Hair Bun for Medium Length Hair

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Such an original, simple and stylish hairstyle as the hair bun becomes more and more popular every day. And no wonder since it fits perfectly with virtually any look and style. In addition, this hairstyle can be worn both by young ladies and by older ladies. How to create a beautiful and original hair bun on medium length hair and what tips and options exist in this case?

Bun medium hair

Simple bun

This type of hair bun can be easily and simply created using a special sponge or using a simple sock. The step-by-step instructions are outlined below:

Step 1. Take a sock and cut the side of the toes with the scissors. After that, twist the material in an improvised cylinder.


Step 2. Grab your hair in a simple tail at the top of your head and fix it with a thin elastic band.


Step 3. Pass the tail through the special sponge or through the home made donut. Split the tail so that the hair completely covers the sock or sponge. In order for your accessory not to not to be visible under the hair, choose a cylinder that is in a shade with your hair color.


Step 4. Place a tight and invisible elastic strap around the split hair evenly around the sock.


Step 5. Spread the remaining threads around the bun and fasten them with hair pins or bobby pins For a better effect, spray the result of your work with a fixative spray.

Simple hairbun for medium length hair

Step 6. The hairbun is ready! To give your hairstyle a note of originality, twist around it a scarf matching the color of the event and your mood!

simple hair bun medium hair

Casual Hairbun

For those who prefer simple and natural casual style, we can recommend making the next type of hair bun. Its distinctive feature is a slight negligence, originality, universality and simplicity in execution.

Step 1. Take a small piece of hair from your neck and twist it as you arrange a shell bun. Fix the result with hair pins.

Step 2. The remaining part of the hair is divided into 5 large hair strands: left front and back, and right front and back. Then, take the back left strand and twist it around the shell that you created a little earlier. Arrange the hair from left to right and fix with hair pins.

Step 3. Perform the same actions with the right side of the back. Twist and arrange it around the shell, but this time from right to left. Re-fix the result with the hair pins.


Step 4. Repeat the same actions with the front strands. Take the left-handed hair and twist it well and arrange it around the shell, from left to right. Now again use hair pins to keep the twisted rope in shape.

Step 5. Proceed the same way with the right hand strand. Fix the result with a suitable fixative spray and your hairstyle is ready!

stylish medium hair bun

Festive messy hair bun for special occasions

Over the last few years, messy hairbuns have become more and more impressive and popular. To make such a creation, you’ll need an elastic hair band, clips and spray. For a safer effect, you can pre-apply a hair mousse to arrange the hair.

Step 1-2. Gather your hair in a tail just below the neck area. Then, one by one, separate the strands from the tail.

Messy bun for medium length hair

Step 3-4. Twist around the tail, not very tight, each hair strand in chaotic order, fastening them with hair pins, clips and fixative spray. If the hair is very thin, then you can tap a little each hair strand. If the hairstyle is very neat, then you can give it a note of negligence by gently pulling the created curls. The final result should be fixed with a hair spray.


Here’s another type of hair bun that can be done very quickly based on a small pony tail.

Divide some of the hair in the neck area and gather that part in a ponytail.


Twist the end of the tail in the inside and fix the tip with an elastic band, in any available method. For this you can still use another elastic band or hair pins.


Raise the rest of the remaining hair and place it at the tailstock as shown in the pictures. To hide the elastic, you can use various decorative elements for the hair, such as beads.

Medium hair bun

Top Knot Bun

Here is another simple and original option for creating a hair bun on medium length hair. The end result will depend only on the length of your hair. That is, the longer the hair is, the more bulky the hair bun will be.

Step 1-2. Comb your hair and divide it into two equal parts. Comb each side separately. In order to keep the hair strands very obedient, you can apply a little hair mousse on each side for styling. Leave your head behind and tie a simple knot from your hair.

Top knot bun for medium length hair

Step 3-4. Continue to knot up knots until all your hair ends. The obtained knot bun will be fixed with hairpins and the result of your work will be fixed with a hair spray.


Here’s the final result: cute, simple and original!


Messy side bun for curly hair

Owners of a medium length hair may try to create a curly bun hairstyle. For this, you will need to prepare your hair in advance. This will be washed, dried with a hair drier and combed with a round brush. Apply a product for thermal hair protection, and then twist the curls with the curler. Using hair pins, hair spray, and hair clips gather all the curls to one side, forming a soft and romantic bun.

Step by step curly bun hairstyle 19 20

This hairstyle can also be made from wavy hair. First, you will need to divide your hair in two parts, one in the back and one in the front. Gather the hair from the neck in a tail, and tap the front one well and curl with the hair curler. After all the front hair has turned into beautiful and loose curls, create a tightly tail in your neck are. Then each curl on the front of the hair will be fixed in a bun. You can do this not very carefully, creating some kind of negligence effect that will make your hair look even more romantic.

Evening bun hairstyle

Braided Bun for Medium Length Hair

Medium hair bun can also be created from braids. First, tap the hair well and divide it into 3 equal parts. Braid a braid on each side. As a result, you must get approximately 3 similar braids. Then twist each of them in a bun and fasten it to your neck with hair pins. The final hairstyle, made up of three braids placed close to each other, will be fixed with a hair-fixing spray for a better fit.

Braided bun hairstyle step by step

This is the next interesting option, the braided hair bun that just worths your attention. First, take a hair strand at the temple and create a fishtail braid, pulling along the rest of the hair. Once the braid is ready, twist your hair in a twisted rope and arrange it in a bun. Fix the it with clippings and hair pins.


25 26 27 28

Hair bun for medium length hair: tips to create the hairstyle

1. In the process of creating a messy bun, you do not necessarily need to gather all your hair. You can leave a couple of hair strands that will naturally embrace the delicate oval of the face. These can be left straight, giving the image a touch of refinement and severity, or they can be curled, making the look more romantic.

2. Bun hairstyles do not exclude the presence of bangs. It can be both neat and straight, as well as asymmetric and tapered. It all depends on the effect you want to achieve.

3. The buns can be decorated with all kinds of hair accessories: elastic band with rhinestones, artificial flowers, ribbons, beads, clips, Greek style bands, head bands, tiaras etc.

4. The bun can be located anywhere on the head: at the top and bottom of the head, the temple and the back of the head.

5. Before proceeding to the creation of the bun, you have to convince it that it suits you. Remember that ladies with a long neck have to make the bun at the top of their heads, while those with short neck at the back of their head. The tall ladies fit the side hair buns and the short ones, small buns at the top of the head.

Hair buns for medium length hair: Step by Step images

step by step hair bun for medium length hair





Hair bun for medium length hair: Images

Medium length hair bun

Hair bun for medium length hair celebrities

hair bun for Blonde hair


easy evening hair bun


simple casual



As you can see, the hairbuns are suitable for medium-length hair. This beautiful, modern and simple hairstyle has a lot of execution options. Try, experiment, and you will surely find your unique look.

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