. That is why millions of fashionistas spend so much time and effort to create their own image. However, considering that the mood of women is always in a constant transformation, it is no wonder that they can change also their image with a high speed as well. Today she has a short bob and tomorrow hair extensions with playful curls. The changing of the hairstyle and haircut is considered by women a radical change, as a step after which life takes another turn. However, in order for these changes to correspond with the lifestyle that she has, the haircuts must be not only beautiful, but also modern. Namely about modern haircuts for fall-winter 2016-2016 seasons we will talk in this article.

Haircuts 2016 2017 long medium short hair

Short haircuts Fall-Winter 2016-2016

If you have decided to make radical changes, we recommend paying attention short bob and pixie haircut, which will become very popular in the new autumn-winter season. In addition, experts have shown us an obvious enthusiasm for unisex style thanks to that fashionistas can choose the typically male type haircuts as boyish pixie, pampadour or Elvis style. It is not new that most short haircuts have a very big advantage for women – with the help of such looks, a woman has the opportunity to visually look younger than she actually is. In addition, it is much easier to take care after a short haircut and short hair than long hair. Isn’t this a feminine happiness – to look groomed, young and stylish with minimal expenditure of time? Examples of modern haircuts on short hair were demonstrated during the fashion show by Boss, Balmain, Céline, Derek Lam, Salvatore Ferragamo, Prada, Givenchy, Vivienne Westwood, Rag & Bone, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu, Bottega Veneta, Vera Wang, Burberry Prorsum.

haircuts for short hair Fall-Winter 2016-2016

short haircuts with bangs

Fall 2016 haircuts for women

trendy short layered

short oval face

Short hair haircuts 2016 2017

popular curly short hair

short layered bob

round face short hair

short haircuts for curly hair

Medium haircuts Fall-Winter 2016-2016

The medium length is the most popular because it can be easily corrected without loss of hair length. In addition, haircuts executed in such length are pretty universal, due to which they look good on various women. In this respect, the top position is occupied by all kinds of layers and cascade haircuts, which this year lost their finesse, gloss and smoothness in favor of disorder, and sometimes even in favor of obvious negligence. It looks like hair stylists decided to ease the life of modern woman because from this day forward, trendy hairstyles and haircuts will be like you “just woke up”. Layered and cascade haircuts look ideal on owners of round face and also of those who have thick hair. A great popularity will also enjoy the elongated asymmetrical bob haircut because it is perfect for this particular hair length. All spectrum of modern haircuts for autumn-winter 2016-2016 on medium hair was presented by Nina Ricci, Michael Kors, Derek Lam, Nina Ricci, Salvatore Ferragamo, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Gucci, Bottega Veneta, Saint Laurent, Burberry Prorsum.

Medium length haircuts 2016 2017

medium layered haircuts

medium with bangs

haircut for women fall 2017

medium length haircut for women

Medium length layered hair

haircuts 2016

medium curly modern

Haircuts 2016 2017 medium length hair

oval face medium 2017

medium bob round face styles

curly medium hair

Haircuts for long hair Fall-Winter 2016-2016

Despite all the recent developments that have affected the fashion world, some things remain unchanged, especially fashion for long healthy hair. If you are the owner of long hair, then you can stay without worrying about the relevance of your haircut and hairstyle. The hair left loose on the back or bohemian curls in standard layers or cascade- it’s everything you need for an elegant image. On the other hand, as pointed from fashion shows, in trend are ideal haircuts that give the hair a well groomed and clean aspect. Based on these haircuts, you can create a huge number of different hairstyles and settings, from the right hair left loose on the back and to all kinds of retro hairstyles and braids. In addition, long hair can be perfectly combined with smooth, structured and asymmetrical bangs. Fans long hair proved to be Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta, Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, Alexander Wang, Donna Karan, Valentino, Roberto Cavalli, Céline.

Haircuts for long hair Fall Winter 2016-2016

long hair haircuts designs

long layered

long curly 2017

long with bangs

Haircuts 2017

layered long hair

round face elongated bob

modern for long hair

haircuts 2016 2017 plong hair

oval face long

long straight hair

Now we will say a few words about trendy colors in the fall-winter season. We must remember that the main trend of the coming cold season is naturalness. For this reason, on the catwalk could be seen a large number of models that had natural hair color. Most commonly was seen the red and brown hair, although we should mention that also could be seen bolder variations. For example, Gucci and Louis Vuitton decorated the heads of their models with pale pink hair strands.

modern haircuts for women

Long curly hair haircuts 2016 2017

long v-shaped

long layered with bangs 2016 2017

Now you know what haircuts should wear women in autumn-winter 2016-2016 seasons. Modern women will surely be pleased by the fact that the new cold season will be in fashion maximum simplicity and naturalness. The main emphasis is on the appearance of hair, specifically its health and texture. As shown on catwalks, trendy will be again pixie bob haircuts, layered and cascade haircuts, which can be decorated with different partings and any type of bangs.

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