Footwear Trends Spring-Summer 2019

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The spring-summer season 2019 offers an enormous variety of footwear designs: cowboy boots, fur sandals and even invisible shoes! Fashion again faces a sudden turn, returning to the aesthetics of ugliness. Do you still think classic high heel sandals should not come in contact with either Capron or wool socks? And colorful stockings are not compatible with neon shades on shoes and prints in pop art style? You are badly wrong – This spring everything is possible and even more!

Footwear 2019


This noble material beats all records in terms of popularity. Even though it is not as practical as we would like, however, the shoes made of this material are so light and feminine that it will be extremely difficult to refuse such a pleasure. Let’s pay attention to the most unusual designs.

Women footwear design 2019

Summer footwear with comfortable heel

Even in the past season, designers have forced us to literally tackle the flats. Indeed, these shoes now look more like ballet slippers or pointy shoes and you must have such a design in your arsenal. Their dance partners are Mary Jane’s shoes, which also look like ballet shoes, just that they are on heels. Their distinctive features are a rounded tip and a strap.

Summer satin footwear 2019

Women satin shoes

Laces and cords

The spring-summer 2019 shoes fashion does not need banal details. Being more intensely engaged by the straps, designers have replaced them with improvised materials, with both regular cords and colored laces. Is not this an ideal field for fantasy? Tie them as you like, for example, in the shape of a scarf or a silk ribbon tied around your ankle. Do not be afraid of negligence and steep knots – this will give charm to even the lightest sandals or classic shoes.


What footwear to wear in 2019

Glitter and sequins

From parties, in the list of main trends: the disco ball and glossy textures shining on the shoes in all colors. Sequins cover the surface like glittering scales, and boots are covered with glitter right at the top of the heel. No details or accessories have been overlooked: buckles, belts and even heels are covered with stones and sequins! A tighter option is combining the textures: sequins and smooth gloss, holograms and matt surfaces.

Best footwear 2019


What footwear to wear in 2019

Glittering spring boots 2019

Boudoir Marie Antoinette Shoes

Rococo is one of the main stylistic directions of the eighteenth century – the era of the French Queen Marie Antoinette. Fashion from that time can be called grotesque and ornate, but this time product has found its reflection in the modern age. We omit the wigs, blush and whiteness and look at the shoes a bit – how did they look like? All ladies wore stunning heels literally: walking in them was so difficult that without the help of special sticks it was almost impossible to move. But not always: a heel in the shape of a cup also had a special place.

Elegant spring summer footwear 2019

Beauty, of course, requires sacrifices, yet in our time everything is much simpler: we only accept certain features of that era’s style. First, a heel of different heights, secondly, the patterns: ballet flats or mules with pointed toe. Do not forget about prints: floral ornaments will be very useful, especially when it comes to textiles. Do not forget the luxurious oriental motifs: rich shoes embroidered with stones, silk and lace.


Fashion footwear 2019 high heel

Cowboy Style

Get a lasso and take the bull of horns – the new season turns into a fashion rodeo! Choose the most stylish cowboy boots, because now this pattern is on top of popularity. The first thing we draw attention to is color. You can choose the traditional shades, but you can also opt for something extravagant by choosing the colors red, green, blue and the snake print and fringes. The boots have to massively look on the feet and quite brutally without decoration! We combine them with thin jeans, we put on an elongated blazer and the super stylish image is ready!

Women footwear spring summer 2019 cowboy style

Leather summer boots 2019


Fur & Feathers

This season forces us to be closer to the wild, not just with animal prints. Now you can find feathers and fur everywhere – even on sandals! In the spring, these materials serve to a greater extent for decorative purposes and not for the preservation of heat. The fluffy stories do not even leave us in the summer season, and the feather décor, associated with the Indian style, perfectly complements even the evening shoes.

Stylish furry footwear 2019


Transparent Inserts

New season shoes seem to start to disappear on feet! Invisible heel, silicone inserts and transparent straps – these details completely turn the classic evening shoes. Minimalism in its pure form: everything is as natural and useless as anything. However, designers have not abandoned massive metal buckles, rivets and gaskets this time.

Footwear trends 2019


comfortable heel design

Straps and Buckles

Admirers of grunge style will clearly appreciate this trend, because the more details, the better. And in spring-summer collections, the emphasis is on some pretty brutal metal parts. Straight leather belts in large quantities, buckles and rivets find their way even on textile shoes. There is no lack of detail in any design, but if you’re talking about bulky boots, then you’re opting for a light silk dress, a biker-style leather jacket, and a not too big leather backpack.

Leather footwear 2019

Women boots 2019

Black fashion boots 2019


We’ve already talked about translucent inserts, but the idea of the designers went even further. Now the shoes are completely invisible on the foot, as if they were not there at all. The only hints of the present are a contrasting contrast toe, heel or contrasting fittings. Completely transparent shoes must be in your wardrobe this spring! In addition, they have a useful property: with them, the legs seem visually very long. Another idea are the boots (for example, those from Chanel). By the way that is a great alternative to rubber worn in rainy weather.

Transparent footwear spring-summer 2019



Rivets are all over the shoe surface. They can be both contrasting and completely combined with the main color, can be localized locally and can be absolutely everywhere. Black leather with silver rivets does not need any magical comments, but now even the “soft” atlas is covered with “thorns” (for stiletto evening shoes and sling back designs – heels with cutout heel). And to bring clarity to everyday life, pay attention to loafers and oxfords in colorful leather with metal accessories.

Masculine style shoes 2019



Socks+Stockings, season trend

If previously seeing such combinations gave us emotions of amusement, then, the trend returns at the top as a boomerang. Colorful Capron and wool socks are now the best friends of summer sandals with thin straps. Elegant sport socks in neon shades complete stylish evening shoes with stiletto heel, decorated with stones and glitter.

Footwear and socks 2019



Fashion Trends for spring-summer 2019 literally shook our view of classic style. Many of them are so unusual and strange that it is very difficult for us to accept them. But if you decide to follow the trends, then do it only in stylish shoes!

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