Fashionable Sweaters and Cardigans Fall-Winter 2017-2017

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Modern women are accustomed to look modern and stylish in any season. Fashionistas know that is not enough to look nice and neat. Health is also an important thing in the life of every woman. That is why, in the cold season, every lady who takes care of her health, buys sweaters, sweatshirts, cardigans and similar cozy and comfortable articles, but choosing such a garment is not so complicated, considering the rich assortment proposed by modern designers. So let’s see how fashionable sweaters and cardigans looks like in the 2017-2017 autumn-winter season.

Sweaters 2018

Maxi Sweaters

Nothing will keep you warm in cold weather than a stylish sweater-dress and it is the opinion of Stella McCartney, Rag & Bone, Lacoste, Akris and many other brands. Sometimes the hem of these sweaters can pass the knee line making them look like real bags. However, this does not inconvenience the fashionistas who are not accustomed to live for others and to consider the conservative opinion of the majority. Long hoodies and sweaters can be worn with pants, unusual stockings, stocking boots and skirts. In addition, such sweater can also be worn as a dress or a tunic if the length allows.

Oversize sweaters fall winter 2017 2018

long women

maxi knitted

What sweaters to wear in winter 2018

Long hems are not the only distinctive feature of the 2017-2017 autumn-winter season. Most designers believe that size still matters, recommending completing long sleeve sweaters with long sleeves. As a result, in the collection lines of Missoni, Narciso Rodriguez and other brands have appeared very large designs of sweaters in oversize style. Looking at a lady wearing a so huge sweater gives the impression that she did not choose the right size, although this is what oversize style means, to look different. And if previously the oversize style was approached only by desperate fashionistas, now it is increasingly used in casual fashion.

Winter sweater for women

Long sleeved designs


oversize fashion


Chunky Knit

Chunky knits are gaining more popularity. Based on thick knitted clothing can be created fashionable looks in virtually all known styles. Moreover, the length, color and pattern of these sweaters can be absolutely different: waisted or wide, long or short, colored or black and white. A special place has manually created articles because only they can make a woman feel warm and comfortable.

White knitted women sweater

office knit

stylish chunky knit width=

Cardigans and hoodies with buttons and zippers

Fashionable are also knitted items that are closed with a zipper or buttons. They can be anoraks, bombers, rugby and grandma’s classic turtleneck. They can be matched with various clothing items. For example, Balenciaga preferred match a turtleneck with pleated midi skirt while Ralph Lauren chose to opt for classic monochromatic pants.

What cardigans to wear in 2018

Buttoned sweaters


Asymmetric sweater, cardigans and turtlenecks

Asymmetric lines are also very popular and can be characterized by the absence of a sleeve, the hem of different lengths, prints, disproportionate slits, etc. If you wish to experiment with this fashion trend without making significant changes to your usual look, then for the beginning, you can buy a one shoulder sweater.

Asymmetric sweaters fall 2017 winter 2018

fall asymmetric


women asymmetric sweater


Short Sweaters

The new cold season again demonstrates that modern fashion is very contradictory. Some designers urges us to wear long sweaters, considering them very stylish and actual, while others on the contrary, have relied on short patterns. These sweaters can sometimes be so short that completely bare the belly area, reminding us of boleros and capes.

Short women's sweaters 2017 2018



Bare Shoulders and Arms

While some designers propose us to bare the belly area, others urge us to expose our shoulders and arms. This can be achieved wearing a sleeveless sweater or a sweater with deep oval neck. Such designs may seem very inadequate for a cold season, however, the lack of sleeves is offset by used thick fabric, fur and mohair.

Sleeveless sweaters

What sweaters to wear in fall 2017


Poncho and cape type sweaters

If sweaters and classic turtlenecks are not what you use to wear, then Maiyet, Polo Ralph Lauren, Marni and several other brands propose to replace them with modern capes, knitted bolero and poncho. Such clothes always look refined, original and stylish. They can be ideally matched with leather skirts, fashionable leggings, classic pants and evening gowns.

Poncho sweater



Sweaters Tucked into Pants

Another hot trend is tucking the sweater into skirts or pants. Some will say it does not look so feminine and aesthetic, but brands like Escada, Fendi, Christian Dior are ready to challenge this statement. Monochromatic thin sweaters are perfect to do this and the knitted thick, will give trouble and will have to make some effort to look good.

Modern sweaters



Sweatshirts, Hoodies, Hooded Bombers

The sport style still dominates the catwalks. As you know, sport style go shoulder to shoulder with the androgynous, meaning with the style that allows the deletion of generally accepted canons of masculinity and femininity. This does not mean anything other than that bombers, hoodies, hooded anoraks etc. will be perfect both for men and women.

What sweatshirts to wear in 2018

sport style

Belted designs

A sweater with belt may seem an unusual combination but that enjoy a crazy popularity in the new cold season. Belts and straps will look particularly good on easy fit sweaters because in this case the woman will be able to emphasize her waist. If we talk about oversize sweater dresses, then at this chapter, a belt will be just right, because only thus the sweater will look feminine and stylish, not like a shapeless sack.

Black women sweater with belt

belt knit


Decorative elements

If you consider a sweater the most “boring” item, which aims to keep warm, then it is time to expand your horizons of knowledge in this area. Designers showed us once again how to “dilute” classic trivial clothes using more decor and trimming. As decor can be used fur (Altuzarra, Salvatore Ferragamo), fringes (Brock Collection, Diane von Furstenberg, Agnova, Sally LaPointe), embroidery and applications (Dolce & Gabbana, Christopher Kane) and many other methods of decoration.

Womens sweaters 2017 2018 fall winter: decor




What sweaters to wear in 2018


Geometric prints and applications

In the new cold season, a special place in collections occupied prints, embroideries and applications. If you have in the closet at least one such article, then you will automatically be fashionable. Otherwise, take a look in mother’s closet, because such clothes were very actual in the 80’s and 90’s.

Sweaters for woman fall winter 2017 2018: prints

fashion prints



This is the variety of fashionable sweaters loved brands urge us to wear in the new 2017-2017 fall-winter season. Analyzing new collections, we want to say a big thanks to designers because the new cold season promises to be really special, unusual and warm!

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