Haircuts with Long Bangs

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How can the extraordinary popularity of long bangs be explained. Let’s see further.

Stylists call the long bang universal because it suits most women. For this haircut to look nice, it must be chosen depending on age, type of haircut and face shape, but in any case, a skillful hair stylist will always find that option that will be appropriate to each particular case.

Haircuts ideas with long bangs

The oval of the face can be corrected with the help of the long bang. For example, bangs can hide the corners that are characteristic of the square shape of the face, or may visually elongate a round face. This is best seen in the oblique bang. However, it must be borne in mind that the oblique long bangs can visually shrink the face, and this will be considered by ladies with small proportions.

This type of bang also fits perfectly any type of haircut, even on the hair with a different length and texture. Certainly, in this chapter the right hair is the most appropriate, but, with proof of insistence and desire, the curls can also be used. However, those who own a thick hair, will have to use the hair drier and hair plate to get the desired effect.

The stylists have created a lot of long bangs, including the very long, asymmetrical, rare and oblique. Choosing a particular type will depend on your taste, the shape of the face and the look in general.

Most modern stylists claim that this trick gives the image originality, mystery, romance and sexuality. Long bangs may in one second decrease in age, which will appeal to middle-aged ladies.

Haircuts with long bangs for short hair

Given a lack of time, short hairstyles gather more and more fans each year. As is well known, arranging such haircuts requires very little time and material resources. All you have to do is wash your hair, apply some modeling products, give it some shape and dry it. Additionally, short hair amateurs turned out to be those ladies who want to take a few years of age, because stylists around the world say with a loud voice that short hairstyles can do wonders with the contours of the face. If the short haircut is completed with a long bang that covers a large part of the forehead with mimic wrinkles, then the image of a blonde lady is simply guaranteed. Among the most demanding and stylish short haircuts have been found to be garcon haircut, pixie, pege, bob, carre, sessun. The variations of these haircuts are many, including long curly hair with curly and straight hair, textured and graduated, creative bobs with clear contour lines and long bangs, bob with soft contour lines, bob with lateral hairs intentionally left long, textured bob with oblique and long bangs, variants in grunge style, short waterfalls etc.

Short haircuts with long bangs

Long thinned bangs

Long straight bangs

Pixie cut with long bangs



Haircuts for short hair with long side bangs

However, a great popularity is attributed to the haircuts, which supose that the neck area is very short or even shaved, combined with a long and smooth bang. Such options will look great if the long bang is straightened with the hair plate and arranged on one side or in front. For such haircuts to look refined and bohemian, fashionists will have to care for hair well, using professional masks, conditioners, shampoos and other similar care products. However, on the opposite side of the ideal smooth bang, a popularity have options with long textured and a bit ruffled bangs. At the base of these messy hairstyles are of course rock and grunge styles, which in recent years try to find their reflection in all areas of fashion art.

Haircuts with bangs for short hair


long fringe for short hair

Haircuts for blond hair with bangs



Long asymmetric bangs for short hair




long bangs for round faces



Haircuts with long bangs for medium length hair

In the opinion of many stylists, the medium length hair is the most acceptable and demanding. This is that length, from which many beautiful, feminine and stylish haircuts can be made, with the help of which a woman can look nice and attractive in any situation. In addition, most haircuts for medium length hair do not take much time for arranging, which is just as important for those ladies who have a lot of work and at home, and at work. Moreover, haircuts for medium length hair offer the opportunity to put creativity in motion and to achieve artistic ideas. Particularly beautiful these hairstyles look with long bangs that can bring that icing on the cake to a woman’s look.

Bob, carre
We do not have to convince you about the universality and how demanded these haircuts are, they have been and will remain the most fashionable and more popular. Such mid hair haircuts are presented in various variations and shapes. The shape and length of the bang can be very different, and the long bang is the ideal option, as it gives a look of mystery and sensitivity. The long bangs which fall romantically on the face oval, can be both structured and smooth, or maybe even one with a natural shape and texture.

Haircuts for medium length hair with long bangs

Bob with long bangs


 Haircuts with long bangs celebrities

styles with long bangs




Medium haircuts with long bangs

Layered, graduated, stepped or waterfall hairstyles
Such options are equally very universal and are simply created for very thick or very thin hair. In the first case, with these hairstyles you can “ease” the head slightly, while in the second case, on the contrary, give the hair that missing volume. Stepped and graduated haircuts look particularly beautiful on hair with balayage, ombre coloring and contrast shades. Besides this, these types of hair dyeing can be done both over the length of the hair and on the particular portions. For example, a long oblique bang looks awesome if a hair stylist give it some extravagant fire shades, or a bang dyed in ombre technique.

Haircuts for medium length hair with bangs



Haircuts for medium length hair with long asymmetric bangs




Long thinned bangs haircut for medium length hair


Haircuts with long bangs for long hair

Long hair with long bangs is a true classical genre. The long, beautiful curls are a real feminine jewel that you can admire for a long time. The most complicated hairstyles and haircuts from the long hair can be made. They can be layered waterfalls, asymmetrical layers, sculptural curls haircuts, grunge style hairstyles and more. You can play not only with haircut, but also with hair color. Namely, this length is best suited for creating the ombre effect, either for creating true artwork using contrast colors. Besides, sometimes it is enough just to emphasize the bangs to completely change the haircut, yourself and your karma.

Haircuts with long bangs long hair


Haircut ideas for long hair with bangs

long hair straight fringe




Womens haircuts with long bangs





Haircuts with long bangs and layers



Creative haircut ideas with long bangs

Every woman is characterized by the desire to always change, to try something new. Here you just have to decide what experience you are choosing. Do you just want to cut a few centimeters of hair, or change your image completely, dying your hair in contrasting shades, or creating a complicated asymmetric composition? Such original and unusual haircuts are called creative. From the beginning we will say that there is no clear definition of the creative haircut. In any case, this is a completely rooted out pattern, and as a rule, such haircuts are made with an original hair dye that finishes the look and gives it an original touch. Extremely extravagant are the short haircuts called garcon, with colored bangs. In this case, the shaved haircut can be untouched, and the bangs can be dyed in any desire. It is also a great choice when the bang is painted in several contrasting colors simultaneously and looks really nice especially if the bang is longer, because its length will depend on which colors to use. When choosing the option that you like, you will also need to consider the fact that such haircuts will make the most of you. You will need to take great care of your hair, choosing care products with special ingredients that will help you keep the chosen color as long as possible. In addition, you must rethink regularly to re-paint and straighten your hair, as otherwise your hairdo will risk becoming a formless and colorless mess.

Creative haircuts with long bangs


Haircut with long bangs ladies










Creative haircuts with long asymmetric bangs


We are sure you have convinced yourself of the multitude of existing long hairstyles. Some are distinguished by gradual and classic lines, while others are creative and extravagant. Such masterpieces can be made on virtually any hair length. It is important to trust your hairstylist and your irresistibility.

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